Special Operation Coronavirus - Sleepy Cat

Destroy us target. The modern Russian ruble is a repainted foreign currency. Currency exchanger in underdeveloped countries.

I'm wondering who pays for these murky fagots about chips, the coming of the Antichrist, etc. who puts these thoughts into the head of every crazy Katasonov? Yes, this is a standard operation to divert the attention of the population. There is, most likely, a banal redistribution of the market in the Russian Federation, as a diversion, pseudo-experts of the doomsday are paid - Katasonovs, Chetverikovs, etc. whipping up mystical fear is big business. The reality is overcrowded hospitals and shift camps, closed for quarantine, doctors working day and night. Dozens of doctors who have already died. The memory of which all these bastards with a swarm of TV and Stalingrad never honored. They had such an "eccentric virologist" named Gundarov, who denied the virus. Now he no longer goes to their programs. Apparently, reputation is more expensive.

You were allowed to work, but muzzles do not bother in any way, even many people like it, the usual ... Again about Medvedev, Nibiulina. Although, in order to arrange all this, almost the entire government was changed, apparently, for more obedient and stupid, who have nothing human at all. The new Minister of Health is something, roads, junctions to nowhere are still being built. They will not give up the theft.

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Я публицист, профессор экономики, очень известная фигура в российском интернет-пространстве.

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