Demura: buy the bottom, the second as a gift

There was an outage with cereals, empty shelves, Auchan, ABC of taste, Vkusvill. Read the book Bekhterev V.M. Mass psychosis. Pindos have not had a single case of coronavirus infection for 4 days. Rubles are toilet paper in our wallets. Flu is a massive psychosis of rulers all over the Earth. We are seeing expressions of the elite.

Why does Demure need a connecting rod and a piston group? Everything will be fine, there will be cereals .... Total business decline in Russia. "Middle class" - I believe in Putin. Pence will receive e-Points. We do not have a hype about toilet paper, it is always in our wallets. We sweep the traces, the virus will write off everything. At the bottom, sold the bottom and at the side. The head of the Duma explained in kind. Trolling trolls. What or who to plant in the spring. Nulltus-1st.

Oh Demura again. Excellent.
apparently a range rover. I didn’t really do it with mine. I killed a lot of money and time. He runs a new current.
And behind all this are psychiatrists. By the way, behind Hitler, there were also psychiatrists. Who does not believe, check ..
The problem is that they know how to treat the flu and how to relieve symptoms, but it's not clear with this garbage.
Most stable graveyard stability.
The scoop is on a good journey, a happy journey into oblivion!
recipe one. rape relax and have fun.

Gennadievich did not speak about cartridges. You invented it. You need to buy braces.
Tilki DPRK2, tilki Juche. :).
Yes, the symptoms are correct. Our doctors identify them. Buckwheat and ass.
Stepan Gennadievich is on fire, I am driving in the car, laughing out loud, thank you.
These "connoisseurs of history" got tired of it !!!.
The Bolsheviks did not touch the tsarist regime !!!.
= The Countess runs to the pond with a changed face.

03.16.20 74.13 -31 -96 180 \ 7.
- The reason for the fall in oil prices is the same - CORONavirus - EVERYTHING. .
In fact, a demarche is an inadequate, erroneous assessment of the threats from coronavirus.
- a month ago it was clear that production volumes would fall, and the price would fall to the chapel. In this situation, it is stupid arrogance to declare that “you reduce production, but we will not,” they say our place is dear to us.
- it is naive to believe that the side of TOTAL with 12% production can influence something, especially on the price and even more so on its collapse. The fact that we brought down prices is a FAKE. OTHERS DID IT, and we were made scapegoats, and we are happy.
- excuses that the demarche was allegedly made in order not to let the shale workers enter their clearing - an outright lie. Yes, with stable demand it would make sense, but with a predicted decline of up to 20%, this no longer works. The slates would not have resisted in any case. The Saudis simply offered them a delay of a couple of weeks so that they could earn money for conservation. But the wells will have to be preserved in any case !!! But that's only 1% of US GDP. No tragedy. It doesn't matter where the oil is transported - there or back.
- Nightingale said that the collapse was made to help China and even Turkey. Not true. Once again - the collapse in any case would have been - the reason is one coronavirus. Why just "go ahead," you had to take the GUILT on yourself, UNTIL it is not completely clear.

Now about the TOP:

