Who will win the 2020 US elections?

August is a normal month in Russia. There are no forecasts. What happened in Belarus? Lukashenka was frightened by the Russian authorities. The opposition belongs to Putin. Financed By Gazprom. Echo of Moscow raised an uproar about dictator Lukashenko. What a bad President. He's gone mad. He bought oil from us at $ 4 per barrel. He held a parade on may 9 and was not forgiven for it. I didn't believe in the Coronavirus. For this and was punished. Anyone who wears a mask is a moron.

Interesting. Demura viewers are able to think with their own heads and draw their own conclusions? or are they words devory for the truth accept and fully form their opinion based on what was said? I don't know where he gets statistics, in his province I will say - work shaft, and any, from car service to wallpapering, horseradish sign up, everywhere the queue. Stephen, well, you don't criticize Marx. This is not your level. Your level is suckers-traders and Housewives. So sit on it. What would not be so noticeable was the squalor of your reasoning. Brzezinski is a wise man. At the beginning of August, Stepan Gennadievich was very wrong in his assessment of the situation in Belarus at the Demura TV seminar. It's nice to know that he's reconsidered. Back in August 20-22, there was a putsch in 1991, and then in December, the Soviet Union collapsed. Gathered three thieves in Viskuli Kabanov beat and drinking vodka. Another system error. A car mechanic and a Barber are people who work in the SERVICE industry. They have nothing to do with systemic economic growth. It's an auxiliary link, and that's all. Demura doesn't understand or is delusional when talking about money. Step's money is tobacco, corn, soy, oil, and ore. And your money is toilet paper.

About the Sochi Olympics. Did it ever occur to you that in addition to filling your own pockets, this is a so-called "operation" to sanitize and blow away the financial bubble. Note that the write-off is strictly for projects that do not involve investing assets in the real sector of the economy with the prospect of obtaining surplus value and surplus product. Vova for this "licked" received a "credit" at the time. Well, about the Olympics, Stepan bent. probably the South Korean government also fucked up when it hosted the winter Olympics in the tropics in 2018. and before them, the Italians and the French. the question is how much the contractors "pinched" for themselves.

Demura seems to be telling interesting stories, but he's tired of his bearded anecdotes. Not funny and depressing, and in General, his constant stupid jokes about homosexuality are suspicious. So many people talk about it means that he is very concerned about it, and this happens with latent homosexuals, experts say. What the Demura became a conspiracy theorist. In other words, hundreds of thousands of Belarusians are leaving because the Kremlin planned it. And Navalny is poisoned by local princes with super poison. At the same time, they don't give a shit about the Federal center and the FSB. Lukashenka is a maniac. His mania is power. When you understand this , you will understand what to expect from it. He is quite serious - I will not go anywhere, you will have to kill me. That's the logic. In my opinion, Stepan's age is beginning to bear fruit and he is slowly falling into extremes. Seriously? Everyone who wears dibila masks? Yes, if you are at least 100 spans in the forehead, but I do not want to get a fine commensurate with my PO. And I don't have the time, energy, or money to deal with the legal burden on this issue.

You describe very nicely the situation when two stupid dictators clumsily got into a stalemate. It seems logical, but... But at least one dictator only in the picture, and really "uryadnik" and behind his "stupid" actions hides a well-thought-out line of his leadership. So what is waiting for Belarus and us? An accident that leads somewhere, or what?.... On poisoning illogical. It turns out to put the Furgala under the shouts of " well, why did they need it?» the center can, but can not poison under the same exclamations. And besides, I don't believe that such poisons are available locally. Only Moscow is the Manager of this toxic substance. Most likely now there is a war between the two towers of the Kremlin. The second tower is no better than the first... Demura was quite stupid, of course, along with his flock. Navalny, as the Germans say, was poisoned with two poisons at the same time. And the poison of the Novichok family masked the main poison. Of course, small village sailors have access to the secret laboratory of the FSB. Demur in relation to the poisoning of the Bulk right, but only halfway. No provincial gopota could do this. But the loss of control is a fact. And Bunkerfuel just traditionally keep MAZ behind the boys. I smile,this time Demura said something about Nemtsov, Navalny,something, something, like they're eating, the same idiots.About anything.In any case, there is an intrigue in the United States,the electors are also voting there,and the voters are also standing on the sidelines, let's see.Only when it is known whose chair will be in the white house, then it will be possible to talk about foreign policy courses.Under trump, we'll get high, wait for the election.Actually, the conversation was for a laugh, nothing more.

Because politics is determined solely by the economy, i.e. it is an expression of the economic interests of an entire country or a large group of economic beneficiaries, but in our case, people, both in power and some experts, believe that these two social functions are not connected in any way, which leads to the notorious acquisition of real estate, with natural accompanying economic losses... And Demura did not earn 15 rubles? Some such questions on the topic, and who did not like the investigation of the FBC? The term leaked protest, how is that? Demura was in the square? Or is he smarter? When asked in the programs earlier that you advise to leave the country, and you buy an apartment, he answers that his wife bought the apartment. Yes, and with its own nuance, the third time tells an anecdote. He was beginning to sound skeptical. Let Belarusians feel on their own skin what it means to live in Russia. Let them attach them. Increased retirement age, optimization of education and medicine, huge payments for housing and utilities, super-mortality, a huge influx of migrants from Central Asia, 300% corruption and other achievements of the Russian Federation are waiting for naive Belarusians. Stepan this is not called inflation, but the purchasing power of wages. an indicator of the population's potential to purchase goods and services. It is expressed: 1) as the commodity equivalent of the average wage; 2) as the ratio of the average wage to the cost of living.

Belarus detonator of Russia? Punishment of the prodigal father by the Kremlin. "Nuances" of politics in Belarus. Navalny - "excesses of the performer"? Regional Fronde and currency of regions in Crisis.

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