The main question of time - Stepan Demura

The experience of Europe and the experience of China. Why invent something? It has been working for 200 years and brings outstanding results. Globalists have chosen a base in the USA. The nouveaux riches rose in World War 2. They deny nation states. Supranational bodies are not elected by anyone. White lives are not important to them. The United States was victorious in World War II. Europe lay in ruins.

Guys, there are wars everywhere. What Trump says at the UN that the globalists are finished. Or maybe there are some other resources? Reptilians, Vatican. The lump is worth the snake. Guys, it will go well with beer and vodka. Let's see the voting results?

Demura in a cap

The Kremlin is weak with legitimacy in the West. We won't even know what laws they passed. In Dixy I no longer buy goods, it is dangerous there, and prices have increased. Pyaterochka is a little better, in my opinion. Luka Mudishchev airport to name. Businesses have been destroyed, people have no income, banks are empty.

Due to the plague, the tourism business will not recover. Not all airlines will survive. YouTube has banned the creation of polls. We got a blurry answer. I will not answer free questions. I have business, I have to go, business.

Igor Boschenko with Neuromir TV

Boschenko held a video conference with Gennadievich via Skype on June 27, 2020.

Igor Boschenko at the hospital

In the photo: Igor Boschenko in the hospital

Live on our website Stepan Demura asked the audience a question on the main topic, then answered the audience's questions, and at the end of the program summed up the results of the audience's answers. Evening Stepan Demura in the "Voice of the Internet" stream. Moscow has canceled passes to Kovid. Putin allowed people from the Russian Federation to travel abroad. A unified database of Russian slaves. Diesel fuel leak in Norilsk, disaster in Antarctica.

S. Demura is a very charming chatterbox. Whether his predictions come true, whether the explanations are satisfactory - without even trying to understand, we just enjoy wit, irony, sarcasm. Let's wait, our mother.

Stepan and Igor thanks & respect / Demura's reasoning about the role of the United States as a hegemon, and further actions of this superpower in some areas - balm for the soul. really, toned and pleased. Igor is also a fine fellow - a "mental position", more than sensible and courageous, I must pay tribute \ and the audience's questions were meaningful (guys are great), thus providing similar answers \ Stepan in stream more often. please. and you need to keep (as today) the level and study of the topic. for Igor, 100 pounds, no problem. Guys, from the heart! energizer charged)

Reading the multiple weird and quirky answers of Russians on the topic, whose Crimea, it becomes depressing. This is some kind of show from the category of "Fools on dancers at the Kremlin gopoty" ... If you are already crap, then why not admit it to yourself? The smell will still give out. RF should fall apart and there is no sense in its existence. The current elite is incapable of reforms, society is incapable of revolution, therefore, decay will continue, which will end in disintegration, since prolonged decay will tire everyone too.

In Russia, if we take the real long-term (and medium also) perspective, the replacement of the dollar can be investments in food, preferably of the best and most harmless quality. Ukraine and Belarus are still in the zone of a similar trend for success in this direction. Good food in the coming years of unfolding madness can take the place of one of the highest values ​​among many others ... including energy resources and products of IT technologies. However, it seems that it will not be possible to do without a radical change in domestic policy on this path. Good luck.

Criticism of Demura's forecasts

Konstantin, if the euro / dollar pair is so complicated, wouldn't it be easier to stand against the ruble with two shoulders for the euro and a couple of shoulders for the dollar? What difference does it make to everyone whether the March high will be rewritten or not? Why drain bad words? Why break spears? Both of you for the fall of the ruble! So it is necessary to stand in different ways against the ruble. In these waves, the devil will break his leg. Standing against the ruble through the dollar / ruble, you lose on contango due to the difference in interest rates. Given the length and sawing nature of wave B, this is ineffective. Why such confidence in the index? The index has the highest relevance, but it is not a constant. It's just that there will be a more accurate picture on it, but I think it is quite possible to see a new bottom. Not much and not for long, yes, it may well be a false breakdown, then an impulse and hello. The financial system is distorted by the world's central banks. You didn’t climb into the index before, the euro went with the index. Good day, everyone, I respect Konstantin's thoughts, but I do not follow his recommendations clearly, I have chosen my own path for myself. Answering and voting with my money, I have two Longs with big shoulders on Si and Eu futures. In case of a drawdown, I have already reported money twice and averaged it. I will not sell a single contract until Si is 84, I will unload half there and leave the other to 95-100. But there already, as they say in our Odessa, we will have a look. Good summer mood, peace of mind and balance to everyone, and as a result, good profit to everyone !!!

