Ebay - Nemtsova. Stepan Demura

All companies make money and earn money. Amazon yet. Yes, dot com. Ebay? Ebei. Sorry, with a Russian accent. It's like a magazine for black women, fuck. Sorry, Ebani. There is such a famous American magazine. Continue Stepan. Since consumption is now falling. I will say an obscene word, to eba.

I can list more than a dozen industries only from my regional center (city of 120 thousand).
well done man, very smart, Russians look up to such people and not to morons
I want to drink with him. Did they drink him on purpose to mock him? He's drunk even more interesting
He even scratches drunk competently. It would probably be fun to drink with him.
He's not drunk.
the best broadcast
The presenter is upset over this bruise)), Demura is a provocateur for the most part, he doesn't like everything in RUSSIA, everything in RUSSIA is bad. So let him knock down where it is good, why is he suffering. Demura didn't wait a month. August was 77.
He is just all seket, of course he used not economic words ..... but believe me, compared to his comrades with RBK, he is an order of magnitude higher !!!
presenter is charming !!!
everyone who speaks on the air needs to be poured 2 times 200 grams each - then finally there will be truthful television.
who is he? I don't know him at all.

Air of the RBK channel from February 2, 2012.

This clown Demura
End of 2011 - RTS ~ 1450
September 2011 - Brent 109 $
I love this three! It's interesting to watch them!
Demura into the board! Fuck these fools! Beautiful!
good :)
He's not drunk - people who have lived in the United States still have an accent and here he is.
these leaders of RBC gave Demura a drink and released him to evir :) in the hope that honey agarics would be able to fire him:)

Yes, Stepan is a desperate man, for the truth they can kill!
So he is right, this is a purely monetary product.))
RBC that the gentlemen bought from EDRA? Yes, Putin will not have a crisis at all even at 5 dollars a barrel, just another 50 million people will die out, is this a crisis?
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The top answers the experience.
Why does the scintillating mist bought the liquid?
Why does the current add the plausible system?
The economic crisis will save us!
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Yes, even if you have five higher ones, you still won't understand. Do you need to ask this? If necessary, then why? For trading, or for analytics. If for trading, then put everything out of your head, everything that you knew, as it will not help. If you start working as an analyst, it will do.
Then in September it was really 80))

Do you see the tracks on the table at 10:14? And they are)))
Regina Dubovitskaya would be leading ...
Not understood. Explain his main idea in a nutshell, otherwise it's a mess in your head.
Stepan probably swallowed the money that he betrayed Karabyans :)
What's on the mind of a sober is on the tongue of a drunk ...
Russia is a bankrupt country.
Playing on the oil price is generally stupid if the player does not know the plans of the US Federal Reserve, because the price of oil does not depend in any way on demand or anything other than the Fed's plans to print dollars. Amers want to print dollars - the price of oil is going up, they don't want to print - the price of oil is falling.
the person understood the system of what is so wonderful !!!
Zhanna is such an upstart ... trollolo
because you don't know Styopka very well ...
Why drunk?

Zhanna Nemtsova

Journalist, TV presenter. She was born on March 26, 1984 in Nizhny Novgorod. Grandmother Dina Yakovlevna (mother of B. Nemtsov). Zhanna Nemtsova speaks English and Portuguese. The broadcasts on RBK-TV are popular with viewers. He sympathizes with Putin. She was married to a banker, 15 years her senior.

Strange vesch ...
If a car rises in price, it's bad ... if a car with a driver, it's bad, if a car with a driver and a dispatcher every day will cost more when hiring, it's bad .. if all of them with the director go up, it's bad. If their value is expressed in shares and they rise in price, then it will already be called good ...
Something suggests that they are simply brainwashed by the fact that when oil, stocks, commodities rise in price, it's good ... Such a global divorce for big money.
We had a meal with him ...
The ravages will begin with Iran, the Strait of Hormuz will be closed for a month and prices will skyrocket.
it just collapsed last week :)
Demura is handsome! Respect!
Due to the constant emission of the dollar, the oil price will not fall in the near future.
Stepa noble troll
Demura is a hammer!
They mentioned the Bank of Moscow, and some people recently bought a castle in England. Borodin seems. izvestia.ru/news/497306
dude for president
Well done, handsome, keep Demur so!

