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The deputy chairman of the United Russia faction called the calls “to spend the entire NWF” as “undermining the situation”. The first deputy head of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Andrei Isaev, opposed the idea of ​​spending, as he put it, all the funds of the National Welfare Fund (NWF) to mitigate the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. In his opinion, such calls should be viewed as an attempt to "undermine the situation" in Russia. “While putting the necessary pressure on both the authorities and employers in order to protect the interests of workers, we must at the same time rebuff those who are trying to use the current difficulties to undermine the internal political situation in Russia,” Isaev said. According to the deputy, there are politicians who “offer to spend 10 trillion rubles, this is almost entirely the volume of the NWF.

Neither the Nightingale nor the Duck is pleasant. Vladislav is great, your words are like an aspen stake for vampires for them. I would very much like to see you as Prime Minister of Russia. Yes, you are already tired of your Kolya Bondarenko :) Does he pay you for advertising? :) Well, really, you are different with him. Why are you promoting these komunyak. Why do you need this? Komunyaki have no future. This scum is the same as the Nazis. Why do you young people need them? You prolong their life. Money must be distributed also because a decrease in consumer demand will lead to a further collapse of the economy. It's not about how the government thinks, it's about how the people think.

ON, E_BULINA! You did not make a reservation Vladislav. YouTube freezes - this is the FSB being introduced - general control and preparation for the concentration camp chipping. Volodin knows who is robbing, he comes to Saratov to fuck the boys! We will support BATALOV, GULAG b .... la. The victory of the Soviet people over the Japanese millitarians took place on September 2 - this is a historical fact! Vlad! RF is over! What kind. Will there be elections? Explain! We can only choose the structures of the USSR / RSFSR! This is not even fascism. Hitler and Mussolini bend over others, and took care of their people. And this team of the schizovik invented some kind of new mutant system. In general, I have a feeling of some kind of surrealism. Sometimes it seems that I have to wake up, because in reality this simply cannot be.

Good broadcast. Vlad, organize an Internet protest against vaccination and chipization! We must raise the public against the genocide of the invaders of our territory and the plans of the global capitalists on our territory! It's time to sound the alarm and raise the people for freedom and independence! We are the Soviet people, indigenous inhabitants of the USSR and we are very worried about the lies of all structures. The Russian Federation is over. Its laws are illegitimate. Recently I saw a video where Kudrin mentioned the contributions of the People, that the loot just lies and does not work, how to understand this? At least you need to think about it. Vladislav, thank you! Like! Not with us; do not generalize please, infuriates, the officials are not ours, the budget is not ours, the country is not ours, this is not a country at all, but a dump.

Vlad, while the child grows up, the apartment bought for him will just hang out with ballast. For all this time you will need to PAY! Vlad, have you ever thought about changing your router? tell me the model of the router, say shit or not. Naebuli on p. Zdarov Slava, from Domodedovo, how they tried to scare, if only they were good, and the main thing under this screen is their business ... Oil - to burn, food - to crush with bulldozers. Demura TV site works well. A catastrophe is what there are such as nabibulins, putins, silanovs and the like stand at the helm and nightmare their people. Not a bad break in the point of a shmonka, for a start. Vlad! The Central Bank is not ours, so that the people will be paid money now, the CENTROBANK must be taken from the Rodschilds by force and then all the money will be Ours.

Vlad, power decides everything. They will see the strength, run in, move, and then they will bite their elbows when they realize that the train has left. But the main idea is simple - a significantly superior force (the mass of people, for example) will settle the main problems. And we must start first of all with Navalny's petition. When people understand that the action as a signature is not difficult and not scary, they will see that the rest of the actions are just as simple. And it will become clear that you just need to do these simple things, and not think. And everything will work out. And a petition is a very good thing to see and understand.

Vlad! If Batalov is not lying, this is already the edge! The new owner is not responsible for the debts of the old one! Let's support Batalov! Onli oil. Only oil for $ 12) As always, optional Vladislav started the stream not but the time appointed by him. I recommend starting to work on your image, as it seems that you are optional. And already the ability to talk a lot on the case does not save.

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