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It remains to rename the channel to "sedition" and start promoting the idea of ​​a flat earth. Reptilians and grays have occupied the Earth ... The moon is not a ball but a disk. There is no space. Pushkin was the son of D'Artagnan. Putin shifts responsibility to others all the time and is not responsible for anything. The presenter must be the first to be chipped and vaccinated. Maybe he'll come to his senses. The roof is going slowly ... I mastered it entirely, I'm great)) Thank you for the interview, Katasonov is interesting to listen to. Each trader praises her product. Where is our bullfighter with a spear?

Let him wipe a tear in the market for paranoid delirium! Deep bow to prof. Katasonovym! Thank you for the interesting interview, questions with Valentin Yurievich! Let's hope that many of us will start to work their heads, as befits a man, and not "hawah" chewed prepared information.

Interestingly, in Bulgaria, the authorities allocated money to support collection agencies in order to "knock out" credit debts from the people who have lost and cannot find a normal job (not for three kopecks and all day, evening), and in Russia, the authorities also allocate billions for " help "banks. Think about whether it is worth taking loans, if there is hardly enough money to live on, think for whom "our authorities" work. No, in order to organize social, financial assistance to citizens who have loans, difficult life circumstances, etc. Everything is done taking into account the construction of the so-called digital state (electronic digital banking concentration camp) in order to essentially interact without trial through an electronic platform through bailiffs to take away their property from the people. Already now in Moscow, this electronic system is so well-tuned that some tax inspectorates, tax arrears, insurance premiums through electronic document flow through bailiffs initiate proceedings on enforcement proceedings to collect debts at the expense of the taxpayer's property (this works up to a certain amount without a court decision, i.e. e. on the basis of the decision of the tax authority sent to the bailiff). Once again, they want to rob the people, therefore, that they themselves are not competent and bankrupt, as statesmen, as competent leaders, civil servants in the service of their people, working for their country. In such a country rich in natural resources, they cannot (or do they deliberately do not want to and do not give !?) to organize a normal non-colonial economy. Although, so it is clear for whom these authorities work: obviously not for Russians and not for other indigenous peoples of Russia.

So already a kick-ass or not. Igor Valentinovich thanks for the interesting program. But. A persistent feeling arose. Why V.Yu. NONSALTERNATIVELY convinces us of the obligatory execution of some scriptures of some Jews, which are specially written in order to enslave us? Who said these plans must be fulfilled? Like, "anyway, money is not needed in a concentration camp ... 1 billion slaves will be weeded out ..." What is this programming?

I am tormented by vague doubts ... While watching the screensaver, I'm already tired. You have to wind up. I thank Neuromir TV for the show with Katasonov, it turned out very informative. How many Yeltsin-Putin trained hamsters who sold their homeland in the 90s for chewing gum and jeans got out ... Valentin Yurich. All of you clearly speak the farts of Putin's hamsters will burn! A very interesting program! I am always glad to listen to Valentin Katasonov! He finally can Oleshka. 5 years ago I stopped looking due to the fact that there were controversial theses, but today on all issues by. Tu-tu, we arrived. Priests drive bullshit about microchips.

We all remember that we are citizens of the USSR, we return to its jurisdiction and forget all these horrors. Thank you very much for this video interview with Valentin Yurievich! And Sterligov says about the chipization and utilization of the population, only he more fully explains why the world government needs this and how you can be saved from it. In general, it is very interesting to listen to different points of view. For me this Constantinople would be closed at all and it would be a blessing, a miracle, how good! Without denying the presence of an annual seasonal exacerbation of viral diseases, including viral-pulmonary, "Coronavirus" is another scam on a global scale, started by a parasitic organized criminal group and their special services. Everyone uses the coronavirus for their own purposes. WHO - the World Health Organization, will once again have billions of dollars in infusions and quietly cut them among themselves, conducting various briefings and chatting.

