Zhukovsky on Putin's empty message

Saudi Arabia continues to increase dumping in the oil markets of Europe and Asia, squeezing out Russian suppliers.

In addition to record discounts of $ 10-11 on Brent prices, the kingdom's state-owned oil company offers customers an unprecedented grace period. Asian and European refineries have received an offer from the Saudis to defer payments for supplies for 90 days.

Budget revenues from oil exports have collapsed to a minimum since the 1990s. The Russian federal budget is on the verge of an unprecedented collapse in oil revenues abroad in the 21st century.

From May 1, the export duty on oil will be reduced by 7.6 times, the Finance Ministry said on Wednesday. From $ 52 per tonne of Urals, the duty will drop to $ 6.8 - the minimum for the entire period of its operation in the 2000s.

The decrease in the duty, which provides about a third of the federal treasury's raw material revenues, is associated with a sharp drop in prices for Urals, explains the Ministry of Finance. For the period from March 15 to April 14, the Russian export grade went abroad on average at $ 19 per barrel, or $ 138.7 per ton.

Vlad, thanks for the enlightenment, please systematize your information so it is much easier and more understandable to understand what you want to convey, it is better to make several videos shorter than one super long one, preferably with a breakdown by blocks of questions and timings for videos that where, there is a gap between that what is in your head and you think that everyone understands and the presentation of information in the video in order to convey to everyone, so everything is fine, but you need to polish it to perfection a little)
Vlad, don't use wi-fi. What's the problem with plugging the cable into the laptop ??
Vladislav, with whom are you going to fight?
The Russian people will give odds to any North Korean in matters of obedience.
I was lucky, I very opportunely reviewed the film Kill the Dragon in 2014, the trouble is not in the Dragon, but in the inhabitants of the Free City.
SchA Arabs will oust Russia from the world and then Trump will order them to divide the market by raising prices and Russia will not be able to. Trump said you Europeans take gas there and go to NATO
It was necessary to urgently introduce a system for reading the QR code to pass through the turnstile and free of charge. And move from Moscow
Maksim Shevchenko has not confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus))))
From the very beginning there was an impression that he was lying)))
Russia needs freedom and turnover of power, political competition, and yes, the Russians are not beautiful to annex foreign territories, start wars and fight 1000 km away in Syria supporting dictators. If Russia does not succeed in becoming a democratic state, then at least on its ruins I am sure that something will come out.
In Russia, there is no real capitalism and free competition, you always need to decide on the "basis" of what people want to build, because if the country is a beggar, probably first people need to be given the opportunity to get rich in order to build a socially oriented state, "socialism" is an expensive toy, you need to have at least a GDP of $ 10 trillion to pay high pensions to the elderly, to have social programs, state support, in general, everything depends on money, the GDP is $ 1.5 trillion with a per capita GDP of $ 10 thousand. This is nothing
Vladislav you just said nonsense in past videos about "social inequality" in the US, of course there will be social inequality under capitalism and a free market, only in America there is a poverty benefit of $ 2,400, and in Russia $ 170, when the market is not working well, when there is no competition and everything is monopolized by large monopolists, oligarchs and the state, hence the $ 170 poverty benefit. When the Putin regime falls, you, the Russians, will have to build real capitalism, including the protection of private property, the change of power, equal rules of the game for everyone, etc. The oligarch is a burp of the post-Soviet system, they have nothing to do with entrepreneurship, they have always earned in a clash with the state, on state subsidies and preferences. I recommend watching the 4-part film "freedom of choice", it is old but still relevant to this day I agree that everything goes into "freedom", if there is free competition in the country and the market then the country will develop rapidly. In my opinion, Russia can only be saved from collapse by libertarian reforms, extreme right-wing changes, because the people are poor, the middle class was never allowed to rise under Putin, and all Putin's power rested only on oil prices. And yes, apparently, the power in Russia will not be replaced by elections.
Article 55 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, clause 3, where federal law can limit the rights and freedoms of people, but by doing this they essentially introduce an emergency (quarantine) and survive as you want.
I only listen to you on YouTube, here you can always see and hear well, even as you reanimate Instagram.
You can't smear the Sochi Olympics on bread.

