Family Money - Finances in the Life of Women and Men

You are a lover for food and money. You will have a house and a register and you will have a discount. Grandfather can knock you over. Three snoring tests, bedtime. Special forces hid in my mother. You gave birth to children to love.

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Russian economy after zeroing

What is the state of the Russian economy today after the oil crisis and the problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic? What data can we obtain today on the basis of opinion polls, how did the Russians vote for the amendments.

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Kirkorov paratrooper gay

Philip Kirkorov insulted the paratroopers. I wonder when there will be a variety re-certification of singers, so that they show their vocal abilities in a live voice and on TV, oh, these Kings of Pop.

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Yuri Dud shame of Putin's vote

I would like to say a few words. They will be very obvious, but the obvious sometimes needs to be said. Voting for amendments to the Constitution is a shame. The only meaning of this vote is to give Vladimir Putin.

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Norilsk diesel spill

The burning rivers flowing now near Norilsk pushed us to take care of this lady. A real Cinderella among officials. She has nothing. A completely empty declaration. The advocates of their right to clean air and clean wate.

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Efremov fatal accident

The famous ather Mikhail Efremov drove into the oncoming lane and caused an accident in the center of Moscow. The driver died from his injuries. Efremov faces up to 12 years in prison. Mikhail is ready to pay money.

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Riots in the USA street clashes

In this video, you will see real street clashes with the US police. # Protests and pogroms continue in Los Angeles, California. America is not like itself. The streets of almost every major city in the United States.

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Galkin a parody of Putin and Sobyanin

In a parody, Galkin, on behalf of Sobyanin, said that in quarantine Muscovites are allowed to look at green spaces, and also "circular movement is allowed one after another at a distance of one and a half meters strictly along.

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Vladimir Putin speaking from the rostrum

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