Last Hero 2020

I wonder when Ilyashenko began to consider herself a celebrity? Why should she put herself above ordinary viewers? Well, I got some kind of recognition after "Sweet Life", which is full of bed scenes, worse than the Rybkins in YouTube ... why so much snobbery?))) I watched the first issue .... from the characters just in shock. Who chooses these members? Is there really no more interesting people? Daughter looked next .. there is a continuous mate-re-mate ... This fish .. Star-prostitute ... Why pity her then? The fact that the men in the comments here are protecting her ... apparently, who loves them)).

Yes, I do not believe in their emotions, especially I do not trust such a crooked video editing. The idea, as it was originally cool, remained, but the execution is disgusting. Witch fish! Those men who yelled against her the most, almost broke their necks, I'm afraid they won't live to see the end of the project.

What kind of a foolish Rybka is this))) Why take part in such a project at all if you are only concerned with hotels, wine and comfort? The men, of course, went too far, but the fact that she was leaked from the game is a wonderful result. It's a pity the tribe of stars in the sense that they chose a person at the beginning of the graduation, hoping for a worthy participant, but got some kind of brainless prostitute, in the end they didn't get either food or a person :) In general, release fire! I wonder what will happen next. Troynova is super! Favorites: Voivode from the tribe of stars and Dmitry from the tribe of spectators. Excellent guys, worthy of victory.

Some "stars" (such as Ptakha, Davidich, Papuanaishvili and Arno) showed their shit in all its glory! Such damn white and fluffy! Such nonsense passwords are already disgusting! Who cares who and what did before the island! You have arrived on the island and everything should be "zeroed" at once! And do not blather who slept with whom, and then straight virgins alone gathered there! It was more pleasant to look at the girl anyway than at these moral "freaks of clowns"!

And it seemed to no one that Yana's conversation with a taxi driver (I forgot the name) was like a dialogue like in the country of Oz Kutsenko (the participant's taxi driver looks like him in a bandana) and Yana, when Kutsenko turned to her (Yana) by her last name and only ignored the question? Like who noticed.

Strange behavior of the peasants from the "Stars" team. Actually, all the stars in the sky. There are only people on earth and not always good ones. Stoeros oak attacked a fragile girl. Some of the men have been married for the eighteenth time and their ladies, probably, only their pussies, the only ones, were holding in their hands. I will reveal to YOU ​​a HUGE secret for YOU. Each of you, and your ladies, untainted by anything, unlike Nastya Rybka, had a past. All of you were not born yesterday and have already done a lot of stupid things and mistakes for which you are ashamed, and not even to speak, but even to remember. So what the hell? Open your closet and make sure that you don't get overwhelmed and crushed with skeletons. Strong sex and weak mind.

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