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To issue a loan, you need to have a digital record. Kudrinomika is done through the ass. Worldwide Masonic conspiracy. It is necessary to carry a blizzard on federal channels. The key rate has been reduced to 4.5. This does not affect the lives of ordinary people. First circle banks, large banks. Funding comes at a cost similar to that of the Central Bank. The value of money for the bank.

WHO is popularly called manure. Chief Negro, distinguished himself by his deeds in Africa. Became manageable. Another outbreak of swine flu in China. Blacks have more deaths than whites. We lie under the globalists. Lisbon has already been closed again from the coronavirus.

On the reduction of the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. About D. Trump's divorce from WHO. About the heavenly phenomenon of the rainbow.

Demurik immediately comes to see her in shorts. For the anecdote from Demura, a separate respect :) Stepan Gennadievich Thank you very much for TV, for R. Prektor, for your work. Thank you. All the best. Best regards, A.G. Thank. Financial literacy in the ranks of housewives, even this level, is already good. One hundred pounds Demurik touches it. Stepan, why are you breaking a comedy, this is your wife, and you are at home. One channel is not enough for you, you also started a channel for your wife. By the way, why doesn't she cook for you? Where did the deep cut from the previous video disappear? The audience is indignant, asking to return it as it was. Chumka, plague, but here, in Altai in Koshagach, on the border with Mongolia, there is only KV. but also the plague of plagues. Common ground squirrels ate live and became infected.

And your wife is not jealous that Stepan goes to such a beautiful housewife? I would like to know from Stepan if he thinks that all the current cultural processes in the world are being conducted or is this a natural course of things? Step, where is the dollar 97? We have been waiting for 6 years! Grief analyst. Then Styopa drank black, so his numbers doubled. For 6 years it was possible to buy at 52-63 and sell at 80-90 more than once, not counting smaller speculations. For gold, that was the forecast! It's a pity he threw it off early, it would be enough for a long time.

Demura, do not get cold in shorts D :-)) A small request to the presenter - if possible - please do not interrupt Stepan Gennadievich. Yes, if you do not interrupt him, he begins to talk with wilderness. More precisely, he himself thinks that this is important, but his rantings are not really needed by either the presenter or the audience.

Question to Stepan: Does the United States recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism with all the ensuing consequences and is it possible not to pay taxes to the Russian treasury in connection with this event? Can. Come to Ukraine. The next 50 years of comfortable life in an ecologically clean area, I guarantee you.

What is the point of investing in physical gold, if it will not be handed over to your hands, and even more so to bring it abroad? Rollers are too short. When Demura speaks, it is better not to interrupt him, he will tell everything himself, put it on the shelves, and reveal the cause-and-effect relationships himself. Do not interrupt, it is better to write down questions in advance and ask additional questions only when Stepan is silent or finishes his thought.

Stepan began to get high from this project, before it was hard for Stepan to go down several intellectual levels below. Agree! For this, Stepan Gennadievich is even more HUGE thanks. I listen to Demura, even when he was an expert on the daytime air at RBC. I love his tricks and unique humor. And, of course, I always listen to his advice.

I wish you creative success, guys, but better put two human chairs for the future. Add table and cigars. uvw 456 uvw 456 1 hour ago Even though armchairs and cigars are clubbing. Can you create such a project? For "housewives" better kitchen interior with tea and even an omelet, or maybe semolina? In summer, in wicker chairs on the veranda, and in winter by the fireplace and already with a cigar and a digestif. A bar counter in the kitchen will do, too. The main thing is seasonal drinks.

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Demura, Stepan Gennadievich a recognized expert in the world of economics and finance. Here you can get the most accurate prices of USD for the Forex market.

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