Riots in the USA street clashes

In this video, you will see real street clashes with the US police. # Protests and pogroms continue in Los Angeles, California. America is not like itself. The streets of almost every major city in the United States of America are filled with riots, looting and robberies. Police Special Forces and the National Guard opened fire on the crowd of protesters under the slogan Black Lives Matter.

These sufferers will achieve what some white rednecks will arrange a real racism. The solution is simple, a specific cop who has to beat him must answer according to the law and that's all, and this is not a reason to bother normal Americans with business.

We must unite with America and revive the USSR. Under the USSR, at least my relatives and I had a job, but right now, these interview resumes and probationary periods for employment were invented! Oh, this era of capitalism!

The American revolt is senseless and merciless. People simply arrange some kind of fierce lawlessness because of the killed narik, although the killed one is unfair. But damn, the dude has committed crimes in the past. He was not a saint.

I am categorically against violence and I believe that all rapists should be punished regardless of skin color, nationality and social status. White, black, yellow, misconduct police and those who robbed shops. All. I have a question for a blogger, including Dmitry for you. Why doesn't anyone cover issues such as discrimination against the white population or people with traditional orientations? It is no secret that gays and blacks enjoy a number of preferences - social services, the issuance of mobile phones, payment for them, when they are laid off they are fired last. There should be equality in everything. And yet, Dmitry, undoubtedly the people across the ocean need to know about what is happening, but sometimes it would be good to think about who benefits from it and why it is needed. Thanks for the vlog.

To understand blacks you have to be in their shoes. History shows how for centuries and because of the color of their skin they were enslaved, humiliated, beaten, destroyed, they were not considered people. Naturally, every person who finds themselves in such a situation will rebel. We are not for the color of our skin, but simply because many are going to be destroyed and we immediately rebelled against this, indignant, protested. That is why it is said, do not judge another, and you yourself will not be judged. It is necessary to treat each person adequately and fairly, honestly, regardless of race, nation and skin color. All of us were created by the Most High and we came from one offspring, from Adam and Eve. Peace, brotherhood and commonwealth throughout the world!

The police are blocking the street and will forgive the protesters to move away. What the people do is worth it. Activists start provoking the police. They are told "free the street" - we stand. Shot with rubber, we start like football players yelling "don't shoot !!!" and only then do we hear that the cops asked to vacate the street. This is not racism or no limit is the stupidity of the crowd. An acquaintance of mine was a foreman, until you start yelling at the company, commanding is useless.

Everywhere people are tired, everywhere they want to convey it, but everywhere things are going on there. They do not want to hear the government's indignation of the people and want to push their unnecessary laws and regulations to anyone. People all over the world are tired of this kind of life, survival and injustice. Stop holding us for assholes. Improve your life already, make it fit at least. Look at people the same way and do not divide into races. All people and everyone wants to live, not survive !!!

At first they try to disunite the people, put on masks and scare everyone with a virus .. but then there is a response from the people who want unification and peace. If peaceful rallies bring people together while identifying looters, then these are the right rallies! In other small American cities, the people are actively helping the police to protect the territories, and this commands respect.

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