- to drop the price to 25 (as promised by the Saudis) - IT IS NECESSARY TO INCREASE VOLUMES. The time for price adjustment by the production level has passed. Now - simple dumping.
And 25 will be, for the next meeting, if it takes place. "So as not to tie your hands" and bring us to our knees.
- beyond naivety to believe that we ourselves are able to decide how much production we should have. Mistake. Others decide. For we are pumping into the enemy camp. They decide ... Consumers.
And with one stroke of the pen, the pendos can simply reset us to zero, like Iran.
- one gets the impression that the Kremlinites believe that they are pouring oil “into the ocean”, not realizing that there is a valve at the end of the pipe that does not belong to them. It is this valve that controls the production volumes, and not the gallant wishes of the well owners.
It is also surprising that over 6 years of sanctions we were allowed to stay at these volumes. But Fixing - they did not allow to raise the production.
- Saudi Arabia is a vassal of the United States. Therefore, in conflict with the Saudis, we automatically entered into a confrontation with the Americans. Hence such a reaction…. and such consequences.
- The media claim that the budget of the Saudis is drawn up at 80 dollars. And supposedly it solves everything.
Indeed, the budget deficit is detrimental, but only for developing countries, because they do not have a Fed printing press.
For the United States and its satellites - Debt is a privilege, not a punishment, which is available only to them. “To live without mediation”, IN DEBT is the privilege of the elite.
It should be noted that the dollar rate soared only in the Russian Federation.
- our gold and foreign exchange reserves and the Saudis' = are almost the same. But they have 31 million people - almost 5 times less. And let's take into account the coefficient for our endless territories ... ... according to some estimates - a tenfold advantage.
About "ZERO".
At the moment - a secondary issue.
How dare you?
Without CORONavirus, there would be no “zeroing”. They would not dare to stop at the State Council, invented in China.
Zeroing is a reaction to impending Threats.
We must pay tribute to the Kremlinites - they worked quickly, used the chance. Although, in three days, everyone would have figured it out.
But it is already clear that the vote is unlikely to be held - in any case, there will be no turnout, the people will not come, no one will take risks. But to endure for the Kremlin is like death.
But with quarantine, with a dollar under 80t (they won't keep it below) - what vote ???
if the vote is canceled - USD 100.
Transferred to September, until the second wave…. There are few chances to wait for the next, suitable CHANCE. Operation "zeroing" - failed (85%). There is time to give a fight to this RUCK.
Here is the Parade sorry.
The best medicine is SELF-isolation.
17.03.20 73.89 -31-114- 16 regions.
18.03.20 77.21-27 - 146 Wave # 2 and the first wave of panic depression.
The Saud will go to the end of 20 and below. A goal to disrupt the vote or a war of annihilation? That is the question.
Shuler - to provide access to the website of public services - online voting.
And what we have.

Italy will not be here

Sorry, you yourself said that there is practically no diagnosis of this disease in Russia. At the same time, you are sure that it will not be like in Italy. .
It will be much worse because diagnostics are not even planned in Russia and tests for purchases abroad are not allowed. What will actually happen is underestimated statistics.
Demura was right, while others did not believe in this collapse.
and if they prohibit the enemy's paper - is it not for nothing that they are pushing about the scoop? - that is the question.
And Gennadiyovych is a handsome man to see the quarantine!
Good to scratch, Trump and Johnson didn't say that, and the cases are growing every day. Demura began to carry some kind of nonsense.
As long as Trump rules, he will stay in the Kremlin.
Stepan is smart, he says everything correctly! Maybe sometimes sour, but 100 / right!
In the North there is a sufficient number of young people who are ready to die from entertainment in a military conflict - oil!
Get Fucks. Ahh funny.
99% of the fucks in the world but they got money from somewhere paradox.
The bottom will be for the elections in the States.
Demura's immunity is apparently good, or he simply did not encounter an infection, and therefore is not aware of the quiet horror in hospitals. My son-in-law is sick with viral pneumonia now, he came for a second appointment and stood in line from morning to lunch, doctors are also sick - there is no one to take, but the sick leave should be extended (the tests are bad, however, they have not been checked on the CV) ..
10 .42! Oh Stepane, well, you have a GUMOR! Blackshe, blacks! On my pennies, I seem to be fantasies and trifles to be afraid of my soul !.
Rubles are coupons for buying dollars.
One dollar costs 54kop. RUBLES. And the Bank of Russia ticket ratio is 78 to one dollar today.
Trump is now singing a different crown song. It's been 3 days already.
Kek 25 red frame at 18:36 with the word scoop xD.
What caliber does Stepan have? And what kind of stew does he prefer? Where does he keep the gold?
finally, it was not visible all week.
In Spain, 833 people have died from the virus today, 1107 people have been cured. If you get sick, then with a probability of almost 50% you will die. In Italy, the probability of dying is more than 50% in case of illness. You can get infected, but not get sick, but if you get sick ..
one call, to Yemen, and oil costs 180 per barrel, otherwise it’s an excellent wording, call that, and they will buy from this, the world is much more complicated than the analyst sees.
Yemen? It's funny. Who is there to call, there are still fighting on T-34-85.
Bureaucracy of WHO! It will be like from Ebola, they shouted about 80% mortality, then when the billions were allocated, everything abruptly quieted down.
Thanks for the broadcast! I'm also optimistic and share Demura's humor!
Buy cartridges and you will have buckwheat and toilet paper!
..and oil and gas rent!
And bunks by the bucket.

