The population is head over heels in debt - Zhukovsky

Putin noted the collapse of retail and promised to think about supporting the economy. The Russian economy is experiencing a consumer market collapse. By mid-April, amid the coronavirus epidemic and quarantine measures in large cities, the volume of retail trade fell by more than 35%, said the President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on economic issues on Tuesday.

“This speaks to how sharply, instantly the market contracted. And for many companies, this is a really serious shock, ”he said. The problem of reducing demand has become “the most sensitive in our country and in other countries,” the president continued: “Many cooperation, trade, and economic ties have been disrupted. The situation is especially difficult for small and medium-sized businesses, for organizations in the service sector ”. The extent of the economic downturn is evidenced by how much electricity consumption has decreased. For the first 12 days of April, this is minus 5%. “That is, enterprises have begun to load their capacities less,” Putin noted.

In March, the Russians took a record amount of loans. In total, in March, Russian banks issued cash loans for 920.6 billion rubles, which is 22% more than in February. Of these, cash loans account for 490.9 billion rubles (plus 25% against February). Banks issued POS loans by 12% more - 27.2 billion rubles. The volume of mortgage loans amounted to 329.3 billion rubles (an increase of 15% compared to February).

Give me everything!)
So smart! Those who advise the authorities will not be repeated. He's not talking to you alone. Streams come and go viewers. Don't you want to listen !? Turn it off. And someone needs to repeat it 10 times to get it.
Is the collapse of the Russian Federation inevitable?
Palm oil is in all products, you read the composition and you get crazy.
Toronto with you!
Vlad, do timing by topic! It is not convenient to watch the whole video!
Volgograd region with you!
Can I be calm?
Who asks about the leaders has slavery in their blood
We need videos for 3 hours. Then no one will watch at all.
I'm going to buy myself an iPhone 12 on credit at 80% for $ 2000
We demand the abolition of the Maritime Law applied to the population when issuing passports of the Russian Federation! For the restoration of the right to citizenship of the USSR! Vlad, I will write about it every day! Someone will answer the question - how can people with USSR citizenship vote for the Constitution of the Russian Federation ?????
Here is tv, WHOOOOOOO ???? Well Star Lord ....
Our strength is in uniting to restore the rights to citizenship of the USSR, in order to get out of the maritime law of erephia and become the masters of our country. None of us renounced citizenship, but we were legally registered with the passports of the erefia as individuals, guarded by the oligarchy. We cannot dispose of our property until we leave this city.
I also watch you from Uzbekistan! I think the situation is the same in all CIS countries.
It's dear to listen to you, Vlad. Good luck to you and your team.
I watch Vlad every day, go on!
who can "speak slower" in the recording can set the speed
Read to the end!
Do you know that the host of Channel One, V. Solovyov, was very successful in mastering a special, secret method of struggle, in the technique ---- "System".
Under the guidance of the Greatest martial artist, Mentor and Shifo ----------- Ukrainian master Mikhail RYABKO ...
And the results are truly phenomenal ..
And Putin's guard, Zolotov, also most likely (how else) possesses these unique techniques ..
That is why, beautifully and confidently, in a relaxed manner, he proposed a duel, a tough bloody duel --------- Navalny ..
The outcome of the fight is absolutely predictable for a person who is well versed in the essence of the variety of schools of massacre ..
Good luck to everyone, health, and success in the field of development, the opposite dark side --- the Moon ..
Nothing personal, just fakyu, oh sorry typo ..... facts ..
Facts ... eprst ..
Do you like to talk?!. Speak correctly, but let's have less water.
Vlad with pleasure watching you. But the same thing starts to get a little annoying. In general, there is nothing in the video that would not have been in the past (. Just 1k words and so on in a circle. It is necessary to diversify.
Yes, Putin does not care about the people and about small and medium-sized businesses.
Navalny will be after Putin and this is a fact, otherwise they would have shot him long ago for what he is doing. Unlike him, Nemtsov could not bear half of the truth to the masses, and he was banged at the walls of the Kremlin.
just forward!
in the Mozhaisk district of the Moscow region, all state employees are forced to work out two shifts for special protection for doctors from coronavirus. deduct two days from the salary and that's it
Slow down, pzhlsta, I write it down
Excellent broadcast
The Russians should not pretend not to notice the direct relationship between what befalls Russia and its policies towards Ukraine. The country - the gopnik got the bill. For Russia, the critical moment has come when it is necessary to make certain sacrifices in the name of saving the unfortunate people. For example, drastically cut the budget of security officials and state propaganda. Stop the wars in Syria and Donbass. Return Crimea to Ukraine in exchange for lifting the sanctions. To return East Prussia to Germany, Transnistria to Moldova, Ossetia and Abkhazia to Georgia, the Kuril Islands to Japan, and to sell Sakhalin to it for hard currency. Sell ​​Karelia to Finland as well.
Please tell me ...
Are you ready for a dialogue with Stepan Stepanovich Sulakshin ... !! ???
Vlad, thank you for the useful, courageous and interesting conversation.
Norm. Soberness, if it doesn't come through the head, will come through the refrigerator.
Vladik !!)), Finish an hour-long prelude!))) You blur the essence and it becomes not interesting !!! ((, a lot of water, a little specifics! br /> tie up with Instagram and broadcast on YouTube.
Don't you think that self-isolation was announced for this purpose, so that people would not go to rallies while they are remaking the power system, pushing in new taxes and laws? And they will never cancel self-isolation! They will just call it the new regime ....
In the event that it rips off the thread, no paper will solve anything.
IMHO this was a real shot in the groin (of the regime) - all these people who are sitting at home will cease to be patient, they will tear their heads off. (Isolation + hunger) So let's see.
Some (many) sit and continue shouting that we shouldn't go out right now, we'll get infected and die.
However, the King of Arabia made a control shot: oil will be sold to Europe for $ 10 a barrel ... Put out the lights ..
The very moment when a person does not feel sorry for money to show the usurper Putin his place. My respect for the Saudis.
Another question - who will respect us besides ourselves, if the "authorities" are simple swindlers whom everyone is afraid of? In the hands of the "people" both weapons and structures - the army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, led by cowards. Where did the officers go, like Caparang Sablin? Tin, damn it.
How long will they last with such oil)
70 years, and maybe more. Only are they on your side? Think about yourself - they are the USSR, who fought for petrodollars around the world, won in 2 years ...
Do not rejoice ahead of time, the moth still has old contracts in force, they will buy "his" oil as before. As always, he is looking for, the costs are compensated by an increase in production (they put them on guardianship)
0 rubles bill
and there Pu is reset to zero!
And with a naked torso
These banknotes will soon be issued salaries.
Vlad, as always, like, hold on ... I look very interesting ... Moderator you need to filter the chat !!! Thanks for your work !!! Are you cool, I hope you can already?
Comments in support of Vlad, keep up the good work!
Great stream! But the Internet needs to be cured. When the stream ends, there are almost no dependencies.
Once upon a time under King Peas

