Demura for MILFs 5

Again, young people are bad. "Young people have not achieved any freedom on their own ..." What have you achieved by the age of 25? This is how the "under-praised" and "unrecognized" minds always whine .... and the old fart. I like to hear Stepan about foreign policy and economics. But the rest of the senile grunt of one, that of the second. So everyone is over 50?

He explained on mice, assured that it was the same with people, but did not say what the analogy was. Except that the west is full of gays. And I forgot that people can learn and become much smarter, at least definitely smarter than mice and rats. This time the Philoso issue was diluted with the subject matter, it is interesting to listen to. But I'm talking about earthly things. Is the dollar devaluation relative to assets (gold, silver, shares of normal companies) possible in the near future? Which country or region of the world should you prepare your children to immigrate to?

It is still necessary to look for such an ignorant fool as a demur. What institution gave him a diploma? Well, okay, there is no knowledge, but at least the rudiments of logic would be!

  1. Here you slander other races, like they did not invent anything because now they are supposedly not the most advanced. Well, you are not familiar with the sinusoidal model of the development of peoples, which Gumilev wrote about, but there must be logic? take Japan or China or Singapore - are there many countries that can be compared with them in terms of development and technology? here you are - a Caucasian, and your "developed" Rashka can be compared well, at least with China? Name at least one city in Rashki that can be compared with Shanghai or even Wuhan or Shenzhen, Hong Kong and others? Weak? You say they have no technology, well, let's compare the Chinese processors and the Baikal Rashko processor which weighs as much as a hundred Chinese processors, 10 times more expensive, and crap is indescribable with a lag of a hundred years. Or can you compare the trains? Or roads? Or at home? Or salaries? Or the standard of living? Or payroll prices?
  2. Well, you have no logic. Therefore, you broadcast about the safety of the virus, but you are afraid to go to the hospital to work there for a couple of hours as an orderly. Don't even work, just go to the sick ward. At the same time, you build your fabrications on the basis of rash-"straitism", and when it comes to "statistics" on elections, you do not believe it. Those. then you believe her, then no longer? This is split of personalities - shiza. It is even consonant: demura - shiza. 
  3. I'm not talking about history at all, your knowledge is zero, logic is zero.
  4. What can you say about trading? Well, procter's retelling - is that expert knowledge?

Thank. Why is Stepan Gennadievich sprawled on the sofa? Does he have "such a become" like a black man in South Africa? "aura big"? Remember "why blacks and whites cannot stand in the same line" - blacks will wave their hands - they have a wide soul, and whites are "modest and embarrassed." Dear! Anonymous bitcoin will generally bury all our sanity and morality (according to Demur))) - do not give money into the hands of children! Especially if they played computer games) , In general, one hundred times one hundred percent agree with you. Dead lands await us NOU MAN LANDS ("we must survive") And we are on TV 10 times a day "digital transformation", "personal food".

The experiment with mice was carried out by John Calhoun in the 70s, and is divided into phases A, B, C, D. If everything goes along this movement, then the result is known - the death of the population (phase D -death). But since humans are still not rodents, Phase D will not be the last. And it is more likely that Gumilyov's passionary theory of ethnogenesis will be more accurate, will there be a reversal or the beginning of the moment of a passionary impulse? Probably yes.

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