Three angels of the Russian Apocalypse: unrest, turmoil and war

Dear professor, you are mistaken. With the current organization, nothing will come of the Kremlin dreamers when people lie about everything (these are elections, industrial successes, demography, etc.) it is impossible to carry out a decent military operation (they will not deliver fuel, the command vehicle will not start, etc.) The entire vertical of power has rotted away, and most importantly, there is no respect for it, and recently I understand that this is generally the most important thing.

I suspect that the closed club that Valery Dmitrievich is talking about is called "Pike Vests". The professor refers to his insiders so often that if they really existed, the "interested party" would have figured out these Cossacks a long time ago and demolished them. It seems that Nightingale's forecasts are based on pure analytics, and links to "reliable information" from super-informed people are just artistic whistles. In any case, I absolutely agree with his predictions of the upcoming autumn events, their probability is suggested by elementary logic.

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