The United States to collapse world economies, weaken states, break technological chains, flood stock markets and nullify stocks and securities, redeem all its debt shares for next to nothing. To return their manufacturers from other countries to the United States, in particular from China, for US dominance. At the same time, the US trade and pharmaceutical campaigns receive huge profits from the panic and excitement created, thereby replenishing the US treasury with taxes. And the ruling party of the US, like the governments of other countries, uses this situation to internal political struggle with its competitors and strengthen its power. < br /> - China to buy up cheaper businesses and technologies, as well as to strengthen the internal political power of the current government, suppressing political competitors.

They also canceled performances in Hong Kong.
This situation is also used by the governments of different countries, fanning mass panic, psychosis even on the basis of the natural mortality of elderly people who agreed to autanasia, against the background of forced psychosis, and those who died from other diseases, attributing it to the "coronavirus". Italy, the statistics of natural mortality by age and various diseases is designated as from mortality from coronavirus, is used as a force majeure, to write off a huge debt to the EU, and to receive new injections.
In addition, all political ruling parties benefit from whipping up panic, fear, to "rally the nation" around themselves, thereby pushing their political opponents into the background, along with all the negative aspects of the current government. And also, if necessary, to establish dictatorships in their countries, for suppression of protest actions and their political opponents and rewriting of constitutions and laws of states. The "pandemic" turned out to be very convenient for solving many issues.
It looks like a reformatting of the world economic and financial order, de-industrialization, erosion of national sovereignty is underway.
They want to create in people the appearance of the inevitability of what is happening, sow the seeds of passive fatalism in them, and suppress the will.
In addition, they check for the possibility of introducing dictatorships in various states, teach people to dictatorial norms, for the possibility of further performing total chipization over the population with further total control of vital activity and various vaccinations, vaccinations that regulate the birth rate and mortality of the population, and, if necessary, by a compulsory method. There are basic principles for teaching the population to the dictatorship of parasites; FEAR, HOPE, HUMILIATION.

- Their ultimate goal is complete control over humanity. Already now there is a systematic enslavement of all mankind, the final stage will be a complete rejection of cash, universal chipping with the possibility of complete control over all of humanity and the ability to exclude an individual from life support systems. At the same time, to regulate the number of population, by ethnic and class groups, access will be allowed or denied; movement to certain areas, receiving harmless food and medicines. And products that are harmful and hazardous to health will be fed to "superfluous" categories of people. That is already being implemented everywhere, and chipping is periodically exaggerated in the media, according to the principle of "Overton windows", accustoming people to the idea of ​​the inevitability of what is happening.

The last task and ultimate goal is the creation of a world government to manage the world herd, brought to the optimal amount for them (the Concept of the "golden billion" and the New World Order or the Dulles plan).
It is for victims like you that all these worthless books and articles are written. Victims like you want to believe in conspiracies, so as not to look for real reasons, so as not to read complex scientific literature, to forget about education and self-improvement. After all, all this is so difficult, it is much easier to believe that everyone around is bad and wants to enslave us. And then victims like you just lie on the couch and shout that "nothing depends on us," instead of getting up and fighting.

Discredited by conspiracy theories awaited the Yellowstone eruption. Unsolicited
As for the Mark of the Beast, the chip of which Katasonov speaks. Osipov Alexey Ilyich said that it is not the chip itself that is the seal on the forehead, but the very thought of people only about financial benefits, money - is the sign and seal of the beast! And not how you will pay with cash or a card or a chip in your hand, thoughts only about money! It's like driving a person into hunger, poverty, so that many generations think only about this ((
Calm down, this is all bullshit. And the fact that you are greedy for conspiracy theories is only your problems and the problems of your education.
There is such an assumption, they say, the predictions were made specifically for the slave, so that he was prepared for the fact that he and his family would be waiting and did not strongly resist, he just accepted it.

