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Galkin a parody of Putin and Sobyanin

In a parody, Galkin, on behalf of Sobyanin, said that in quarantine Muscovites are allowed to look at green spaces, and also "circular movement is allowed one after another at a distance of one and a half meters strictly along the laid tile ornament."

Maxim, from my point of view, to get a good satire, you need at least an understanding of power. It is clear that there are flaws, administration problems, etc. But the main thing is that the authorities care about the safety of people! It is not easy for Putin and Sobyanin either, they understand the mood of society in connection with restrictions. If you would emphasize from the standpoint of humor the flaws that exist, but in the context of the necessity of the task (what-if). And what you have done is low grade (unfortunately). I sincerely pardon the "harshness" expressed earlier. I wish you health and good luck! To the delight of all of us!

This, gentlemen, is not just humor, it is a brilliant example of political satire! An artistic performance by the master of this rare, half-forgotten genre, Maxim Galkin. What can I say here? Sumptuously! Just the bull's eye! And in terms of content and performance. Braaoooo! Flowers, flowers at the feet of Maxim. Serves the heroes of the plot! Let them look at themselves from the outside! Laugh or cry. Strictly on the tile ornament!

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