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The Russian government has reported to the UN on the elimination of poverty. Russia has met the goal of eliminating extreme poverty in basic terms. This is stated in the first voluntary national review of Russia on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) presented to the UN.

“For each SDG, Russia has shown positive results in recent years,” the document says. - Among the most successful are SDG 1 "Eradicate poverty", 4 "Quality education", 8 "Decent work and economic growth".

“According to the main parameters in Russia, the goal of eliminating extreme poverty has been achieved,” the review states. “The effective policy in the field of poverty alleviation pursued in the country provides for a reduction of the national poverty level by at least two times by 2024 (in 2018, the share of the poor with incomes below the subsistence level was 12.6%).”

В обзоре также отмечаются успехи в реализации второй цели ЦУР по ликвидации голода. «Уже в 2018 году уровень распространенности недоедания был низким: около 1,6% (среди лиц старше 18 лет), - подчеркивается в докладе. - При этом в 2018 году остро отсутствие продовольственной безопасности ощущали лишь 0,3% населения России, а умеренно или остро - 6,2%».

If we want to live like Europeans, then we must learn to defend our rights and take part in political life. After all, I do not interfere with politics, this means that you entrust your fate to those who begin to pass laws without control for themselves and their group of thieves and swindlers, and not for people. Hence there is a saying: "What a people, such a power!".

Now they have distributed the people's money, taxpayers' money to the children, they will vote for anything, and they don't give a damn that you are campaigning and crucifying here. And as for the characterization you gave to Kvachkov, that he is carrying game, so here's to you, all taken together, to him, as to China on foot. Doing chatter in the internet for donations, it's not coal to mine in a mine. Serious people will never follow you. I mean thinkers.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation needs to change the rhetoric, otherwise not only in the district committee will have to sit out, so again it will come to the ban of the communist movement, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and the left movement in general. Let's come to where we started. And all those efforts to preserve the party, first of all Zyuganov, will go to dust. This cannot be allowed.

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