Conspiracy theory is the lot of stupid people. THIS IS A DIFFERENCE!
We need to unite, not engage in demagoguery and pseudosciences.
Two cows on a farm talking:
- Imagine, people keep us only to milk, and then kill for meat.
- Hey, these conspiracy theories of yours are bored!
It's not funny for you to prove your theory with an anecdote))
Okay, I agree, they want to enslave us, chip and cut off our members. OK. And what to do? And then you, like sheep, get stumped and don't know what to answer. So it's not easier to unite and fight real problems than to bleat about something that no one has seen?
Let's first unite, vote smartly, change the government, create a strong economy, and then we will fight against the Reptilians. What's the use of bleating about it now? We must fight against what we can influence, and not separate! Now the number 1 goal is to unite against the edra and the ruling oligarchic elite and vote smartly all together for one opposition candidate in each case. And you need to spread information not about conspiracies, but about unification.
Unite and sit and wait for the elections? :))), and wait there still? Now they have launched the final stage of coercion, and there are already open statements and stuffing in the media from famous personalities on the topics that everyone should get out of the pandemic with;
- cancellation of cash (like a virus carrier)
- compulsory vaccination for everyone and chipping (without this, people will be isolated from all communications and movement)
- tightening the dictatorship

- declared the ripe need for a supranational government
- and all this is pushed through on the principle of the Overton Window, and probed in different countries by the colonial governments.
Therefore, it is really necessary to unite, but without waiting for the elections, and now to resist the pandemic of lies, destroying their myth-making and the need to introduce everything they have planned.

What about proofs? Have you come up with it yourself?
I just think it's better to spread the word about unification - that's goal number 1.
And spreading unverified information is a sidetrack.
Where is the info about chipization? She's gone. Why are you screaming then? You heard about it from Uncle Vasya and now you are spreading this nonsense.
The iconostasis behind the screen
Or secret equipment for communication with the planet Nibiru. Grandfather obviously turned the wrong way.
Do you know where to go !?
Common sense, eg.
It's almost like Chumak and Kashpirovsky in 1989, you invite him to laugh stupidly.
Orthodoxy of the brain and the communistic ediology of your guest Katasonova is similar to bipolar disorder. Shiza covered Russia.
You have the opportunity to change your mind before the end of this year. If you don't understand his words, this is just an indicator of your mental moronism.

bots come running, are getting fried
about the "gold reserve" and "the gold equivalent of the ruble" is, of course, nonsense of the State Department! He's an old man, his head is out of tune.
The USA will destroy natural disasters. For example typhoons.
Katasonov is more interesting when he talks about economics, and theological reasoning strains.
it is to whom - how. It is known that the majority of scientists in all ages were deeply religious people.
@Arseny Orlov the depth of their faith is so deep that the censer will not crawl into every ass
@Arseny Orlov Do not carry nonsense. The greatest scientists were not believers.
Here is a quote from a man who is considered by many to be the greatest scientist of the planet, Einstein: “I do not believe in a personified God and have never denied it, but I have expressed it clearly. If there is anything in me that can be called religious, then it is undoubtedly unlimited admiration for the structure of the universe to the extent that science reveals it. "
Another quote from Einstein: “The word“ God ”for me is nothing more than an expression and product of human weakness, the Bible is a collection of noble, but still primitive legends. No interpretation, even the most sophisticated one, can change this for me. These sophisticated interpretations are very diverse. by nature and have almost nothing to do with the original text. "
You have listened to non-specialist nonsense who offers nothing. Accept, brace yourself and die.
And he is a professor of what? Theology?
Doctor of Economics, Professor of MGIMO.
Anyone who professionally knows about the economy, monetary system and finances, and really cares for their homeland, is priceless and immortal. So the Russian Federation will not disappear as long as there are such in the country. His finance minister or the head of the Central Bank. He is also a GLYBA, ECONOMIST AND ANALYST. He wrote many books and gave invaluable advice on YouTube for the people. Here's another listen on YouTube: Nationalization of the central bank: there is no other way! (Valentin Katasonov)

It is also interesting to listen to a brilliant historian [This is how others say about him: FURSOV - GLYBA, PHILOSOPHER AND ANALYST] Fursova on YouTube: How Vsevolod Kochetov's prophecy came true. A. Fursov. Yu. Kozlov
Conspiracy theory is the lot of stupid people. THIS IS A DEPARTURE!

We need to unite, and not engage in demagoguery and pseudosciences.

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