Drunk Stepan Demura at RBK

Horseman of the apocalypse Stepan Demur. Forecasts were made 113-114, then there was a bar 125-75. I'm talking about fundamental factors. People's confidence in growth. It's hard for me to tell what you are looking at. Andrey is a very impulsive person, I am also not completely passive. Now drawing oil, I'm ready to double the rates.

(4:22) Darling, I'll put you a bottle of blueberry moonshine. Yeah, there were times! It was very interesting to watch the arguments between Stepan and Karabyants with the host Zhanna. This is a drunken pig. Ah yes Demura, hell Stepan ... I watch his performances in one breath! He gently poked everyone with his nose in his own shit, and everything is so simple and inadvertently !!! 5+ Why not drink here! a gift for you 100 rubles ... and free discounts in 1300 stores ... enter Dmitry Pavlovich Kostenko in Yandex Demura may be a little pissed, but he says the right thing is income from petrodollars differs from the cost of purchasing imports and where is the modernization of industrial enterprises? Drunkards will save the situation in Russia)))))))) shit, bitch 15:05 Is Demura fucked up? Russia is an exporting country and we all produce. Fucked up. Let's start with the fact that Demura is absolutely sober! After all, what is the point of true sobriety, if not to get a little bit? Further, Who is Demura? He is a Russian hero, financial genius, millionaire, and a favorite of women. Who is this Andrey Karabyants of yours? And what nationality is he in general? Why doesn't he like Russia so much ?! How did Demura become who he is? Demura has established himself as a trader and financier trading Elliott Wave and Fibbonacci numbers. In his many years of practice, Demura has tried many financial instruments, and settled on binary options, since only they bring the maximum income! Binary options, sports betting, poker, forex and MMM are the secret of Demura's success. With Russia there will be JO ...... PA! A troll, a false prophet, a pseudo-financier of Demur, carefully rubs under all his videos the numerous angry comments of those who believed him and lost money on the stock exchange (some more than once).

And one underestimated arch-strategist for the third year foreshadows the imminent drain of Donbass and the offensive of the terrible quarter-million Ukrainian army to Moscow (his closest ally in the same way for the third year foreshadows the defeat of Assad in Syria). Nikonov and sectarians from LJ shit !

In journalism, they say "Get out of the profession." But the predictors can work with absolutely impunity. Because sectarians do not think rationally and do not remember what exactly and for how long their self-appointed gurus promise.

Here's an example for you as an "economist." and the crap crap talked about the collapse of Ukraine's GDP tenfold - did it come true? I spoke about the fact that Donbass and Syria will not stand - and they are. He said that everything would be very bad with the Russian economy - and the gold and foreign exchange reserves have only grown over the past year, the ruble has strengthened. He said that our president would be "carried forward with his feet," and the president of Russia is alive and well, running the Great Country! He said that Obama would leave Clinton behind - did that happen? )) so what is this nit, this stepan halturin? terrorist or provocateur? For what purpose did he return from the USA?

And these disgraces, who call themselves economists, political scientists, analysts, despite the fact that they regularly carry outright nonsense, and none of their predictions have ever come true, continue to engage in self-promotion, obsessively advertise themselves and climb with their false prophecies into all the cracks, YouTube and social networks, write articles, as an example under the nickname Alexey Nikonov, a former member of Bolotnaya, what are they trying to achieve? Perhaps they are eager to change the power in the Russian Federation with someone else's hands? let's compare the facts, so for what purpose are shit and nikonev people driven into poverty.

Is it crooked, Nemtsov's daughter or what?
Stepan Demura: “The target of the attack on the Russian currency is 125 rubles per dollar”
The ruble will go to the bottom, the flight from the Russian market of Western speculators and oil, which by the end of 2016 will fall in price to $ 12-15 per barrel
More details on "BUSINESS Online": https://www.business-gazeta.ru/article/298003
Stepan is cool as always, as he said it happened.
Stepan is cool as always, as he said it happened.
I would name the topic of the video "Even a drunk Stepan, told about what will happen in 5 years"
No, not 5 years Pobola. But with enviable persistence and efficiency.
"RBC video analyst Stepan Demura buys one and a half tons of canned meat and recommends to others [2], he expects Big Fuck, his forecast will knock on your door until spring 2010 (FAIL)." Clown for clowns. And so for 5 years in a row) Hamsters, cho) They won't die in any way)
drunk? Why does he think so soberly?
Demura is the head, Zhanna is a beauty, and the rest is poplar fluff, heat, July.
the girl is good. smart and beautiful
Fucked up, the dude rolled down, his greasy hair falls out, he stumbles, he became nervous. It would have been filed already.
Demura is handsome. To watch it, Styopa needs to catch up ... I caught up and understood.
everything with oil is clear and with St. Petersburg ... too!
And it's true. Demura stumbles too much. I watched everything with him, I haven't seen this, maybe he is drunk.
where is he drunk?
drunk I think the one who called this video :))
Leading))) there is something in it))))))) Interesting)))))))
even I do not see where is he drunk? Have you ever seen a drunk? if he did, then the dose did not even slow down the reaction)) Demura is an adventurer ... he has no luck with forecasts, he loses sight of details
Andrey Karabyants is great, he thinks coolly and correctly .. and Zhannochka is lovely, as always :)
Be that as it may, Demura talked about "import substitution" already in 2011!
Demura makes everyone think.
Demura well done knew what would happen in a few years
20:14 is just a laugh! ))))
- What do we produce tampons? Do we produce medicines?
- Release ... Release of cars ...
- K ... What kind of cars ?!
- Uv ... Increasing ...
Next - Demura's very eloquent grimace)))))))

