Katasonov on Putin's bank in Russia

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other Judaic globalizing rubbish manage with the help of Putin's, Nabiullins and other Edrosov's crap, which plunders Russia in the interests of these globalizers, and they graciously allow them to keep a part of the loot as a reward.

So what? The bank will have less margin. That's all. Secondly, you say that in the US, "a huge amount of dollars" will be poured into the economy. I don't think this is reasonable. The money is not confirmed by the gold and foreign exchange reserves of such a quantity, and, therefore, it will simply turn on the printing press. And that's all. In Russia, this is simply unacceptable; turning on the printing press will simply accelerate inflation. Forgot about the HYPERINFLATION that once covered the country?

Now, to the great regret for the people, they will have to take away the cash, because people take money from banks in batches and mainly use three-liter ones, so now they only have to cancel the cash and then the money will only be from the banks, and they will try to severely limit it, take it away, write off on all sorts of housing and communal services without acceptance, well, and other non-commercial activities, and this will definitely become electronic slavery, this cannot be allowed to the people, a new cash regulation for certain legal entities is already being launched, like this.

Sberbank logo

They have very little idea of ​​how the economy works, according to Katasonov, but they so wonderfully and dashingly decide how to warm their hands, selling Sberbank inside the state system, paying for this deal, for sure, from the NWF. They don't care about the economy, judging by how Putin and Sechin collapsed the ruble with a trick in OPEC. All their actions destroy the economy. And no stupidity in their actions, not a single normal person in their right mind could do this both with the economy and with small and medium-sized businesses. Execute the order.

The banks of the occupation authorities are illegal, they have no licenses, etc. The people should not get into loans and pay loans. The country is actually in default. Russia is in stagnation: there is no production, everything is in deep stagnation, wild unemployment, lack of money. The government is resigned, the president is impeached, all the thieves in power and at the helm of banks are chased. The people should not drive themselves into digitalization, it's time to go out and demand the resignation of all swindlers in power.

Good girl and who is in power? I would like a good thing for the people, I would call all the decent and smart, and there are only corrupt and sycophants thieves nearby. The Committee of a Hundred in power can only change something with them. Hear the ruler, call them and hear their opinions and knowledge.

The 80 Olympics have not yet ended, but in Irkutsk, they began to distribute coupons for butter 200 g with a pack of 250, and meat 400 g per person per month, so for information. This virus has been raging in the vastness of Siberia for more than one year, obscure diagnoses of acute respiratory infections, community-acquired pneumonia, in a word, all the signs of this coronavirus. Thanks to the doctors, honest, humane pharmacists, who, despite the prohibitions, sold antibiotics to the people and thereby saved more than one life, however.

Banks put the president in place? You have forgotten how recently the central bank, on behalf of Putin, massively revoked the licenses from the banks so that the current Putin or branded with his closest friends remained? Now, if banks sabotage presidential decisions, they will remain without a license. This certainly does not apply to VTB or Sberbank, you know why. "Putin climbed into someone else's territory ..." Don't you know that Putin's territory is ALL Russia, without exceptions.

This is understandable when the host has "nothing to add" to the question of the Central Bank. He does not need an explanation to the public that Putin is not to blame. And Valentin Yuryevich himself is deeply mistaken, asserting that Putin is weak in the economy. The President is well aware that it is not yet possible to pull Russia out of the global financial system without bloody consequences. The dependence on the parasitic system is too great, and their power is still strong. Probably until November, you will still have to endure the US financial base in Russia. It is surprising that Valentin Yurievich stubbornly does not notice this, or he is ordered not to notice.

No, just look, as soon as indignation and the risk of impeachment matures in Russia, the owners of Pu immediately got worried, hinting that Pu was a victim of almost entering the Pentagon on OUR EARTH, while hinting at sympathy in the form of the murder of John Kennedy by the world government and the Fed. Only this is the kind of thing that turns out, Pu is not a rebellious Irishman, he is a serviceable servant of the world government and an anti-Russian substance in essence. Why would they take it away, who else would destroy and plunder the country and people so vehemently? So they began to stir. Pu is an ideal figure, as it seems to them, from the state. Khrushchev's coup and the rehabilitation of Article 58 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, whose characters and their children were engaged in the 90s and still have not been punished for the most terrible crimes against our country and its people. Since the servants of Satan have moved, then they are afraid.

