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Radio Says Moscow, you can not only listen but also watch! You can do both with the help of the site! Welcome! Listening to live broadcasts and watching video broadcasts is available for you online from any gadget with Internet access! The radio, loved by many, is now even more exciting and interesting. Use your chance and find out the latest news of the capital and regions, as well as just have a pleasant time with the programs and musical compositions broadcast by the radio station!

Radio Moscow Speaks for Muscovites and Beyond!

Radio station Says Moscow in a new format began broadcasting in 2014, occupying the frequency 94.8 FM. The programs on the air are attracting an ever larger audience. Moreover, its composition is very diverse. Residents of the capital and regions like to tune the radios to the specified frequency, while at home, in the country, driving a car. With the advent of the opportunity to listen to the radio online, as well as watch video broadcasts from the studio, the popularity of the radio station Says Moscow has grown exponentially. Its airtime is mostly filled with programs designed to inform listeners, to bring them up-to-date information about the events taking place in the city, which allows it to correspond to the motto under which the broadcast is conducted: “Listen, think, know”. These three words fully reflect the ideology of the radio station.

Main programs of airtime

The creators of the radio station chose the conversational style as the main concept for broadcasting. It is he who allows you to harmoniously and unobtrusively present all the news and information blocks in order to highlight the significant events that took place in Russia and its capital. The musical part of the broadcast is devoted to several hours in the morning and evening. You can listen to good music in the programs "Native Songs", "Russian Stage". The morning will become much more pleasant and interesting thanks to the program "Rise". The origins of the Russian people, their traditions and peculiarities of culture, life are highlighted in the program "Russian spirit". The People's Advocate program will allow you to get acquainted with the news in the field of legislation. On the air, radio listeners can call the studio and ask the best lawyers in the country, who are often invited guests. The “ITech” program will tell about achievements in the field of science and the latest technologies. With Radio Says Moscow you will be aware of the main events in the economic, political and social life of Russia and the city in particular. Only the latest news, interviews with interesting people, and intellectual programs are broadcasted for you every day. It will not be boring!

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