Efremov fatal accident

The famous ather Mikhail Efremov drove into the oncoming lane and caused an accident in the center of Moscow. The driver died from his injuries. Efremov faces up to 12 years in prison. Mikhail is ready to pay money to the relatives of the deceased.

The examination confirmed that the actor was intoxicated. A criminal case was opened against Efremov. The actor faces up to seven years in prison. Personnel from the scene of the emergency.

And this drunken scarecrow taught us how to live. His lousy rhymes, now he will write on the zone., Where he belongs. The kingdom of heaven, there is nothing innocent for a man who tried to feed his family. People are dying because of such drunks ...

Details of the accident with actor Efremov

Damn, he felt great sympathy for Efremov, but this is the last straw, let him be responsible for his drunkenness, sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased. Until seven years old? do we now have alcohol not an aggravating, but an extenuating circumstance? The man in the hospital has died, I hope this dog will get it in full!

Efremov's first words after the accident.

That is, ordinary children of officials and Caucasians from the diasporas can be slammed, but a well-deserved alcoholic can be defamed, where is the logic? Our son of an official from the Ministry of Internal Affairs demolished a bus satanovka 2 tightly 6 in a hospital, including 2 children under 10 years old, the son was under house arrest and hushed up.

This is a real cattle, he thinks that money can return a person's life. Now he is still getting better and will teach us about life. I thought he was an asshole before, after these words I was 100% sure.

Drunken creature Efremov

The inevitable happened - an alcoholic Mikhail Efremov killed a man in an accident, in an alcoholic intoxication. I have questions for you - for people, they are at the end of the video and below in text! Listen and answer yourself to them and write the answers under this video! Lawyer Dobrovinsky , by the way, well done, did not defend Efremov! Only the harshest punishment for such a thing can stop some of these crimes and save innocent lives in the future! It is necessary to change the legislation, it is necessary to regard alcohol as an illegal drug - stop getting stupefied, destroying destinies, families, maiming, killing innocents, etc.

What will happen to Efremov now? What fate awaits him in Russia?

Nothing will happen to him. Pay to relatives. And he will receive 2 years probation. Will not quit drinking.

Efremov plays a role - Forgiveness, appeal after an accident

Actor Mikhail Efremov recorded a video message four days after an accident on the Garden Ring in Moscow, in which the driver of a Lada van Sergey Zakharov died. Misha Misha, didn't you understand when you drank, and if only God forbid there was a family with small children traveling there so that you would say? The deadline will probably be something you can understand. This is not the end. This is rather the beginning, the beginning of another life, not that life with vodka, drugs and spree. Another, completely different life. So Efremov is not the end, but the beginning. And the end of that Efremov, the other.

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