Don't panic - Stepan Demura

Stepan Krizisovich Demura. Filthy media. The measures were forced by Macaron. Trump began to get nervous. Soldiers, let's light fires. People would wash their ass in blood out of fear. Moskvabad is one big dump. How is Crown treated? Treat at home with relatives. Clowns are fighting the epidemic. It's ridiculous to judge Putin about the adequacy!

Fucking Gretta. There is nothing except chutzpah. The world is changing and the consciousness of humanity will not be the same. Oil trend is down. Quarantine was not introduced. From a legal point of view, it is not clear what. I don't care, I'm at home in the country. Garbage has been around the world for 4 months. Is this the legacy of the "accursed Scoop"? This virus is not particularly dangerous, there are no corpses. Chinese fakap, monkey was playing with a grenade and pulled the pin. Guys, did you think they wouldn't come for you? They came for you!

Herald of the apocalypse. Demura's optimism. An epidemic of fear, in the Kremlin too. Oil is looking for the bottom, while Sobyanin is looking for violators. On April 5, the "holiday" will continue. How good it will be. Demuring. Where to go to rest after the weekend? Elections-elections, they go .... ry!

Lord, why invite this would-be economist at such a difficult time. The dude just jokes, catches the hype and epics. It is difficult to find a more greedy econanist in Russia. No responsibility, just turn on your brain - idiots
Stepan, 712 out of 3,000 were infected on the ship and 10 people died, not 7.
Not surprisingly, not everyone got infected - because they tested everyone, tracked and isolated everyone in their cabins. And a mortality rate of more than 1% is obtained - if half in Russia become infected, then more than 700,000 will die. In practice, there will be 5-10 million people requiring resuscitation with a ventilator per 100-200 thousand equipped beds with a maximum ventilator.
Stepan to the top!
They joke all the jokes
Demurushka my golden !!!
Why doesn't Demura go and get infected? Show us all that the epidemic is not scary. And then go to the bunker barricodized and broadcasts.
Do you know that all the morgues in Milan were not closed on purpose?
The liner argument is iron.
Stepan Demura cheered up many sane people!
Thanks for Demuru!


(V) this is Vladimir! Americans are preparing Putin for the coronation! sacrifices are performed. this is serious
New trend "Stop credit!" ?
Thank you!
Good video positive
Among my friends and acquaintances, there are no sick or dead people, but what about you?
itali zapretili soberatsa na pohrany, otuda i groby + fin pomosh Es
Good girl
He is an idiot, not a herald. 40-45% of those discharged in the USA, Italy and Spain go to the next world. Is this the flu ?!
Germany indicates not covid-19 as the cause of the sameti, but a disease that worsened and led to death.
China does not provide data. In Rosim, ARVI is indicated, which in Moscow in March suddenly became 37% more than usual.
You will apologize again, Demura !!!! For the coronavirus. And according to the classics, you get infected and yeah. You lie down with "gray hair on your temples."
This is a continuation of the pension "reform".
I love listening to Demuru, always a very positive attitude appears. I try not to miss a single video. Everything seems to be fine, but I absolutely disagree about the coronavirus. All this is good so far does not concern your acquaintances. I have two died and about twenty people are in serious condition. I think it doesn't stop there.
I have never seen anything like this, and it clearly does not look like an ordinary flu. I do not know how in Russia with this, but in the USA it is just a nightmare. And this is taking into account the level of health care.
Some things can't be cared for.
Demura stubbornly denies real facts and mathematical modeling of distribution. Rested on statistics on the liner and does not want to see Italy and New York. He read "sociometrics" and from this point of view, he argues, lulling the vigilance of everyone who listens to him. I also listened to him up to this second. But now I am sure that I have more data. Anyone interested can drop a mat of a model by nyc. There is a peak at the beginning of May. Stepan, you are wrong about covid. And it's obvious.
well, yes! like and subscribe !!! :))))) it works !!!!!!!
Well calmed down)))
Thanks for the broadcast!
Sheer nonsense ...
Until the end of April it was extended in America !!! Look at NY hospital, Elmhurst hospital Queens! Don't talk nonsense after your interview, people will believe you.
In NY, the Chinese say that about 10 million died in China from the virus !!! Also young people die in NY and not 50 +
Three questions: 1. Why did we get nasty to the Saudis. 2. What is the point in pumping money into the economy if there is no commodity coverage. 3. Why do everyone race to print lazy, and not strive to produce their own national product to satisfy their own national needs, after all, you will not eat and wear money ...
