Girkin-Strelkov interview with Gordon

Dmitry Gordon's interview with one of the leaders of the DPR militants in 2014, the so-called DPR Defense Minister Igor Girkin (Strelkov).

Looked, however, nothing new. All this Strelkov spoke in parts and pieces. As always, his territorial Russian world is striking, with the unification of lands, but there is no national idea. Find her and if people do not accept, then they will unite. No civil wars. Why run so far in Serbia ? The European Union also created clever people, now they are crumbling. The idea turned out to be weak.

Игорь Гиркин улыбается

Correctly Girkin said If in Russia the elite cared about Russia and the Russian people, then Russia became a rich country, Ukraine and Belarus, they would be united. And the fact that there are nationalists in Ukraine, the Ukrainian people would have demolished them and kicked them out of the country. The whole mistake of the Slavic people is that they are not friendly. And among the Slavic people, officials have all the power of thieves. No future for your countries. Yours will collapse and collapse. Greetings from South Korea!

Girkin bastard

Girkin is of course a bastard. He wants to unite with the Ukrainians both geographically and by belonging, because he thinks that we are one people. But we are not one people. Ukrainians are true Slavs with more than a thousand years of history, and these so-called big brothers, the heirs of the Mongol Tatars, who do not have their own history, want to recreate their empire. But I hope this will not happen. They have no forgiveness for all the crimes they committed in the territories of the former Soviet republics.

It is not possible to hide a crime behind highly intellectual phrases. Well, the fact that the special services of the Russian Federation then led in the Crimea political parties, public organizations, sports clubs of titushki, imported by buses Russians who pretended to be Crimeans for the media picture, local criminals, even Aksyonov himself, that is direct evidence. And all this is just the chatter of a bandit who really does not want to go to jail.

He does not know that in Ukraine since the time of the revolution, most people lived in villages and all were Ukrainians and spoke Ukrainian. But when the resettlement to the cities began for various reasons, study, work, then everyone had to go to Russian. And no one asked if you knew Russian or not. The study was everywhere in Russian. Back then, the plans were to make us "the Russian world". And we are still Ukrainians.

It seems to me that Girkin is an ambiguous person. It seems like a patriot, but where blood is shed, he is a volunteer there. If this is true, then such people can pile up a lot, because it turns out he single-handedly shook the Donbass? And about Ukraine, the situation is not unique, its entire history stands at the border of the West and Russia! And they constantly have a war between west and east!

Girkin is probably an excellent soldier, officer, Russian nationalist of Jewish origin, he doesn’t know much about the strategic level of generals, the government and the commander-in-chief, not having in fact all the completeness of information and clearly not understanding the position and role of Russia in world politics and economics and crisis management. Give him a war in Ukraine and that's it. Vlasovets fucking.

Great interview! This is not about Girkin, such girkin will always be found when the conditions for this are created. This is about the country of Ukraine, which for 25 years of continuous deriban has degraded to the very bottom (3/4 of Girkin's detachment are Ukrainians!), While neighboring countries (the same Poland) have been intensively developing. And in our "replaceable" government, some thieves changed for others. I say country, not state, because it does not exist yet. There is a territory, which consists of specific feudal possessions and is under external control; and the mess and theft have not gone away, so there is still the possibility of new girkin appearing.

One people say? There was nothing to pay with? In Slavyansk, four believers were tortured and killed for cars. In Donetsk, ATMs, car dealerships were robbed, entrepreneurs who did not have time to leave, ended up in basements, paying with health, money, property and life. There were no weapons? So it was the Ukrainian grads that fired from the territory of the Rostov region in the summer of 14th? How many tracked vehicles passed only through Marinovka - you could see traces on the asphalt. You are a pack of rabid dogs, not some kind of bone. Burn in hell in eternal terror, shame and hate.

Girkin is a scoundrel and a nonentity. A refined KGB copy. Deceitful and slippery as an eel in soap. Do not forget that in the Russian Federation a representative of his office is sitting in the president's chair and they are all like that. They have been teaching this for years how to lie insolently in the face without frowning, hypocrisy is one of the qualities required for an FSB (KGB) officer. Notice how he easily leads away the topic, manipulates the interlocutor and generally does whatever he wants in the dialogue, puts the interlocutor in the position he wants. Not only that, in his head lies entered into symbiosis with the idea, exactly the same thing happens in Putsin's head, look how his facial expressions change when he starts talking about the revival of the EMPIRE, this is a sick person, no wonder he was fired, it seems that among his superiors there was still an adequate person who recognized him as a schizophrenic. These are hypocritical, dangerous, deceitful creatures, do not believe them! I've dealt with people like that, just fu. Now the skin is still creepy.

Girkin calls his life spiritual, intellectual. A spiritual person smiles when asked about the downed Boeing and the dead people, including children. He calls himself an intellectual - anecdote, of course. His speech is full of contradictions. Probably Girkin does not even know about such a science as logic. Operates with primitive tribal concepts, cavemen, judgments at the level of eighth-graders who have lost their head from hormones. Romanticism? Rather, the cretinism is obvious. He is Belarus, and his complex forces himself to consider himself Russian - part of the big one. And for this big one to be very big, it needs all to merge into one state. But in Switzerland with such a demographic, in 20 years, Girkin will be bad. There are two facts here. It is not a matter of quantity but quality, and covering the second demographic decline in Russia with wars is not the smartest option. Third: If it was a matter of the number of heads, then the number of Chinese and Indians should have captured the entire planet. This is not even the main point. To create the Russian World, a person must have at least some guarantees that Russians will live well, comfortably and safely in this world. But he himself was thrown overboard. Now he says what a horror in Donbass. Why did you bastard climb in there? Created Big Russia? How many people died, including children. And now you are a bastard even the opportunity to have no influence and merge all the negativity on Putin. What does he have to do with it? He's not crazy, but you. Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are one people, right? I will continue the madman's notes. Poles, Czechs, and all Slavs. Now to take over all of Europe? One drunk ruined a great empire, tens of thousands of people died, other madmen are now killing to restore.

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