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When can we expect a relative stabilization of the economy. What will be done with the now meaningless oil. Whose action plan is being implemented synchronously all over the world and why the government of the Russian Federation, following this plan, did not make a single mistake. Doctor of Economics Valentin Katasonov talks about this and many other things.

Khodorkovsky Billions

Why didn't Khodorkovsky register his company in his own name? Who didn't give him? Why did he choose to be Rothschild's "errand boy"? And why not with Putin? For example. Why did Putin (or the Central Bank) allow Khodorkovsky to register a Russian business in the name of Rothschild in Gibraltar? Unclear. But if this fact was announced in 2003, all Russians would hate Khodorkovsky to the last. Why was this fact HIDDEN? And they haven't made it public until now. What reason? Covering the Rothschilds? Or Putin and his associates are also running errands for the Rothschilds? But they seem to have a very good share of these errands - billions in their pockets. Is not it? So, is it necessary to present everything as if the government of the Russian Federation is helpless, defenseless, oppressed by the Rothschilds? And it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Allegedly. You are disingenuous.

46:30 - Did Rothschild appropriated Khodorkovsky's billions? Aren't they Putin's Russian friends? As long as I remember. And why was this fact not made public? The first time I've heard. And what does it mean - "Khodorkovsky wanted to become president"? Wanting is not harmful. He might not have been registered as a candidate. And how many would vote for him? The rich are very much disliked in Russia. And then: votes in the Russian Federation are counted before the elections. And not after, as has long been known.

People, why do you thank this person? He did nothing to help, but overtook everyone with fear. We would not know and would not be delirious, but the Lord would have arranged it so that we would not even understand anything, but we will be shaking, and we will go to all their vaccinations and digitalization involuntarily, because will issue certificates. And if you don’t agree, go to the reservation, to the experiments.

Katason Professor of Conspiracy

For conspiracy theorists such as Katasonov, everything is mixed in one heap - there is no virus; God is, the devil is this Nabiulina; world government rules; soon 7 billion will be digitized and destroyed. It remains to add here shambhala, reincarnation, chabad and other conspiracy nonsense.

Another conspiracy professor. Politics and economics are too complex for ordinary people to really understand something. Therefore, it is better to listen not to individual insane professors, but to the country's leadership. There are advisers in the government with different views. BUT, let the professor keep such ideas for himself and do not deceive people. Madness is contagious.

Let there be a world government, or not a world government, BUT WITH BRAINS. With common sense. Fact: the higher the standard of living of the population, the LOWER THE BIRTH RATE !! So let people live! Everywhere. In all countries. The economy is being artificially stifled in all countries. They deliberately put people down, scoff at poverty and misery. It is easier to suppress the poor and defenseless. Manage them. There is no need to invent ways to encourage economic development, they have been known for a long time. When they want, then the ruthless leaders "remember" these methods (NEP in Lenin's Russia, when power hung in the balance from devastation and hunger, artificially enjoyed by the Bolsheviks).

15:30. What does it mean - "numbers are creating fear"? Coronavirus figures. Are these numbers overstated? Or figures need to be hushed up? Is it necessary to hide the situation, as was done during the days of the Chernobyl disaster (explosion of the reactor by conducting a dangerous "experiment", by order of the Kremlin, which inevitably had to lead to an explosion)? Watch the video cycle: Igor Ostretsov, nuclear physicist, talks.

Dear Mr. Katasonov, the Gospel was written by the same people as Human Rights, and so on ... And their name is thieves and swindlers, so do not refer to this writings. This is Scripture's plan for the destruction of Civilization. The oldest Scripture is only 600 years old, just so many years ago Satanists began to build the World for themselves. And do not confuse Science with Religion, which you are doing to your own detriment, Mr. Excellent Economist. All the best to you.

DO NOT GIVE $ 1200 in the USA Check out Sanya in Florida. He has lived there for 18 years and pays taxes. He was given 175 dollars, he showed a document sent to him, signed by Trump. Is the USA a country of manna from heaven? Yes, don't make people laugh! They have medical staff walking around in garbage bags. Treatment is a heavenly pleasure. Katasonov, this state is not an example to follow. You live there, you should know. Strange.

Is it possible to compare academician Nikolai Aleksandrovich Morozov with Katasonov? Can. What's the point? Will Katasonov's "clever words" help destroy the ENEMY? Did he himself destroy at least one? He, himself, pays for the Enemy's stay on our land? Of course it pays! The gut is thin, don't pay! He drinks and eats safely, sitting at home or moving around with a pass and SMS! Ask him about it! Is he ready to defend "his" people, physically destroying the Russian Federation? Fuck you! "Cultures - multitudes" does not allow) Morozov was a sniper! And this WHO !? Came up with a weapon against the Russian Federation !? NOT! The same BOLABOL! Any of us who, even by chance, out of fear, caused DAMAGE to the Russian Federation is better than Katasonov!

Well, in Germany money is not distributed to the population, there is unemployment benefit, 60% of the salary, but not from the state, but their unemployment insurance. Only enterprises received from the state, in France they also do not distribute money to everyone, only unemployment benefits. This is what the locals say. They are distributed only in America, and then if the income is less than $ 75 thousand per year, and the declaration for the last year has been submitted. Those who come to America this year will get nothing.

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