Kabaev is fucked up, money is down the drain.
Khabarovsk Territory is here
Image freezes, sound good
Not a day without Vlad !!!
Russia is a poverty-stricken country crushed by taxes, it is customary to be patient here historically
What else is "any sable" ??? She's terry - nowhere else !! ??? There was a video on YouTube of them fighting in the office on Leningradsky !!!! What nonsense, you still give "devil novalny" as an example !!!!!
Utkin Respect !!! You and I Bro
Putin is lying, as always !!! This is for the zomboyaschik, so that the grandmothers are touched and vote! Nobody gets anything!
People, to bring up in children the only true and unshakable idea of ​​friendship between peoples in our united common country, the USSR. Whatever the parties are, we will always be for justice and creativity. For the prosperity of the entire planet. Peace to the world, we don't need war.
Let's return our CONSTITUTION !!!
What are these programmers who are claiming payments of $ 1200? Do they work for less than 75 thousand a year?
I put likes, now I will put dislikes. We got sick of crashes, problems with the Internet, freezes. And in every stream, talk about it every five minutes. As the saying goes, you don't know how to shit, don't torture your ass. If these problems cannot be solved by conducting a normal Internet, a router, etc. what and how he was going to decide in politics if he cannot even organize his streams normally. Faster and more language to strive to chat, and there is a joint, there is a joint, it misses everything, it will be solved somehow. Riddle)
If I fall asleep and you wake me up in 100 years and they ask me what is happening in Russia now, I will answer you right away: they drink and steal. Saltykov Shchedrin.
The way out of the crisis is war. When? With whom? It's clear with my people
YET, salary from 10 € per HOUR !!!
We are not bad! Learn y € Europe!

Thumb UP RePost !!
Vladislav, please, record your conversations on Instagram with Bondarenko, Utkin and other comrades, and post them on YouTube. Well, I can't watch it on Instagram !!!!
Good broadcast.
Stream with Colonel Shendakov. It will be really cool.
Solovyov is also a man.
So bend over and sell out, you have to have titanium balls and a complete lack of conscience.
A man cannot bend like that. Only the finished one can bend like this.
Give Vasya !!!! I have been watching it since childhood, programs about football ... And I am glad that Vasya speaks about this.
And remember, kids: your money is money in your pocket.
The money in the bank (fnb, stocks, bonds, etc.) is the bank's money.
Vasily !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I suggest Kudrin to go further: to issue bonds in denominations of 10, 100, 1000 and 5000 rubles and give them change in stores.
And WHO is still there.
Vlad, can you be more laconic ?. There is no opportunity to watch for 2 hours.
Georgievsk in touch at 8.38, I respect you, keep us informed about the yesterday's speech, or rather a TV broadcast, are we sitting at home in May too?
For a whole month Slavik has been whining. Already tired. Fair. As it turned out, Vyacheslav has no idea about exchange trading. From the word ALL. As it turned out, Vyacheslav has no idea about the structure of economic management. Of course, I had suspicions about this before, judging by the academicians he invited for interviews. But I still hoped for the best.
I have one question. So
Apparently, the project "capitalism" ends its existence in the form that it was before. It is useless to reanimate it. Therefore, changes in power will not lead to anything positive. DOES VYACHESLAV HAVE A NEW THEORY OF SOCIETY CONSTRUCTION? After all, it is now in great demand in the whole world.
Vladislav, with a deep sense of respect for you, but first, please solve the issue with the Internet and broadcasting, each issue is already starting to soar a little - "what's with the Internet, what's with the connection"
Coming to your channel, I want to listen to your expert opinion, and not this struggle with communication (40% of the airtime). It starts to soar a little and I don't want to look again ((((
And this terrible advertisement was added and the question is brewing: do you want to convey information to everyone or still make money?
Vladislav, be our president !!!)))))
the welfare fund is like a story about the carnival, so it's time for the carnival
Thank you
Vladislav, why is Kalashnikov mowing under the Russian compilation on an incomprehensible sport, but there is still no promised stream from the gym with his participation ?? And also, they say, he smokes like a gray gelding ??? !!! I'm not ashamed of such an associate, you are trying to educate him somehow ????
Fuck your Moscow time, another 50% live outside the Moscow Ring Road
A combination of intelligence and charm. Vlad, you should have a great future.
Goa is with you (they did not take us out, but the policemen go to their apartments at home! They ask where the newcomer is from India! They also stole the money for the removal of 500,000,000!
You did not answer the question on donation: what should those who are left without work do? What profession to retrain in the current situation?
To the house manager
don't mess with M. Shevchenko, then you won't wash yourself.
Vlad, don't forget to use the 5 GHz band when working with WiFi. It is advisable to use 802.11ac or even 802.11ax protocols.
Here's a laugh about the rallies, but I doubt broo (brother).
Milov said Putin was an asshole
Oil will have to be shipped to Belarus with a surcharge!
Thank you for the broadcasts, now I only watch you.
Hello, please tell me what will happen to platinum on the stock exchange?

