Elena Malysheva's Golden Palace from Channel One

Elena Malysheva is a media personality, a famous TV presenter, a frequent guest of various shows about health. Her distinguishing feature is the charisma of a balanced and self-confident person who has achieved everything on his own. Everybody scolds Elena Malysheva with her program Life is great! There are all sorts of freaks and incomprehensible layouts of obscene places!

All TV propagandists, like theirs, keep all the mistresses' children in the West because they know better than others that Russia, as a country of the future, does not have a collapse on all fronts, like the USSR once did. The ex-mayor of Moscow Luzhkov died. He died in Munich, as befits a Russian patriot!

When you look at this disgusting, lying inadequate fool, you want to think of someone good. In contrast to her, for some reason I represent Dr. Ustimenko, I know for sure that people like him still remain in Russia!

Of course, all these palaces are terrible, but Malyshev does not say such terrible things about the coronavirus. At least she doesn't panic the way you do. You shouldn't scold her for that.

Buying this house is one thing. But the annual taxes on it, that is, bills, this is the annual salary of a dozen specialists of some design bureau in Russia at once, So the cash flow does not stop.

This is the strongest of all. Even with dimon not be compared) well, everything was, but this. If Malysheva has such a thing, then it's just scary to imagine on what industrial scale everything is dragged and stolen there by everyone who is somehow involved in the money.

I live in the village, in my own box, and I love her endlessly! This house is just perversion! There is no warmth and comfort in it! But people are just crazy about money! Everyone is going crazy in their own way! Malysheva, in general, in her life, how did she show herself apart from idle talk? Tereshkova has now shown herself to all the people who she is! Shame!

When this pseudo clowness doctor supported raising the retirement age, everything became clear. Her haroms were built on the money of hundreds of thousands of people who did not live to retire. If karma exists, such creatures should receive the highest punishment.

Rotten system, our 99% grandparents (pensioners) receive scanty pensions. Great COUNTRY - the Winner in the Second World War, and the winners receive 10 times less pension than the same people on the losing side. Spinning the dough is everywhere, gasoline is 4 times overstated, count how much the budget gets from excise taxes, billions of rubles every day. And all these days, the Dons receive propaganda from TV screens, so that these deceived people believe that everything is fine. Zombie people! They keep silent about the real state, so it's easier to steal. The eternal "everything is fine with us, we will live a little more." Although in reality there is a constant monotonous dictatorship without any hint of improvement and without justice. Malyshevs are different, Solovievs, Simonyan receive incredible money for stupefying people. Although in fact they should be paid a maximum of 100-200 thousand rubles a month. If they don't want to work, others for 200 thousand will work no worse, many people are out of work.

The authorities divided the budget money according to the principle: the maximum salary for themselves and for sycophants. In the country, scientists, doctors, teachers should receive the highest salaries, and ALL those who really work for the WELL-BEING of society, education and medicine should be of high quality and free. This is where the budget should go. Then we will begin to live normally.

Alexey Navalny, it is worth noting that only one annual tax on this house will be in the region of $ 150k plus a communal apartment, it's hard to even imagine how much ~ 20k IMHO. In total, we have $ 170k per year of costs, and that's not counting the apartments. I have a question, how much does Malysheva earn?

And Lyosha advertises the Coronavirus, I don't like the thief Malyshev, but I don't see a pandemic either. Both of you are wrong, this bitch sat down on a topic that she is discrediting with her activities, and Navalny, a Protestant, supports Putin, who is very nedraitsa this pandemic to take away the rights of citizens.

About how many wonderful discoveries we have. The spirit of enlightenment prepares. Alex still has many surprises, there is no doubt. And for Malyshev and Mechnikov, only those who did not want to think brought everything clear. They match Solovyov, except that apart from media persons, they are no doctors.

Amazing. Most are ready to listen to bloggers, political scientists and politicians, not doctors and specialists. Not ready to read the studies of epidemiologists and virologists. And when a doctor (I mean Malyshev) says that this disease is among many others and, according to objective data, is no more dangerous than the majority, taking into account the characteristics of the disease, a flurry of criticism falls on it. Moreover, people have no idea of ​​either medicine or epidemiology. She, unlike many, communicates with those who treat this virus, she was in the hospital and saw everything with her own eyes. And Navalny, in this case a man in the street, and like many other politicians from any side, replaces concepts in their interests and goals. In general, in matters of medicine, it is necessary to listen to doctors and preferably uninterested ones.

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