Good evening! Not being a fan of Demura, I will still stand up for him. The forecaster from him used to be quite good, but the deadlines could be safely shifted by a year or two)))) It was interesting to listen to the seminars until January-February 2020 in the recording, because he gave out information, sometimes even a little bit of a lie, from his friends, partners , acquaintances .. From what he said it was possible to draw good conclusions and earn money, but everything related to opening charts and his comments was very similar to calling an excellent student to the blackboard when he was simply not ready for a lesson. And instead of saying "I'm not ready," the student began to reinvent the wheel. The same is happening now. He either does not touch on this topic, or he simply does not understand, but since people want to hear about the euro-dollar, ruble-dollar, he opens a chart and starts to invent something (reinvent the wheel, here is most likely wave B, etc.) ... And after the last seminars I am simply disappointed. There is nothing to say, you have to earn money for stew, and it begins, outside the window the weather r, all r, internet r, cut off the electricity. I'll tell you, but then (no computer, no internet, etc.). Demura was there and all went out.

Who will tell you how much time there is still to cash out $. I learned the other day that for this I have to go to the regional center, and even pre-order the amount if it is more than $ 3000. And they also alerted the pseudo-amendments to the universal constitution of the Russian Federation: Clause 1 of Article 75 - The monetary unit in the Russian Federation is the ruble. The introduction and issue of other money in the Russian Federation is not allowed. What do they mean? Well? - All clear! As always, good pauses! Finally, a tambourine is used in the musical arrangement !!! Kostya for the presidency of the Russian Federation, Demuru for the vice-president of the Russian Federation, Gusev as the head of the Central Bank! If we speak in the language of traders: once there was a trend of "Demur"., But like any trend tends to end, there are only "thorns" on a small volatility in the "City Class", for a little money on "stew and cartridges." p>

Thank you very much again, Kostya. Thank you for your analysis, judgment, courage and patience. You are handsome. Shake your hand. We will definitely wait for the "Phase transition" and it will be great! All according to plan. I'm with you. Hold on. I think I know this is Perelman's son. Perelman himself refused the Nobel, due to disagreement with the organized mathematical community. And then there was a protest against Demura. But I once listened to Demura's advice and bought an apartment for bonus rubles. Yes, we were convinced)) that it is hard for Kostyan to live on the planet, only Eliot can personally rub the questions with him with dignity, but it seems the problem cannot be solved: Eliot died a little)

Stepan, of course, is an honored professor. But in fact, he spoke so much past. Or rather, he spoke a lot of hypotheses and his own visions. That it will be possible. If only he gave proof of his predictions. After 1.5-2 years. And how the Ukrainian Gordon. Past and past again. Who - who, but Demura definitely should not talk about the amendments: D Anyway, there is only enough brains for one and then not entirely. Tell your listeners better about the recognition of merit and the work of volunteers, for example. They plow like draft horses amid the virus, so this is more relevant than ever.

From Demura, a political scientist, like a hedgehog a massager for an ass. He also clung to one amendment and that's it. And people, by the way, are different, for example, the availability of medicine worries everyone, especially after an epidemic. I do not think that the villages and villages will give up FAPs. I am surprised. Stepan gave an example that opinion polls are bullshit, since H. Clinton was in the lead in the race, and at the final stage Trump bypassed her. But the answer is obvious - just a week before the final vote, the FBI opened a criminal case against Hillary. Naturally, some people turned away from her. It's amazing that Stepan didn't hear anything about this.

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Демура, Степан Геннадьевич признанный специалист в области мировой экономики и финансов. Здесь вы можете получить наиболее точные прогнозы на доллары США для рынка Форекс.

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Demura drinks a mug of beer in a cafe

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