It looks like Demura has already been ill, the consequences.
In my opinion, this is just the same case when they tell us that everything is fine, so you can put a dick on everything, but someone will believe the demure and go to barbecue.
The screensaver just killed!
What if the coronavirus hits Putin?
The storage of corpses on an ice field is a clear statement, in my opinion. In any coastal country, it is easy to find 100 reefer containers written off from sea lines. 20 tons of meat fits easily into one container. Temperature range from + 25C to -25C. Whatever you put on the remote control, such a mode will be. Better than -25C. Top estimate 10,000 dead in 100 containers. All this unfolds in a day (24 hours) by a small team of 20 people.
there are no corpses because they are silent !!!!
Is this just normal? I just turned it off in the middle, couldn't stand this alcohol onslaught
gee, “Demura hasn’t been there for a long time, let's get over it” - it was me!
giggling crisis man - come on, light it up! It's your time!
You probably forgot about Lev Leschenko , the same bullshit virus was neighing and where is he now
Well done, a real threat and Uta Yabonarium things are not compatible.
Thank you so much for calling Demuru, who is the only one to this day who is adequate and sober sane, giving an assessment of what is happening. CALL MORE
It seems to me that it is still better to overshoot than to count on 1% mortality.
it's always nice to listen to smart people!
Thank God there are people who think like me!
Soundtrack !!!!!
Stepan once again confirms his incompetence
Why did the pandemic start last in Russia?
Well done. I love listening to you
Stepan Demur is greatly respected for maintaining the common sense and sobriety of his analysts. I've been listening to him for many years - it doesn't disappoint.
Once again, Demura should be sent to Italy to the hospital in the ICU intensive care unit, let him giggle there. Is he adequate?
X should not be confused with a gooseneck. Quarantine has been announced abroad, people are paid money and they stay at home. And the preventive measures there are completely different. In Russia, a regime of self-isolation has simply been declared and no one will receive anything from the state. Therefore, people are forced to go to work.
Everyone has their own opinion, it's all blah, blah about nothing.
Regarding investment and the current crisis, Demura laughs in vain, this is just the best time to invest. rassusolit for a long time, I can only send to listen to Alexei Krechetov.there it has already been said. how what and why. there is a YouTube channel.
Demura's reasoning in the spirit of conspiracy :-(
It's simple:
The threat will turn out to be overestimated (and great!), Those who yelled the guard will stick their tongues in the ass, and people like demur will proudly stick out their breasts =) or everything is strictly the opposite.
Keeping any of the parties for idiots is a sign of extreme idiocy, because people draw conclusions based on personal qualities, in addition to the incoming information.
And the next interesting historical moment, all these people will easily change places in their opinions, there is nothing unusual here.
The following is interesting, it is clear that society lives by its own rules. and how to manage it have been procuring for a long time. in this case, demur performing a shepherd's role, whose interests does he work out? =) or is it all just business?
What nonsense is this idiot talking about? There was no peak in the year 18. Idiot
In the post-soviet, the promoted virus "Good boy" (Anishchenko's version), Corona Bzdets (version of the Hun Wei Bins) took place in the first decade of December. How uninvited he appeared so in English and eat .... Xia. Well, the scepter and dick with him. Bratella Demura is hitting the bull's-eye as always. Well, the fact that the session of hysteria of political Ananists was a little late is the reaction of Monkey to the Echo of the past war.
In Russia, they have been sick with Coronovirus since November-December ... I myself have become sick myself and I know people who have been sick. I concluded that "an unusual flu" ... clearly stronger than usual ... and my friend was told pneumonia
FINALLY DIMURA'S STAR TRAFFIC, I WAIT SINCE 2010, hu .... finally waited.
Thank you Stepan ....
What a fool ... don't invite him, you will lose the last remnants of your reputation
It seems to me that in Russia they fanned hysteria so that the West would lift sanctions as a complete collapse of the economy is imminent. Vova won the petitions with tears every day Doni sends.
Demura is both right and wrong at the same time.
Ok, mortality statistics are 3-10% in developed countries. In the CIS countries, roughly speaking, medicine is 2-3 times worse. And in this case, the mortality rate for us will already be from 6-30%. If you look at the 30% option, then somehow it’s not funny.
Give Demuru every day !!!!
He was right about the fucking Greta and the left-handed cattle.