Hobbies - tennis, windsurfing, fine arts.

It seems they are both drunk, but of course Demura was bolder before the broadcast)))
I like Stepan Demur very much, you can listen. Programs with his participation are always interesting.
I respect Stepan for the gold, but damn it too late, I finished this video.
11-mmm.com I haven't seen anything more profitable so far
Herald of the Apocalypse =)) Like Stepan Demura!
such a fraer, and not boring and funny, in the analysis you also need funny people
well, straight drunk! when nightingale on radio justified the whistle on Putin, he was much drunker ... and you could hear it
Demura is a boor!
Gold words:). The man took the plumyanka and walked honestly through all the sharp corners. Well done. There are few of them yet. Most either ochkuyut mouth to open on these topics, or the iPad is pressed with a finger with a tenacity worthy of a monkey. The rest have a vague idea of ​​who cheated their wages or pensions, eat frivolous bread, go to church and to elections.
Horseman of the apocalypse damn it)))))))
Behold, when there are no bears left in the market, the market turns around!
That's right ... man, so as not to worry too much!

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Демура, Степан Геннадьевич признанный специалист в области мировой экономики и финансов. Здесь вы можете получить наиболее точные прогнозы на доллары США для рынка Форекс.

Фото Демуры Степана Геннадьевича

Степан Демура приглашает всех желающих на свой сайт Демура ТВ

Вколите себе вакцину Путина?

На фото: Пьём пиво и смотрим новый семинар Степана Демуры в Сити класс


Топ 1: Пьяный Демура на РБК

Stepan Demura is not sober in the blue studio of the RBK channel

Дорогой, я поставлю тебе бутылку черничного самогона. Всадник апокалипсиса Степан Демура. Прогнозы были 113-114, затем был столбик 125-75. Я говорю о фундаментальных факторах. Уверенность людей в росте. Мне сложно сказать, на что вы смотрите. Андрей очень импульсивный человек... видео здесь


Топ 2: Жанна Немцова

Zhanna Nemtsova presenter on the RBK channel

Все компании зарабатывают деньги и тратят деньги. Амазонки пока нет. Да, точка com. eBay? Эбэй. Извините, с русским акцентом. Это как журнал для черных женщин, ебани. Извини, Эбани. Есть такой известный американский журнал. Продолжаю Степан. Так как расход сейчас падает. Я скажу неприличное слово, ебеде... смотреть видео


Топ 3: Запрещенное видео Демуры

Demura with a cigarette in his hand, drinking beer in a bar

Загоняйте лохов на рынок. Что тебе нравится сейчас происходить? Формируются новые проекты в области аналитики. Это пир во время чумы. 60 миллиардов приехали в Штаты, все это слезы. В России все это для того, чтобы лохов выгоняли на рынок. Люди потеряли высокооплачиваемую работу. Как в казино... посмотри видео


Топ 4: Степан Демура съел шляпу

Stepan Demura smokes a cigar with bread on his head

Я сдерживаю свое обещание. Добрый день девочки и мальчики, сегодня шляпу едим. Возник спор. Шапка тюбитейка называется. Съедим его с шампанским с Титаника. Экономика ломается. Мы увидим мощное ралли «Нефть 80». Я снимаю шляпу и ем её... смотреть видео


Топ 5: Разговор без посторонних с Демурой

Demura drinks a mug of beer in a cafe

Репутация - вещь преходящая. Вы зарабатываете на рынке? Не жалуетесь? Когда вы начнете свою компанию? Ой, это такой геморрой. Лучше выспаться. На чужие деньги проще играть. Если постоянно сиять в СМИ. Литературный критик Кургинян... смотреть видео




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