Kirkorov paratrooper gay

Philip Kirkorov insulted the paratroopers. I wonder when there will be a variety re-certification of singers, so that they show their vocal abilities in a live voice and on TV, oh, these Kings of Pop will sit in the tunnel))) voiceless singers. Shame. With a swollen face and a drunken brain, he doesn't know how to pervert. However, we ourselves allow it.

When they say: a sick person for the whole head, then this is definitely Kirkorov. Degradation does not come suddenly, it matures over the years. If a person in life had one task to be noticed, and there are no spiritual criteria, then sooner or later he turns into a trash heap. There is nothing sacred, there is no MEMORY OF THE DEAD INFANTS who gave their lives in our peacetime ... "In" hot "spots to make war. Let's see how he then "SINGING". It would help him now to EXCUSE and REPENT for this stupid trick. It's a shame! Very ashamed. if anyone else has this feeling .... think it over.

No one was offended by Nagiyev for ensign Zadov. By the way, the type of troops was not specified there. He could have presented any. And why? Because a professional worked. After all, it's really funny. You can't laugh and be offended. Here is a banal vulgarity. He did not serve in the army, does not know what it is, especially in the Airborne Forces. I only jumped with a parachute in DOSAAF, but that was enough to understand what kind of brotherhood it is. Neither before nor after this happened. He is flawed, this only son, looked after and guarded by his parents, pampered and spoiled, with a shift of not only the main life priorities, but also something else, a man. Damaging.

Normal sober humor, and if someone is offended, then you are too romanticizing military service, no matter how difficult it is your choice, no one will force you there, you have chosen to serve the king, your right. And I have a question: what are they doing, our military in Afghanistan were doing now in Syria, what kind of occupation riots? Kirkorov, among other things, People's Artist who deserved a medal from V.V. Putena. He did so much for Russia that he has the right to speak and sing whatever he wants! Especially since he himself served in the airborne forces with such growth!

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