Russian economy after zeroing

What is the state of the Russian economy today after the oil crisis and the problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic? What data can we obtain today on the basis of opinion polls, how did the Russians vote for the amendments to the Constitution, do the results of this vote correlate with the polls of the main sociological companies? Income of Russians, industrial indicators, foreign trade of Russia in recent months.

At the expense of covidly, Denis, I just tensed when you began to doubt its existence from what people die all over the world, from a conspiracy? And what is the point in it - to make people mad?) The husband works in an ambulance. And now in the summer everyone poured into the Crimea, and together with everyone poured the covidla up. They also underestimate the statistics, apparently so that quarantine does not continue. Covidla just showed what a cannibal economy we have. You can choose between death by covidla or death by hunger

I was not too lazy and came to vote for. I was also not too lazy and voted against, especially since Sobyanin smartly motivated each voter with 1-4k certificates. You are stupid, you should have (yes, you SHOULD do it, it's up to me) to vote "for".

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