I live in a small town ... We have already begun to ,, milk ,, - introduced a new service of housing and communal services (inspection and maintenance of gas equipment), and it costs 412 rubles according to the receipt, allegedly under some kind of ,, agreement ,, I really sent them where to go, because did not enter into any contract
And in general, I pay for a communal apartment only for the services actually rendered in accordance with the Basic Normative Act - the Housing Code, i.e. - for the use of gas, electricity, water supply and heating (I never paid for a fake overhaul and a garbage bun for a seagull)
That gas was all my life. Without it, they will simply block the feed. We have 600 rubles in Kakino, so you are still lucky
how do you do it in real life? tell me. the payment is common.
@ Vladimir Bondarenko We have it separately. The gasman comes with the already discharged one, checks the meter readings, makes minor repairs and lubrication, if you want.
Organize an HOA and decide for yourself what to pay for, what problems?
Yes, the limit hesitated. How much less then? Muscovites built factories and gave you the technology and taught you how to work. They pulled away from themselves, they still huddle with their grandmothers in Khrushchevs. You are ungrateful bitches. I don’t want you, you won’t be a deputy.
Cherepovets with you!)
Hello Vladislav ...
Please tell me ...
Are you ready for a dialogue with Stepan Stepanovich Sulakshin ... !! ???
Vlad, what about Norway's oil trade, is it profitable for them now?
Vladislav, that's right: "Everything is through the ass, but from the heart"))) ... 1.5 years ago I heard and really adore this expression.
Vladislav is being driven to rallies
All is well, the only thing I ask is if people do not trade professionally in Forex, do not give advice on dollar delitates.
The Arabs finally did it !!! Maskvadoprygalsya brewed it for what she got !!!
Vlad so Russia has all the resources. You can easily abandon the dollar and promote the ruble. The question is who will go to fight for their country and culture as the USSR did.
Everything on business, well done, keep up the good work.
Kaliningrad hears and sees you !!!
By the end of April, the US $ exchange rate will be at least in the region of 82 ÷ 85 rubles, therefore, all the currencies of the eaeu countries will devalue strongly following the ₽.
Vlad, thanks for your work. You ought to gather people into a normal social democratic party of the Scandinavian type.
And this is how it all began - Crimeanash, do not tell our Iskander ... but it ended with the Arab appointed Russia as his beloved wife))
our mortgage wanted to sell the apartment how to be
According to the Mongolian counterintelligence, reserves in the Caymans and China, gold in England, the Head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin said that attracting deposits from the population for the purchase of government bonds by banks is a global norm.
Is he a saboteur ?! Now the people are still going to crowd in banks with panic, breaking their legs and running to take the money from whoever has left.
@ The elusive Joe will not help, they say the bills are infectious - they will force them to hand over for disinfection.
Vlad, thank you for the interesting broadcasts. Everything is clear and to the point. Keep up the good work, bend your line))
Hi Vladislav. You are holding on there and good health and good mood.
Will the individual entrepreneurs receive 12,130 rubles each? If one person is not a business enterprise, he pays insurance premiums to the Pension Fund, but now he cannot work. Will they give you money?
The banana-benzo scraper galley of the great puchhe is sinking at an accelerated pace.
If everyone leaves, who will save Russia?
Session in progress?
We can see and hear you well.
We are here!
Vladik, thanks for the broadcast! As always, everything is beautifully and essentially said! Be sure to like it!)
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No, Vladislav, schoolchildren, especially graduates, are not happy.
Graduates are definitely not happy. And the middle and lower grades, judging by my friends, are delighted that school is not needed)
In our city, many children are already tired of sitting, they want to go to circles. Before this isolation, there was still a quarantine. The children went berserk. A lot of complaints are received by the city authorities about teenagers, because they stagger around and devils make up what they are.
What does it mean that we have everything krivorukoe, this is full pzdts .. So it should not be at least in a country that calls itself great, we live in Zembabwe, it is not clear why the history of our state was built, in order for some officials to sit and made a helpless gesture, so why are they needed in principle ..
Vlad you get all the points and I hear the same thing !!! You are creating !!! I'm tired of listening to you and I think many people get tired !!! Maybe you need to edit the video and cut it down to 10-15 minutes ??? Better pliz !!!
The fairest business aid is tax exemption.
of course, full exemption from taxes, loans and rent for 3-6 months
This is not a release, but a reprieve. Listen carefully to the promises
Like Vlad...

If Putin had not planned and carried out this war against Ukraine and Georgia, did not annex foreign territory, did not threaten civilized countries with a nuclear club from around the corner, the ruble exchange rate would still be under 30, and Russia would be a fairly developed country with foreign investment and a great future.

Now it is a rogue country with an unclear future and a devalued currency. Maybe fall apart. Everything is trapped in the head of one leader in an inadequate reaction to reality.
Worse, he created and suspended the situation. As a result, ordinary people stand and die, and this ... wanted to fuck with this gesheft ... but so far Saud and Trump have it.
Do not offend esotericists, we support you on the subtle plane.
Everything is going according to plan but not ours.

Nothing numbers. I still have nothing in the evening, but before that I was generally a complete ass. Vladislav, with respect to you)
Hi, what's the current stats in the graveyard? Is there an increase in deaths or is everything in the previous statistics?

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