Norilsk diesel spill

The burning rivers flowing now near Norilsk pushed us to take care of this lady. A real Cinderella among officials. She has nothing. A completely empty declaration. The advocates of their right to clean air and clean water from Krasnoyarsk to Shies, from Moscow to Chelyabinsk are perplexed. Why is the "chief ecologist of the country" Svetlana Radionova so deaf to their words and helps only those who pollute the environment? And the thing is that Cinderella hid something from us.

Horror! Lumpy Hell! And this is in Russia. 30 years of feudalism bring the Russian economy to the level of Somalia. After this outrage, the people are called to conscience to come and vote for a new constitution. Forgive them, Lord, for they do not know what they are doing! They don't just force you to vote, but they force you to bring 5 more people, vote in advance, provide their data for verification, or someone will be deprived of bonuses, someone will eventually be fired. And all these people work in state institutions or in firms working with the state, and how many will eventually vote "for" against their will?

I want to cry. I do not believe that they will be punished someday, they will just enjoy life, their children, grandchildren, will bathe in luxury, when ordinary people will die without seeing the happiness of joy, suffering all their lives and working for people like these. I want to cry. The whole system needs to be changed! Otherwise, everything is like that, and then everything gets worse ... Human greed is striking, all this property and wealth, you can't take it with you, and there are no pockets in the coffin, but they are not enough. And these people teach simple honest people to live, hypocrites!

Isn't it time to demand the disbanding of the FSB, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which "overlooked" such a series of crimes ?! Why does the humble FBK find documentary evidence of many years of crimes, while Putin's departments are so blind ?! The "roof" of corruption must be disbanded!

The main thing is to go to the polls. They want to convince you that this procedure is useless and a foregone conclusion, so that then there would even be nothing for a short time. You, as oppositionists, must always be against! A boycott will give nothing if there is no turnout threshold, we have canceled the turnout threshold since 2006. It seems that you are expecting that at some point some bureaucrat will come out and say that it was all not for real, we just wanted to see how much you would tolerate the taxation in the midst of the epidemic sent a letter asking where I got the land from and the house and demanded to explain with what money I bought them. Although the state gave me the land as a large family for free, and I bought the house using the capital mat in 2012. I wonder why such letters are not sent to officials?

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