Stepan Krasava

Present Stepa with a T-shirt.
Why are you inviting this clown? lately he's just laughing a waste of airtime.
but his predictions are more accurate with an interval of 1-2 years, and the approximate date is known only in the White House in Washington, and the authorities, as they deceived the people, are deceiving them. If you do not hold back the rubles, then the banknote would show 110-120 rubles per unit of American and this just shows the difference in the economy. if he was in power, he would also lie like everyone else, because there they are forced to lie otherwise you will not sit.
Country of fools.
You can’t tell more precisely!
Stepan is tormented by another doubt. Since 1929, during crises, they sing that \ ALL \ have lost money. But the exchange is a zero-sum game, i.e. someone had to \ FIND \ this money, but there is complete silence about it.
Yes, I laughed with you. Thanks for the information, otherwise all the baronovirus is about the coronavirus. Basta! It's spring on the street, buds on the trees are blooming and the sun is shining .. and where are we going with a piglet a big big secret ???.
Demura rules. Predictions come true. !!!!.
Stepan is great. I made a mistake for 5 years, but still the forecast was confirmed $ = 100 soon.
Vitaly Rogozin Fucked up conclusion So anyone can predict the dollar will be 300 rubles. I don’t know how long and after 50 years it will be 300 rubles. cost.
ahah, in 50 years, there will be no Rashka or fubla.
17:00 rewind to there. And before that, antics and foolishness, for which both wanted to move ..
41 035 Italy 3 405 deaths Italy (Yesterday at 06:45: 35 713 Italy 2 978 deaths Italy).
A conversation between a ram and a fox .. Sorry.
Now Putin is zero. Huylo, this is yesterday.
Demura is gradually turning everything into clownery .. listening to him becomes less interesting because of this.
In the sense of clowning? The man, however, has long said that the ruble has no bottom, that our market is not a market, and that the economy is not the same for the population. His prediction came true, why not make a joke?
Everything that happens around is really clownery! And what has Demura to do with it? Here, if you think well, then it becomes funny from everything that happens! Morons rule states!
Oleg Senius. And I like the expression of Volodin - We have the heritage of Russia bald !! Cool !.
Oleg Senius is a healthy hysteria.
Well, how can you do without finished bots ??? )
I mean the very presentation of the material. You can joke, but when there is a lot of it, it is no longer perceived.
Hello, Stepan! Bravo! Looking forward to seeing you again!
I watched the video yesterday, from December 2018. They predicted a collapse of funds for 2020. And over-credited China and Italy were predicted as a reason for the fall. A forgotten coincidence however. By captivity, you will become a conspiracy theorist).
Polygraph Poligrafovich, can you throw off a link to it ?.
At the very beginning, at 1:10, he speaks specifically about China and Italy.
Links are not published here. The channel is called ".
Yuriy Romanenko "Video" The third wave of the global crisis over the approach: why the "ideal storm" is dangerous for Ukraine "Date 26 December 2018.
Thank you, Poligrafovich.
Thank you very much. The 90s cannot be repeated. Then the super-centralized supply system collapsed and a vacuum was formed, but not for a long time. A private initiative replaced this system and now, once the price goes up there, the goods immediately move. There is a maximum of a week in shortage.
90s is not a shortage buddy. 90s is a lack of salaries and exchange in kind. This is exactly what will happen.
Stability and confidence in the future.
Stability and confidence in the future.
Oh again, the "expert" chatterbox! That he never got rid of Russia, he promised everything, and a dollar for 100 rubles ?!).
Stepan's humor is fine.
What kind of five-cylinder engine? Volvo? Will his korobas digest these 700 Nm?
He has Land Rover discovery 2.
hmm, such an old man should only be put on steroids.
Stepan's Black Cat had a td5 diesel land rover, for a long time it was called so. Now apparently the same.
Demura is great!
Read how it was in Italy. And you will see that NO measures will reduce the incidence. How to introduce all sorts of measures. Well, politicians simply have to. But 7 billion people will still be sick. and ONE billion will die. Plus 2 billion disabled people with fucking permanently damaged lungs. Read about Italy and EVERYTHING will be clear as day.
There is nothing to look at one foolishness .. a fucking conspiracy theorist.
Demur drives .. let him explain why in Italy 500 people a day died yesterday? We need to send him to Milan, let him giggle there .. in intensive care.
I think he explained. Fucking Italians are worse than us.
Ilita imitates caring for the people, watch your hands.
"Ilita .." - And you follow the letters.

