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Zhukovsky is the author of publications and forecasts regarding the economic development of the Russian Federation, he is also a member of the Presidium of the Stolypin Club and the Expert Council of Business Russia.

Zeroing took place - Zhukovsky

The preliminary results of the CEC vote count confirmed our forecasts: the nullification of the Constitution and presidential terms is legalized. Balabol, when was the last time you took the subway or bus?

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Total zeroing - Zhukovsky

The Russian government has reported to the UN on the elimination of poverty. Russia has met the goal of eliminating extreme poverty in basic terms. This is stated in the first voluntary national review of Russia.

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Record losses of Gazprom and Rosneft - Zhukovsky

Russians will be offered to chip in for the Gazprom mega-project. Gazprom's project for the construction of a gas chemical complex in Ust-Luga worth 750 billion rubles can be financed by attracting money from the population.

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Putin has not been guilty of anything for 20 years

Putin made an unannounced address. From the bunker about Russia. They live on another planet. Who is bursting for beggarly benefits? Elivira Obebulina said. It's just that Vovochka's head hurts from the multiple passages.

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Zhukovsky on Putin's empty message

Saudi Arabia continues to increase dumping in the oil markets of Europe and Asia, squeezing out Russian suppliers. In addition to record discounts of $ 10-11 on Brent prices, the kingdom's state-owned oil company.

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The population is head over heels in debt - Zhukovsky

Putin noted the collapse of retail and promised to think about supporting the economy. The Russian economy is experiencing a consumer market collapse. By mid-April, amid the coronavirus epidemic and quarantine measures in large cities, the volume of retail trade fell by.

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