Putin has not been guilty of anything for 20 years

Putin made an unannounced address. From the bunker about Russia. They live on another planet. Who is bursting for beggarly benefits? Elivira Obebulina said.

It's just that Vovochka's head hurts from the multiple passages. Soon he will become completely incapacitated. And it must be so coincidentally that the activity of the shaman is associated with bouts of deteriorating health in Pu, say insiders.

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Я говорю резко, с цифрами и фактами об экономике, финансовых рынках, политике и обществе. Ваш экономист, финансовый советник, общественный деятель.

Влад Жуковский расчёсывает волосы

Кто такой Владислав Жуковский?


Zhukovsky knocks his hand on the table

Задайте вопрос Жуковскому


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