Valery Solovey - Russian political scientist, Doctor of Historical Sciences

Welcome to the author's blog Valery Solovya. Rod. August 19, 1960. Former professor at MGIMO, dismissed because of harsh statements against the current government. Makes political predictions about radical changes in Russia. Putin will leave the presidency ahead of schedule, there will be big riots.

Putin's autocracy - Solovey

So what, people vote for the amendments, this is how you need to be blind so as not to see what is happening in the country and vote for ?! I don’t understand, I don’t understand, people don’t want to wake up.

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Stop the evil urgently - Solovey

In essence, the author says. Go play chess with a dove, he will scatter pieces, give a shit on the board and fly away to tell you how he got you. The author encourages people to go and play with thimbles in a foreign field. You will be smudged with any touch.

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