Data as of 10.08.2015:

  • RTS = 848
  • ММВБ = 1700
  • Золото = 1103
  • BRENT = 50,2
  • LIGHT = 44,8
  • USD/RUB = 62,87

— Who did it become clear to Kudrin or to you?
- Well of course Kudrin! He makes up the budget! I am not yet involved in budgeting.
- You will be soon.

And Demura is the enemy of Russia, it turns out. Libya was robbed under the pretext that Gaddafi was a tyrant, although he just did not allow the United States to plunder the country, preferring to do business with Russia and China, and did not pay off the Americans by providing discounts, as did the Arab sheikhs.
There will be no crisis in Russia, because it has not ended yet, that's what Demura wanted to say ...
He's not drunk, he's smoky, well, he dries the boy a little and I'll do it right.
I am writing from the future! Now 03/12/2015 and a barrel of oil costs less than $ 57! There is a crisis in Russia!
Such things.
- When will oil be 80, what will happen?
- 2008 will seem like flowers.
But as he looked into the water
I don’t know noticed - no, but Stepan apparently only visited the dentist and removed the tooth (lower right) with anesthesia. This apparently affected the diction.
Demura is a bastard paid for by the State Department, an alcoholic who doesn't stay anywhere for a long time.
now it is already clear what the demura was talking about. and what nonsense this Andrew was talking about
The case speaks. And in general, his predictions come true, unlike those who give us more rubles for a dollar)))
This drunk shows all the vileness of the fifth column.
Well done, Demur. Losers Seligerians are quietly playing on the sidelines
Apart from the economy and its analysis ... Who wears Karabyans ?????? It is completely colorless.
The demurkovod's forecasts always begin with the beginning of obvious movements. He never said anything ahead of time. A sly-ass semi-immigrant who has lived for 12 years in the states, who has failed to realize himself there as a physicist (because he is stupid) but has managed to grasp the grand five-column.
11 years old? brent is less than 47 today))) 110? let's goodbye ....
Lurka forever
ahaha now oil at 55 per barrel, from this video the conclusion is that everything is sad
The guy has a dry forest!
I constantly watch Demuru, and here he is clearly a little drunk)
What year is it?
Under the OAK in GOLD. Handsome was right as always
Dimura got involved with a speculator
Dimura bombed indexes ....
Dimura Molotsa, 3 years ago I already knew everything
why did someone call him drunk?
The coolest thing is that Demura's forecast for RTS-1600 came true (RTS as of 01.01.2012 = 1577) and Karabyans flew from MICEX-1850 (MICEX as of 01.01.2012 = 1514) ... Well, who's drunk here? :)
Lord Demura, having gained impressions, looks at the world more soberly ... than all teetotalers
Yes, Putin will not have a crisis at all even at 5 dollars a barrel, just another 50 million people will die out, is this a crisis?
So it became clear who was right and who was fucked up.
The presenter is adorable!

Run out of petrodollars, but there is no production, so * oops is inevitable + people are brainwashed with body-zombie-liquid about "getting off our knees", and these people make up 95% of the country's population, so social chaos, as a consequence, is also inevitable. These 95% will understand that they are fucked
Well, Demura turned out to be right in the end, he just rushed for 3 years.
this moron Marquis de'Mura doesn't know any names of prom products except for tampons and tablets.
"Many things are incomprehensible to us, not because our concepts are weak; but because these things are not included in the circle of our concepts." (C) Kozma Prutkov

What level of understanding can be expected from a moron who is divorced from reality, who did not even bother to look at the economic map of the Russian Federation, but the whore reads the ANALYTICS of the doichbank.

the marquis de'mura does not even know that grain is the equivalent of money.

"We do not produce anything "(c) - this is to see the" Freudian slip "about the Demur himself and his family of parasites.

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