Things were so bad

What, giving a click to the Peas in the forehead,

Bob came to replace him.

But Bob, contrary to nature,

I ruined everything in the garden,

And soon it was replaced

Beans that seized the throne.

Beans drove all plantings -

She grew up alone in the garden.

And the old people sighed: "Oh,

King Peas was not bad at all! "
Vlad, thank you very much for the broadcast! I watch your broadcasts, get answers to my questions! You are smart!
The good news is that women are interested and therefore are not indifferent to the future.
Vasea Drujba is very interesting to me and certainly not indifferent to the future! I will make you happy, women can think too!
Hello, but I thought that no, but here it turns out, but if as it is, women are not interested in what is happening, mostly you have your own topics, well, of course, I perceive such women as you are versatile, not limited in one thing, which is very important.
Thank you, nice) although not all the points are clear in macroeconomics yet, well, I'm listening to Vlad, gaining experience, so to speak.
Yes, I myself am a lover, hyopolitics is better understood and how the internal economy should work is not clear, but one thing is clear in the government are not people. It is our own fault that everything has gone so far, we are male violence.
And I keep writing it !!!
Why do you start talking like scatman after watching Zhukovsky's stream?
No need to rock the boat!
no, not so. no need to rock the yacht of stability.
No, no, you need to destroy to the ground, and then ... We passed already.

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