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Actually, tell me the conversation, please, but you also criticize the current political regime Well, as an economist as a specialist, at least something good can be said of mine right away You are a critic for Putin. Our regime is nothing specific No you know what momentary hesitation from side to side in response External conditions then Call it criticism Well, well, I’m not all Appropriate, I’ll say that I don’t criticize laughing That's because there is nothing else to look at in the same report but there is such theses, incomes will grow by 10 years, true, but over the years of Vladimir Putin's rule, more than 100 billionaires have appeared from scratch, and most of them should call for understanding Now it would be easier for a couple now that such vertical integrated systems as we have before the vertical of power or is also called And now I remember that I will lie to sovereign democracy in the conditions of indicating the state something like that such systems can stand forever because practically the Asian mode of production no questions in the sense of the rights to private property of our unsolved problems a generation of large hungry colonels has grown up so for a minute What systems history before the revolution such systems are not possible just no they are people, as it were friends Friends of Vladimir Putin correctly understand to write such things in my opinion that he is Putin the results need to be written Yeltsin Putin the results and because before Putin there were only billionaires there were not a single one in 2000 Well, let's just say these again If you want to say Oh Sorry, this was just a course the other was different under Putin, such a large number of billionaires appeared for one simple reason that if firstly, look at the oil prices on the graph Yes, and if you Make two graphs, namely the GDP of the Russian Federation in dollars a quarter, say and oil prices in dollars, then there correlations of almost units, that is, well, Putin was so lucky there were high prices for oil was replaced by one oligarch, some of which were dispossessed And other oligarchs came, that's all there would not have been so many legates on them.

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Which would express a revolutionary idea What systems collapse and call Every time the ruler felt like a universal master of the universe of space begins to do this stupidity, the channel receives a blow from the outside that destroys the system, in my opinion, always the stability that is now it ended with the Ukrainian company comrade Putin because now that we see any body movement in foreign markets in the foreign arena, it ends with a soft slap in the face or you slap in the face or a powerful blow this is happening in Syria this is happening in Ukraine has just become a candidate for NATO membership yes and this is happening with sanctions, that is, very very seeming stability this system of mine I bet I know what this is. view.

In fact, you are the preservation of power at any cost, because power in this situation for Putin and his entourage means physical life and family life, therefore, the power will try to retain power for you Be a ring with me with a price will not stand a speech It is clear to granite the support of the population who you need to constantly take care that the handouts which they are given are felt How to create that you are Siri as a support factor but where are these handouts? Yes, I will just remember before the parliamentary elections in Mariupol.

Yes, the mafia state Of course, you can feel this is just the first time in history when a mother has her own states But if you look at the history of the Mafia, also the Sicilian Mafia of the Chicago Mafia, then why is it because they adhered to the iron principle Live and let others live more or less in what is built we have this principle grossly violated, friends say everything to the rest of the Law and Artyom we get such a beetle scythe in socio-economic policy, even if we take the same May decrees of Putin from 12 years old, he began to fulfill the regions What happened to the regions they became bankrupt, the economy simply cannot pull out a voluptuous tradesman, go immediately the question arises: Who exactly wrote these May decrees for Putin, who is an economist of some sort? Who of economists believed because in fact you can talk for a long time about how bad a good one is, but this system has one such a significant disadvantage that is looking for it if you haven't buried it yet. They will soon be buried, and it is in this system that there is no feedback, roughly speaking, any system responds only to the higher level but does not depend in any way on the lower level, therefore, there is no feedback with reality, there is no responsibility in the system, no, but you understand, we will take that video when the American Apache in Afghanistan the sound row in the Ukrainian pilots who defended the Donetsk airport were issued for Russian helicopters in Syria, someone for this was already responsible for this already such a guy by the president and who you are just an example that shows how nice it is to show all the work of the system, or all these cartoons are crazy wild were shown at the time of the appeal the message should someone be held responsible for the quality for the nonsense that nobody showed? Here rockets fly to a real enemy and showed that rockets are flying to Florida, even cartoons, cartoons, yes Well, it's good to scare with this. You see now this cure.

As far as all this terrible cool weapon in the West is, you understand that all this is stupidity Yes, and what I found so far Already long ago I rested in the Bose, even the fact that I used to fly no longer flies take the same Roscosmos its proton here are those who died in Syria you know this is the reality of the end- in the end, when Shoigu says, let's say, on the conscience of Shoigu and high-precision high-explosive Bombs until the sixties who dropped such examples there actually Max and all then that the system is well close to its logical conclusion, but you say in your report with flippers.

December 1 Do the Crimeans want to stay in Russia or do they want electricity up to 6% said yes That they want electricity of course I will tell you one Curious fact and American American history of the American experience after the war and then you will understand it The key I say I hope after the war the Americans spent a lot of experience with the Papuans Polynesia What were the experiments dropped from roughly speaking the Papuans were taught to walk around the tree to perform some kind of ritual dances for this they received rewards from the tree rewards ended and the researcher watched how long the Papuans would walk around the tree trying to find no it turned out that there was no regularity there were some awards a week some drunk walked for 2 months Then the Americans found out that it all depends on the amount of food The fewer the ovens and the fewer the Papuans went the conclusion the conclusion is very simple, all these geopolitical so-called adventures or Ingenious where political policy It leads to a sharp deterioration in the domestic economy a technical situation, respectively, falling living standards Yes, because excuse the product inflation that allows us to part with which from which it recounts the expenses of citizens Yes and says Well, we have stopped falling real incomes, we assume their incomes Sorry, inflation depends on the consumer basket and more of the population is heavily used in the basket the basket of inflation is different there is 15% per annum, so the drop in income is just a fireplace and a refrigerator, then let it be so here By the way, I think that the main influence will be just the refrigerator in the message to citizens people throw.

Here are the ratings, I do not believe for one simple reason that when you communicate with people from different social strata, there will be village taxi drivers Wow, I’m the rest of you In my opinion, in the last one and a half, there was a change in their attitude to what is happening in the country and to our To the great leader They are sure to close the greenhouse, by the way, in Kiev, there is no Moscow, and Mo, I once again did a refrigerator for you, an empty refrigerator, it would be very new. I look an optimist, but today Propaganda is working and People are working for the work of forgiveness of the Blessed Propaganda. to support and increase And besides Crimea, well, well, Syria is interested in homework, nobody will be interested in homework, you already don't care about our Donbass Crimea. He needed to be left as a fallback. You understand that the last moment is heated by propaganda and pride, but here the main event has already passed. we are sitting here I am here they write that on YouTube, how many dislikes the site will be, we are working without work here Il clear motives.

But she did not burn her hair last week, if I am not mistaken, the head of the III campaign headquarters said very correctly In my opinion, the situation in the elections He said that this is guaranteed Putin won the elections, not what you asked And sorry, what is your client involved in against everyone on laces participates in a complex of events timed to the Election Day need to see Well, like a politician.

Because enemies Yes, no, it's just that his future depends on them, let's say then equilateral that only the West can, as it were, change the old historical regimes themselves by the 7th of a second, he must lose some kind of cold war, you shouldn't remember 905 when we were a small victorious war is needed in which it all ended. As for the sample, but you just do not have a representative sample of sociology, so few people watch Radio Liberty and powerful people who use the Internet from the point of view of Putin's policy against the background of the candidates of the rest and the particulars, we find out the position looks just like a giant of thought, the guarantor of everything and that's why it's such a very wise move on the part of his political strategists who organized the show House 3 a whole bar and who took part the decision to participate in this show speaks of their political wisdom civil 3 in fact I, that is, it turns out that here you are told there is no opposition.

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