Yuri Dud shame of Putin's vote

I would like to say a few words. They will be very obvious, but the obvious sometimes needs to be said. Voting for amendments to the Constitution is a shame. The only meaning of this vote is to give Vladimir Putin the opportunity to remain in power until 2036. There are many reasons why all this is very bad, but Vladimir Putin himself explained it best of all. Below is an excerpt from his press conference in 2008: “From the first day of my work as President of the Russian Federation, I immediately decided for myself that I would not violate the current constitution ... You know, different people tend to fall for different things. Someone becomes addicted to tobacco, someone - God forgive me - from drugs. Someone becomes addicted to money. They say the biggest dependence is on power. I've never felt it.

In general, I have never been an addicted person to anything. I believe that if the Lord gave me such happiness - to work for the good of my country, the connection with which I have always felt and feel, then we should be grateful for this. This in itself is a great reward. I think it is absolutely unacceptable to pick out some other awards for yourself or to think that, once having climbed into some kind of commanding chair, it should belong to you for life, to the grave board. " I still don't know how to proceed in this regard: 1. Boycott the vote as completely illegal and bogus crap, 2. Come and say AGAINST. Personally, I will most likely make it to the last voting day and choose 1 or 2 at the last moment. I don’t know how many celebrity patrons are still prepared from those who drown for amendments, but when they whistle in the ribbons again, I will remember the quote above. In the carousel: the video of the same press conference and our photo from the Yaroslavl region, where we were a couple of days ago (278 km from the Moscow Ring Road, 300 km from the Kremlin). It was on this road that I felt it necessary to write this very obvious post..

I wonder how many zombies we have who will think that, for example, the amendment "on family values" and so on is "Very important for the country" and about "zeroing" they are not even aware of. Since they don't talk about it ANYWHERE, they only place their stupid posters with dirty miners.

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