Oligarchs will pay 120 billion dollars - Stepan Demura

Experts are actively discussing the publication of on the Bloomberg website about the fact that the Kremlin has changed its mind about raising taxes for business, but they turned to representatives of this very business with demanding to allocate $ 120 billion in investments throughout the new term of Putin's presidency. Billions will be spent on increasing the share of investments in GDP to 25 percent.

Well-known economist and stock analyst Stepan Demura expressed his vision of the situation and his opinion about why, firstly, the authorities turned to the oligarchs for help, and secondly, whether the oligarchs would give money, and whether it would help the Russian economy.

– Today it became known that the Kremlin has demanded from business 120 billion dollars. on the so-called "acceleration of the economy." What do you think it is and what will it lead to?

– This is called "racketeering". Where it leads? Part of the money will probably go into something, and the rest will be "sawed up" by officials and bureaucrats according to their "programs." This money, a significant part of which will be withdrawn from the country, something will be invested in odious projects like a "bridge to nowhere", like the Russian island for 4 billion dollars or the so-called bridge to Crimea, which is not clear when it will be completed. I mean, not for light vehicles, but when a bridge is opened, in fact, trucks go along it, and not just light cars with buses. Well, the devil only knows. There is no money in the country, do you understand? No money and no economy.

After the elections, Putin was approved with colossal powers to manage the economy and influence companies. That's all. The oligarchs have accumulated a lot of money, they ought to be "chipped" a little.

- What is your opinion: will the oligarchs give money?

– And where should they go? To follow in the footsteps of Khodorkovsky? I think very few people want it. Here they are oligarchs, but in the West they are outcasts, no one at all. Here they are billionaires, so they will have to pay a price for both freedom and, let's say, formal ownership of capital. That's all, where will they go?

Our oligarchs are the same as the people, they are silent, slaves, practically flesh of the people, one might say, that's why they won't go anywhere - they will pay.

- Do you think these 120 billion will help the Russian economy?

- No! Nothing will help the Russian economy, or rather what is called the Russian economy. That's all, "Bobik is dead." You see, what's the matter: the crowd needs bread and circuses. It became tight with the spectacles. Everywhere, where they try to arrange spectacles, now they bluntly beat the muzzles. And there is no money in the budget for bread. So this money must be taken from somewhere. The question is whether it will work or not. Because if you think about the level of competence and professionalism that is present in the so-called elite ... Let's take the pension issue. The only argument in defense of the so-called legitimacy of the ruling regime in Russia was the rating, that “the people are for Putin”. But after Comrade Putin's disastrous speech on the pension reform, the ratings, which have already begun to fall, are now at the level of 2014. Question: if this is the only way to maintain your legitimacy in the eyes of your Western partners, you should cherish it like the apple of your eye.

I don't understand, can't Nabiullina print a trillion a year? She “Rosneft” prints so much a year. The authorities do not understand what they are doing at all. The level of competence is below the plinth, it is negative. Therefore, they will collect here, they will collect there, but this will not help the economy. Once again: "Bobik is dead." All! Dry the oars in the galleys.

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Демура, Степан Геннадьевич признанный специалист в области мировой экономики и финансов. Здесь вы можете получить наиболее точные прогнозы на доллары США для рынка Форекс.

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