The "coronavirus" event is a WORLDWIDE phenomenon (and it does not matter at all whether it is staged or is a real prototype of the virus), the rules were accepted by ALL, the so-called "countries" and their governments, and this is an indicator that the directive came from the very top. does not take into account economic losses, which means that the ultimate goal of all this "event" covers the pluses, the damage received ... it can be either general chipization (through the "coronavirus vaccine", after the quarantine is lifted), or the abolition of cash (since " the virus lives on money for a very long time "), or the destruction of small, private business, all over the world and its subsequent absorption by the" state "or something similar, BUT NOT LESS SCALE - one thing is clear for sure," humanity "is being reflashed.
He wrote hundreds of times since 2014 in comments under the video with Demura that the oil price! Will be the last nail in the lid of Morder's coffin. Get ready for the collapse of the under-empire following the example of a scoop!
Demura changed his profile, now he will be invited to lectures on virology, as the population is getting poorer and he will not be in demand financially ..?
Demura well done, an optimist! .......... a pessimist says it can't be worse ........ an optimist ....... maybe, maybe .....
Demura has long wanted to push the state noodles. Finally, they threw him a financial thread and a temnik
Demura somehow optimistically looks at the world =) How many times there have already been "terrible diseases" and still idiots are being led to this garbage. Every time the people are led!
I don’t understand anything what are they talking about? Mortality in Italy today among the infected is 45% of the number of CLOSED cases. That is, one infected person is cured and goes home, while the other goes to the cemetery. The rest are being treated. And they are waiting for their fate. In the Netherlands, the mortality rate is 78%. Of the five people who completed the treatment, so to speak, four end up in the morgue.
About Stepa's virus is full of shit. The most interesting thing is that there are a lot of people who listen to him with their mouths open, and he is always the type of right and categorically declares nonsense. He is 70% right about the economy.
Why do you talk about the coronavirus with Demura every time? His position has been clear to everyone since February, and everyone knows that he is not a virologist or an epidemiologist. For the third time, he repeats the same thing. I would like more about economics and politics, this is his strong point, not viruses.
Stepan is the best!
What are you all about Italy and Spain? Is it really not clear that they Brussels are shaking the money for the "innocent victims"? The more deaths from anything are attributed to the virus, the more dough will be bargained for. The tests are very sensitive, they will show any virus. People do not climb out into the streets not because of the virus, but because of the fines! Greetings from Spain! Thank you for Demuru!
I treat Stepan with respect, but I have already been convinced that his analytics of some non-financial events often suffer from erroneous judgments. So about the virus and its danger, I trust biologists more and I also don’t believe in a stupid statement about the percentage of mortality, and the year is not over yet, but we are constantly operating with annual figures for other causes of deaths.
Unite in gangs. Brigade!
Throw away the bad stuff. Walk the dog. And siezh fuck the devil of salt bo well, his n .... J. Here's something like this
The number of coronavirus patients in Russia increased by 302 yesterday ...
And how much does the number of people with common flu increase every year during the seasonal peak of the disease?
Why don't they say how many people all over Russia get common pneumonia every day?
Bekhterev perfectly described the mass psychosis.
Please invite this wonderful person more often!
Thanks for the hard work!
Thanks for Demuru! Like the director!
Stepan is the best!!!
Referendum on April 22 postponed because the trial in The Hague on Boeing MH 17 was postponed
More good and different sanctions.
"There is no fighter in the world braver than a frightened Jew" - super.
Thank you, outside the box, positively) really got this pandemic of fear)
Thank you, cheered up not childishly, success and HEALTH.
Adequate man Demur. I live in America. Everything is as he says
Finally Stepan Demura waited for his finest hour!;)
Example Nikolaev region . I fully support.
I, too, at the beginning of February in Krasnodar calmly podrippa as something unusual. I caught a little convulsions for the coming sleep. For the first time in his life, he coughed up a little blood. Didn't apply to anywhere. Now I continue to work and freak out from mass hysteria.
All my friends, relatives, and I personally were VERY SEVERELY sick this winter with an incomprehensible disease. I went to the hospital 4 times for help, and there I was prescribed antibiotics, which removed general symptoms, but did NOT help, and I had to go to the doctors again. No one even bothered to take urine / blood tests from me, they stupidly prescribed antibiotics (WITHOUT preliminary tests), and then, if desired, offered to undergo a medical examination as part of a general medical examination (which now launders money from medical institutions).
