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He has a huge army of fucking sectarians))) fucking Armageddons. Demura is not Lermontov, not Pushkin, but a simple poet pizdyushkin. What do you need to know? Demura is an ordinary scumbag and a scoundrel. He is a financial and economic hitman who was trained in the United States for the collapse of Russia. This freak needs to beat his face at every corner, he has no place in Russia. Well, about the collapse, you flatter him, not the caliber, but the fact that the bastard is to the point ... Someone else believes in the ruble ?? If I hadn’t been saving up a Dollar, fuck, I would have bought a plot and built a house. Now everything is being done in Russia to support the wooden one: raising VAT, raising the retirement age, tax on self-employed, gasoline becoming more expensive ... you can list it endlessly.

Respect to the author! Neighing. In general, there is a feeling that the demura is working for the Central Bank, so hard to drive people into the dollar, can only be a complete moron. Demura predicted the arrival of Trump and Zelensky, plus Brexit, smart people make money on it. So listen to Demura carefully, and filter, filter. But he turns out to be the messiah, follow his flock ... But don't be so nervous and shouting. You need to be calmer. I understand that a different opinion that does not coincide with yours is annoying and unnerving. But to me personally, your video is about nothing at all, everyone thinks for himself and decides for himself. I listened to you attentively, say thank you, but I will still stick to my opinion, because as always I listen equally to friends and foes, but draw my own conclusions. I didn't understand, my mouth was full of dicks, spit them out ... I remember the time when Demura was always arguing with Korobyants at RBK, it was funny, but in general he was always a go-go, who is this yap looking at all?

It's funny. The dollar was supposed to be worth 100 in 2008, but money was taken from you morons, they were poured into saving the ruble, in 2014, so that they would not see 120 per dollar or a default, they expanded the ruble zone. Don't you understand? No one even thought that the population would agree to all their hardships, that the government would even encroach on retirement, just to prolong its agony. So they did not see, morons. Forecasts that are not fixed on paper (or drawn up in a deal) are not forecasts. This is the usual sabotage: you can always go to the "plus / minus block" or unforeseen circumstances. But in 2014, according to his forecast, many loot doubled. And then all this loot was leaked and still should remain. The clock also shows the correct time twice a day. The number of dislikes is surprising! Well, there are facts. Why deny the obvious ????? Where is the dollar right now, in fact, where is the oil, where is the apocalypse ????? Here are fucking things. Well, suckers at all times have enough. Very soon the inquisitor will run to the exchanger for dollars at 140. Imbitil understands if oil falls at 10 as Styopa says, then the ruble will go up as the crisis will go up, but so far something is not visible even at 30-40 ... this is not the 80s, when the Saudis have agreed with the Pindos on the collapse of oil prices! Now the Saudis cannot fulfill their social obligations within the country if the oil goes down. and with a high degree of probability a revolution may arise in the country, because the ruling dynasty has many competitors.

First 43, then 65, he clearly predicted. Of course, he is often wrong in time, but in the directions he is mostly right. At the same time, he always rightly notes that this is his opinion, which the market does not care about. So everyone bears individual responsibility for his actions and decisions. Demura also has optimistic forecasts for the ruble. For example, from the end of January until now, he predicts its strengthening against the dollar to 62.10 (on the New Year it was about 70). Videos on YouTube (often with gross copyright violations) are definitely not posted by Demura! Armageddon's valuation of the ruble is not about speculation (as many perceive), but about savings management. History teaches that trusting the ruble is dangerous in this regard. The point is not that he is bad, but this good one. You have to answer for your market! Money loves the account !!! And Stepan has repeatedly shown himself as a person whose words should not be taken too seriously. It is no coincidence that he is not called already at RBC, and no one offers a job in a serious office. Out of harm's way)))

As an analyst, Demura is right. Everything will be. A question of time. No one could have thought that the course would be held back by the impoverishment of the population. The ruble is constantly devaluing in leaps and bounds, strengthening by 30% for a period afterwards. Everything is ready, you need a driver, but in general the step is charismatic, he understands geopolitics correctly. And there are nuances always and everywhere. Demura did not make "immature minds" such. He gave a strategic assessment of the market, not a recommendation for speculation. Demura does not speculate on the ruble, and has never called for it. If he is misunderstood, this is not his problem. Even my dog ​​understands that the black swan will come to the ruble, for this it is not necessary to be an analyst, and the dollar will come someday and you and I will someday be comprehended by necrosis and the earth is not eternal, and in general, everything in a global sense is meaningless. Well, anyone can scratch with language about the obvious, there is nothing for an analyst, but only crooks and rogues can promise the short men who call the RBK on specific dates, in fact Demura so greedily and staked out this honorable place, with his cast-iron ass ...

Demura caught the hype, apparently. Yes, and it was not in vain that RBK called him on this topic to increase traffic. But the Central Bank also has a lot of leverage. And April 18 showed a lot. Perhaps all this is a conspiracy at all. Because the course was rearranged, and they did not let go. 5 years waiting for 140 and now on RBK. The video, to be honest, did not last more than a minute, since the limit on false statements was exceeded. For a year or two, Demura has been trying not to name specific terms for the "Armageddon". I repeat once again - it was not he who made a part of his free or unwitting audience close. His seminars are not primarily devoted to the "Armageddon for the ruble". Personally, I need them and are interesting. The same Levchenko "armageddonite" for the ruble is not less, but it is Demura who is "poured" out of envy, and because he draws more attention to himself with his thoughts, let's say, not about the ruble. Serious economists work in serious offices, and do not travel to cities and villages with seminars). If he is a balabol, then what is there to deny that ??? there are dry facts! But if it were only ... then it should be on the channel of psychics (I forgot the name) to hang out. They sit there on the air and hang noodles for people with fragile psyche.

