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Special Operation Coronavirus - Sleepy Cat

Destroy us target. The modern Russian ruble is a repainted foreign currency. Currency exchanger in underdeveloped countries. I'm wondering who pays for these murky fagots about chips, the coming of the Antichrist, etc.

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Oil prices fell - Katasonov

When can we expect a relative stabilization of the economy. What will be done with the now meaningless oil. Whose action plan is being implemented synchronously all over the world and why the government of the Russian Federation.

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Katasonov on Putin's bank in Russia

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other Judaic globalizing rubbish manage with the help of Putin's, Nabiullins and other Edrosov's crap, which plunders Russia in the interests of these globalizers, and they graciously allow.

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Questions answered april 2020 - Katasonov

It remains to rename the channel to "sedition" and start promoting the idea of ​​a flat earth. Reptilians and grays have occupied the Earth. The moon is not a ball but a disk. There is no space. Pushkin was the son of D'Artagnan.

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I am a publicist, professor of economics, a very well-known figure in the Russian Internet space.

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