The symptoms are the same: a sharp rise in temperature (to convulsions), cough, apathy. I thought I had some kind of flu, and did not attach much importance to it. I recovered exactly 1 month after I started eating 2 heads of GARLIC daily (coincidence?). Then my 80-year-old grandmother got infected from me, who after recovering received a SERIOUS complication in her heart, and the fluid was pumped out of her ...
Among my acquaintances there are a lot of people who were very ill, one woman also ended up in the hospital due to a subsequent complication of her kidneys.
Of course, no one diagnosed me with coronavirus, but I have never been sick so badly in 37 years of my life ...
It was already good)))))
Chet Demuru suffered. Apparently, he didn't eat for two days and his inspiration is at an incredible height ...
Given the threat to the health of parishioners, the Descent of the Holy Fire was canceled. Obviously in agreement with the Almighty. (Sarcasm)
stupid guy
And China in vain did not inform on time that it had an epidemic and for two months almost said that everything was ok. I was wanging that the United States would soon drag the Chinese government through the courts)
Virologist crappy
In reality, this will now reveal the entire system of world trading platforms and direct communication with banks and auctions of the authorized capital of the entire offer of super-large business !!! If I'm wrong, answer ????? I see that Demura, too, is somehow depressed .. The sites of the Scam were blown away ... I see that after this crisis, categorically only big business will shoot, who has a big shirt !! If countries don’t correct the system of taxation management !!!
To convince Demuru that the virus is dangerous and quite lethal, and most importantly, very contagious, can only the death of Demura himself from the coronary virus ... everything is already obvious, but he talks about his own things, but it’s not even interesting to listen to him.
Just the same, Putin realizes that this is not serious (perhaps he is wrong) and may not be able to take it out, since the virus is still not artificial, and people do not realize that and by canceling the vote, he shows that he supposedly cares about people, he will lead this movement and defeat this epidemic and will appear as a winner in front of the Russian people and after it will be held. Putin understands everything, like other world leaders, the hysteria around the coronavirus is beneficial ... !!! each of these sharks is now solving their problems. Much will be blamed on the coronavirus. We will have a lot of interesting things)
In January we were sick with our family. Xs than, it never happened, 3 weeks that the spouse, that I coughed. The state was so-so. So my doubts creep in, but have we been ill already? But, of course, we definitely don't want to check for re-infection.
It seems that even in the Heavenly Chancellery they decided to impose their own sanctions on the tight-knit federation.
A question for Mr. Demure. Why should we trust the official data? it's funny to listen to this bullshit.
Soon the damned nineties will be remembered in the federation as the "golden age" of universal prosperity.
Fuckin 'Gretta, ahahaha)))
Demura is on top as always!
Thank you and Stepan.
Well, finally, they got it wrong))))
Demura has improved my mood!
Let Demura tell Italian and Spanish doctors that there is no pandemic problem! Sadness (
Let Demura in the clinic at Brooklyn tell this crap !!! There, as in pearlharbor, and mortality be healthy !!! But when there is no one to raise the economy, then the theory of the golden billion will work!
Better yet, let Demura go and tell Leshchenko what a simulator he is)))
Many thanks! And the wish is. Live with S. G. At least for at least an hour, more is better.
Give Demuru every week!
Thank you.
Stepan and Igor have brains, and their price is growing now.
QUESTION: What's wrong with Big Data and AI?)) Why Stepan calls it a fake?)))
The virus has highlighted the thieves and the brainless.
Even when the hair on his head starts to smolder and smoke, Demura will say: I don't see any fire. Leave him alone with your virtual world, have you already forgotten how in 2014 he whipped up horror about the dollar for 120 rubles? That he just didn’t talk about the country, the fate of Putin and nuclear weapons ... a stand-up comedian of the Petrosyan variety.
You can listen to Demura but divide his APUCalypse by 2
Lying is the norm in Russia !!!
All Demura's predictions are bullshit.
No conversation!
Ask questions about the economy!
In Italy the average age of those killed is 75-80 years.
Styopa led a sect of coronavirus deniers for a reason. If people get scared, they will stop going to his entertainments, and they will have to look for work;)
That's nonsense. At the expense of the virus lies. Manipulator
Demdura idiot ...
Igor Valentinovich, catch the like! Soon, everyone who denounced Demuru for $ 120 will apologize to him, tk. the dollar will be 150-200!
more UV lamps !!
Igor Valentinovich ..
Thanks for your hard work ...! Take care of yourself...

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