The clock that stands shows the exact time 2 times a day. Demura is very consistent in assessing the situation and sometimes even guesses. But the trick of his seminars is that he simply tells interesting things about which you will not read or hear anywhere else. De Mura and Lev Chenko, two scammers who have been waiting for the world apocalypse for more than 10 years. bear all bullish cycles in the markets. and watching them all this time, voluntarily or involuntarily, the thought arises that either someone is paying for this nonsense, or the main buyers themselves are suckers who buy subscriptions, seminars and stand against the markets merging into zero. the apocalypse has been waiting for more than 10 years. De Murla has a “quarter - two”, his “indicators show a reversal” every day :))) Every year since 2016, he promises a dollar more expensive than 100, and his last vanging is a dollar of 140 this spring. Spring will end in a month, but 140 still won't happen :))) It's not about the country. these grief "analysts" are waiting for the world apocalypse. and this is throughout the entire bull market as the markets rewrite historical highs. thus they are guaranteed to doom their adherents-fans to the drain :) Yes - nothing, as a man probably. It's hard for me to say I'm not a connoisseur of male beauty. And as a broadcaster, he brings heresy with his stew. Its reserves have already gone rotten probably for 20 years.

I follow Demura's recommendations and have not found a single mistake in his predictions and what his popularity says, and the author uses obscene language behind the scenes and does not even know anything objective when and for what Stepan was kicked out from RBC, it was live after the words a which analyst from Dana and Stepan invited all analysts to make predictions and leave the results, the director of RBC did not like it and, as it were, an insult to his protégé Dana opened the account to the finals for 10 tons of dollars, and then about the forecasts they come true only in time when it remains in question < / p>

What is the clown with glasses? many such assholes on the net try to bask in the name of Stepan, a typical phrase of such assholes, "where is the dollar for 200?" they do not even remember that the goals remained the same 97-125, and it is necessary to listen to the whole seminar and not wait for specific dates, but stupid morons do not know the 80/20 principle, cyclical analysis, at a seminar in Kiev, a degenerate like this bespectacled man asked Stepan a question, " who raises prices? " Stepan replied "the market" the degenerate did not calm down, "who exactly?" damn, that's what I'm talking about, well, and the last thing, this unshaven dick, who is it? financier? trader? what did he achieve? let the whore answer but for now let the fuck go with his "revelations"

It's so simple. The fall of the ruble is being restrained artificially. Prices are rising. The people are becoming impoverished. Salaries are falling. Many people lose their jobs altogether. In such a situation, it is necessary to sell, even to the detriment of the stocks of currency stored for a rainy day. At this time, the elite buys currency from the population very cheaply. As soon as it becomes impossible to keep the ruble, then it will explode. But most will already be out of stock..

Well, of course, one character for 19 years promises a breakthrough and no cho-norms, but demur to the stake. Fuck a fabulous country

that's right, they are raising taxes to keep the dollar from rising. housing and communal services. rise in gasoline prices. products and other fictitious taxes on self-employed. various fines. and now add all this to the dollar exchange rate. I think today's salary of 60 thousand is 400-500 dollars. 5 years as in a country of non-economic growth. Only the withdrawal of the dough to offshore. And various fucks who do not have their own thinking can continue to record such videos and vote that Stepan fucked them up, but not edrosy. Collect the deadwood trees.

Whistleblower! Are you really wrong, you think you're a YouTube hero? Not only have you insulted a very famous and respected person, you also insult a huge number of people who value and respect Stepan's work. Read the reviews about your performance and you will understand how you were taxed and disgraced. What kind of clippings did you present here? Before following Stepan's recommendations, turn on your brains and listen carefully to his seminars. Stepan has repeatedly said that in the timing of the implementation of his goals in the roar, he may be wrong. On the other hand, he sets the levels and cycles in the markets professionally competently and clearly, and in this he has few analysts equal to him. And the fact that oil went down by 26, and the fact that the dollar / ruble went down by 54 and many other forecasts. Everyone who participated in these trends earned a lot of bobbles. And the goals that he calls in the future are highly likely to come true - be patient. You can see from your YouTube performance how excited you are and how strange your look. Stepan about people like you said: "THIS IS NOT FOR ME, I AM NOT A PSYCHIATOR." And then he was right. It is a sin to be offended by people like you, but Stepan will not be offended by you, that's for sure. Drink a light psychotropic drug "GRANDAXIN", 1 tablet in the morning, the second at three in the afternoon. It is not addictive and safe. It restores the nervous system very well, soothes, improves mood, appetite appears and sleep is normalized, then you start to think soberly, you stop scaring people - A WEEK IS ENOUGH. I'm not pinning you, I really recommend it, then you'll say thank you !!! Yes, and you are not recommended to deal with the markets - YOU WILL PLANT EVERYTHING, you need endurance. Let's get well and don't make people angry. And do not be encrypted, if you consider yourself right, the country should know its heroes !!! And so you might think that you are a figurehead and fulfill someone's order. Vladimir Almata.

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Демура, Степан Геннадьевич признанный специалист в области мировой экономики и финансов. Здесь вы можете получить наиболее точные прогнозы на доллары США для рынка Форекс.

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