Doctor Stepa

Thank you very much.
Thanks for the guest, Neuromir. We believe Stepan, we are waiting for a dollar at 150 !!! Left a little. The ruble has no bottom. Greetings from New York.
And something, already, no one is interested in the US national debt.
It is enough to withdraw people they do not need from the game and bring talentless, but predictable and acting figures to power, and you can withdraw dividends!
This idiot cannot even understand that if tough measures are not introduced, there will be a sharp influx of patients and hospitals will not be able to cope, from which the mortality rate will jump sharply.
read how it was in Italy. And you will see that NO measures will reduce the incidence. How to introduce all sorts of measures. Well, politicians simply have to. But 7 billion people will still be sick. and ONE billion will die. Plus 2 billion disabled people with fucking permanently damaged lungs. Read about Italy and EVERYTHING will be clear as day.
You already have a brain virus!
No one is taking any harsh measures in our country, masks have disappeared everywhere, they are not.
In fact, the conversation is serious, how much can you make fun of and giggle? Maybe S. Demura is drunk? Why go to transfer in this case? Let him sit and make jokes with friends.
Can you keep your opinion to yourself too? They called him, he came, no one called you. In 2015, there was an outbreak of another coronavirus, but everyone didn't give a fuck, because they didn't say anything on TV, but here everyone is so serious, fucking clowns.
Sits in a private house stocked up with stew, does not hold money in rubles. Why shouldn't he laugh then?

Stepan, good day! I propose in the light of the economic crisis, against the background of a pandemic, the topic - why now, in the conditions of zeroing))), not declare a default on all financial obligations, leave the dollar zone and not zero the ruble? The creation of an independent State Bank, with a ruble tied to Au - that's the thing)))) After that - everyone arbeiten and develop a production base ... Igor smirnovivges@**

Hello Stepan Gennadievich ... Yesterday, after watching the video with your participation on the NEUROMIR channel, I wrote a letter to Igor Valentinovich with a proposal for cooperation ... Since I understand that Igor Valentinovich has access to a fairly large number of educated and erudite people ... Unfortunately, Igor Valentinovich wrote that In the next two months he has absolutely no opportunity to delve into anything due to a complete lack of time ... About five years ago I watched a video on the NEUROMIR channel where YOU touched upon the topic of GESELL'S FREE MONEY ... And said that this is practically the only way out of the current economic situation ... !!!! Six months ago I became a member of the Fridn… project. Which, as in the song of the LENINGRAD group, is for all the good and against all the bad ...)) The project can be considered as an alternative to GEZELL'S FREE MONEY ... Of course, I understand that maybe I'm an ordinary LOCH ...)) Who is glad to be deceived ...)) Stepan Gennadievich I I understand that you are no less a busy person than Igor Valentinovich ... But suddenly I get lucky ...)) And you will read this letter ... And you will have a free minute to study Fridn's project .... No need to advertise our project on your resources ... !!! Become just a participant in the project ... (today it can be done for free) See how everything looks from the inside of the system.! _______________ Stepan Gennadievich ...! Is it possible to invite you to a personal online meeting with the founder of the project Alexander Spindler ...! ??? You can personally ask questions ... Discuss possible cooperation ... ________________ I really hope that Alexander Spindler will not "kick" me out of the project after this ..)) In the sense that this project turns out to be an ordinary pyramid ... ((International project ...! Also in In the long term, you can develop your Internet resources using the tools of the Fridn project ... I do not deal with mass mailing of letters ...! So in the mood ... And absolutely from the heart ...)). !!! The video folder contains all the basic info ... I understand that you are a very busy person ... But the prospects for the development of your Internet resources with the help of our project are quite real ... !!! I understand that hundreds of letters come to you ... But still I really hope that this meeting will be organized ... !! Yes ...) I keep my three kopecks in dollars ...)) ..! Please give feedback to understand that the letter has been read ... St. Petersburg Victor ibaza@*

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