Putin is upset, that's all

The Central Bank is the main colonizer. Whoever has money, who prints, he steers (the GDP manager does not print money, but I really want to have unlimited power and print money in favor of his organized criminal group, of course, and keep the people for slaves, throwing a bone from the master's table, so that all did not die, but moved and worked for all this thieves' organized criminal group). Capitalism does not want to change the thieves' capitalism and will not, on the contrary, it will cover it up with the alleged restoration of the USSR 2.0 (the priority of domestic laws over international ones is that they do not imprison in The Hague, there is also life-long immunity inside. Fedorov and to brainwash adherents in this direction. Other restorers with introduced As a result, from this chaos of restorers in the brains of the majority of stupor - but what to do? Conclusion - a general strike (without a thief. struggle, drive provocateurs in the neck, the army and other security officials to agitate on the side of the people) for change from below until the top of the government for the time being on the state of March 91 on the territory of Russia, popular elections to the Soviets on the ground, restore the management of the state bank and the printing press (nationalize the Central Bank assets, ban the bankers' usurers forever), create a government of trust and others. State bodies to protect the interests of the majority. And restore production , work place, etc. Prohibit parties. Social system where everyone works, no steam zits and from the work of all fair distribution of the results of everyone's labor, then there is a chance to survive otherwise slavery and death.

Well, why mislead people, where Pu entered the territory of the Fed, he throws any share of them to them by imposing loans on our business and citizens in need, which they habitually demand overnight, and the whole business will go to these cannibals for a gift that can give rise to hunger and colonial dependence, they think so under their weapon of mass bacterial destruction - the Coronovirus, about which they have taken the trouble to leave traces in many sources. Do you remember what happened during the Great Depression in the United States and how the Fed became the sole owner there! Russians are not John F. Kennedy, there are many of us! The American colony of Britain is the United States, this is not Russia, and if they want to taste the Russian kulak, they will get it! If the president is a puppet, then we will completely exclude the presidential institution as such, so inform these cannibals before frying a steak on our table. The institution of the people is not one-headed, but polyhematic and very intelligent. And with Masonic logic, I would like to advise you not to engage in obscurantism and not serve the devil! Since the Central Bank is a foreign agent, it needs to be qualified this way, and the sovereign right of the state - Russia, represented by its people, is to decide for itself the evaluation and printing policy of our property. Damned thieves, usurpers, murderers, cannibals, colonists, slave-owners, maniacs, pedophiles, perverts, satanists, rapists, robbers, tormentors of people, you'd better evaporate in horror until you are torn to shreds by your victims.

Our task now is to keep ourselves and our children alive and in sound mind / memory, because each of us is the bearer of the genius memory of our people, and this is the true and infallible regulator of how to truly live correctly and how not to it is necessary. And no one will be able to incinerate this memory in us as long as we are biologically alive. And when this memory of our ancestors is exalted, in us, over the fear of the fact of overcoming the current injustices, then we will all gain freedom from the yoke of Putler and, based on the knowledge of our ancestors about a just community, we will build our world, so that we would be comfortable in live it. Take care of yourself.

What were the penalties in other countries?

And, during the Cultural Revolution, in China, 50 million people were shot, and in Kampuchea, out of 7 million, 3 million were beheaded with portable scissors (they saved on bullets). And in France they invented the guillotine, in the Middle Ages in Europe, due to religious strife between Protestants and Catholics, millions were killed! In Rome, representatives of the monoreligion were fed to lions! The Mayan priests sacrificed children in order to butter up their Gods. In Indonesia, drug addicts are dumped into the ocean to feed sharks. In England they dug up Cromwell to hang. The favorite pastime of the satraps of the Golden Horde was breaking the spine in order to enjoy the torments of the unfortunate. There are plenty of anti-examples in history. Come, choose for every taste and color!

America is doing well, they sanitize production and business, as well as people, so that they do not leave work and niches, it will be more expensive and harder to restore, plus the economy will not sink so much during the epidemic, people will pay and buy in the same way , after the pandemic, they will quietly destroy the same amount of liquidity on the sly and handsome, the energy consumption in printing and destroying pieces of paper is brilliant).

I understand everything, but information letters from the Central Bank are not a normative legal act. For bankers, these letters may be mandatory, while citizens have the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and a section on contracts. There is even article 415 "Forgiveness of debt". Regardless of the actions of the greedy and narrow-minded Nabiullina, the backbone of the rule of law exists. These laws should be used. I want to express my gratitude to the United States for sprouting the backbone of the rule of law on the territory of the former USSR. It remains to root, bring to mind and learn how to use it all. After all, the USA is our best competitor and enemy!

Misunderstanding of the economy is classified as incompetence, and unwillingness to put things in order in the banking sector is classified as negligence or criminal inaction. The result is a constant exsanguination of the economy in peacetime and complete devastation in the pre-war, as it is now. This is how the 20 years of Puten and the Company have been characterized.

Project "COVID-19" was launched by the international financial and political Zionist "Elite". In all the media, unreasonable panic about the "danger" of the virus is simultaneously inflated. Some of the main goals are an attempt at mass vaccination with a further reduction in the population, an attempt to abolish cash and the introduction of a world reserve currency. Our puppet and the government, as well as in other countries, were saluted.

There are smart professionals who know and understand the economy in our country, but Putin himself does not understand and does not consider them, and we, some of the people, continue to blather, and who else if not Putin ?. Take a look around, give freedom of expression and you will find. Valentin Yurievich Katasonov is an example of this, and Grudinin, etc. Is it really Oreshkin, Siluanov, Reshetnikov and the like. It’s just a shame that Russia, led by Putin, has brought it to nothing.

Vesti The world order is based on the occupation of Russia, it is enough to create a middle class here, divide the wealth equally and invite American and European small and medium-sized businesses, drive out transnationals and everything, our world is common, in the sense of a network of buyers, co-owners of production, we will do it in the mind.

Queue at Sberbank ATMs

Families in Vladikavkaz are mostly large. Hungry now. You can talk about the Caucasus as much as you like, but the people there are mostly poor. What does the government want to create a hot spot there? Only fat Seagulls, Ivanovs, Zhukovs, Medvedevs, Rogozins will go to fight there, and who else has major sons there? And we all don't care who runs the bank.

Why is everyone silent, what is going on under this smoke screen? What are they doing now with the education of our children, our medicine? It is impossible to find people who are truly willing and able to change all this. There is no working class, production has been destroyed. The whole country has turned into a bazaar, half sell, the other buys.

Katasonov I see at least the Minister of Finance in the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. How hard it is to realize that we are a colony and Anglo-Saxon carrion rules us. Now, on the eve of the holiday of the great victory in the Patriotic War, how could we allow and lose the Cold War, as a result of which we are systematically destroyed, it is very shameful in front of the veterans and the dead who gave their young lives for our bright future, I bow to them.

Return EVERYTHING! Initially, MONEY EQUIVALENT of the expended labor, what did you make of money? The artist came out, sang a song, received a million. Was he standing at the machine? You played with paper. On the royal banknotes, so much gold is provided, but this is not a panacea either. Guys, you can't, how will you rule the World, you have no leaders, no brains. Gods. Close your club early.

Don't look at America. America then lives there, in comparison with thieves' Russia, a developed economy and competent people in power, while in Russia the thugs from the 90s ruined the economy and the sale of raw materials and Russia is not an economy but a means of enriching a handful of organized crime groups in power. Don't you worry about Russia? Russia is people who were left without a livelihood and still under house arrest. Why can't you fucking patriots do anything ?! Will you link forever ?! Or you wait for someone else to come and figure it out instead of you.

A large infectious diseases center in New Moscow (Voronovskoye settlement) with 800 beds was put into operation on April 17. Such a large-scale facility cannot be quickly designed, built and equipped. In particular, it is impossible to purchase so many medical equipment in a short time. This means that preparations were made for the construction of the center and others like it at least 1 year before the start of the Coronavirus production. Most likely, the Shitelite already has a vaccine. Of course, the center was not built for ordinary citizens and the vaccine is also not for them. This center is a safety net for the Shit elite in case one of them gets infected, and the vaccine does not work as it should.

So why in the Soviet Union there were interest-free loans, and now a thousand usurious offices have been created to take money from the population, is it really unclear to anyone, we received such a loan in 1955 to build a house. And now they have created a complete madhouse in the country. To me, too, power is the power of bandits and fools. So at that time half of the country was ruined. This is where the power was all the same, the people's power.

Whatever the man-slave, she endured, but they can offend a person in any way, but sooner or later there comes a turning point. Power by driving a person into a given situation. Which differs little from death, the last resource of a person is turned on - the right to choose how to die.

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