Demura answers questions 24.05.2020

Geselevskie money. Fantastic results. Local electronic money began to appear in Europe. Means of exchange are in demand in this situation. A powerful blow to the existing financial system. You select an emission center. The economy is accelerating, otherwise the money simply burns out. What's the point of keeping your retirement savings in stocks?

People die from the fact that they cannot receive medical care on time because of this plague, seasonal SARS. One and a half gyrus. Mortality has risen sharply due to the actions of the authorities. Fuck your mother, we were wrong, life will be different now. Are you crazy or what? This is an epidemic of mass psychosis. We just keep killing people. A question for psychiatrists and narcologists.

Robert Prechter (b.1949) - American psychologist, stock market analyst, creator of the theory of social causality, author of books on financial analytics.

Who knows better than anyone else expensive cars? Beggars! Fueled up with diesel for a wild amount. Can I pay for half? They looked at me like an idiot. I traded bitcoins 1 time, I shorted it when futures appeared. I made money. I'm a sick old trader.

Seriously, Robert Prechter changed my perception of the world and everything that happens. When I began to study and understand all the beauty of Elliott. I understood how the world works. You are always going against the crowd. I use this principle in the markets. These two people really turned my mind upside down. Thank God it happened in infancy (laughs).

It seems that with such an attitude to the medical situation, Stepan Demura himself may suffer up to death from this infection. He seems smart, but in this aspect he looks like a layman and flat-earther. Though. Gennadievich, like Mikhalkov and the late Zadornov, talked about the "Ancient Russians". Perhaps Stepan should get tested for brain cancer? I'm not kidding about brain cancer. Alas. Bad stuff, it's better to diagnose early.

They began to do free screening for antibodies to Chinese distemper. Of the 8 people who were invited for analysis, 1 person came to donate blood (Sobyanin was surprised by this too, by the way), and in 5 working days they took an analysis from 50 thousand people - 15% who did not have ARVI for at least six months already have stable antibodies ... And if we extrapolate these data to the same 70 thousand Muscovites a day who send Sobyanin, then the data will completely coincide with what Potapenko or Academician Chuchalin has been talking about for the third month already - everyone has been ill for a long time.

Explaining for the dense! No power supply needed for new chips. It's like non-contact bank cards (NFC). If the chip enters the operating area of ​​the reader, then under the action of the wave it is activated and exchanges information. Such chips were going to be introduced into the state license plates of vehicles, but then they realized that those in the know can damage the chips or they can be damaged during operation. And we decided to simply transfer everyone to GLONASS. The chip will carry biometric data and act as a radio tag for tracking. If it is announced that having this chip you do not need to carry a passport, water certificate, fear policy and so on. Then the queue will stand to put yourself a chip. New 5G towers have a small coverage radius, so they need much more - this project is very costly and will be implemented only in megacities. In the future, mini repeaters will be located in any electrical device. And get a super network. The financial crisis could get in the way!

About the virus and chips

Guys, about chips and about their power is not yours. Don't mess with physics. Remember the journalist - cosmonaut Rogozin and do not mislead people. For some reason, I believe GEYS, and the towers proliferate at every corner like mushrooms. Why's that! The virus is a binary biological weapon. And it is, but it is used as a cover operation, selectively, to sow panic among the population and make them stay at home! And at this time themselves are in full swing preparing for chipping!

In Soviet times, experiments were also conducted on the effects of frequencies on humans. Each organ has its own frequencies. Through nano particles, you can receive waves from towers and resonate and affect organs. Read the physics yourself, deuce to you.

31:40 Not fools, but morons from the Financial Times and Bloomberg got to the bottom of our unfortunate government that these bastards allegedly underestimate the death rate by 70-80% of the Chinese plague. You need to inflate mortality in the West. Online education. Life will be different after this epidemic.

"The economy itself is engaged in the emission of money" - this was also described in his monetary theory by the great Minsky, who believed that the nature of money emission is the more endogenous, the greater the share of the financial sector in the economy, and, as time shows, Minsky is absolutely right. Now the effectiveness of monetary expansion or policy is significantly lower than it was 70 years ago, but inequality in income and opportunities has increased.

1:06:20 France has become a trash heap. I (Stepan Demura) in Paris was on a break for 10 years. There the zoo is the other way around. You're white in the cage. They are spectators. Talistia and multiculturalism worked well as long as the indigenous population had money. Normal healthy nationalism is awakening in Germany.

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Демура, Степан Геннадьевич признанный специалист в области мировой экономики и финансов. Здесь вы можете получить наиболее точные прогнозы на доллары США для рынка Форекс.

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Топ 1: Пьяный Демура на РБК

Stepan Demura is not sober in the blue studio of the RBK channel

Дорогой, я поставлю тебе бутылку черничного самогона. Всадник апокалипсиса Степан Демура. Прогнозы были 113-114, затем был столбик 125-75. Я говорю о фундаментальных факторах. Уверенность людей в росте. Мне сложно сказать, на что вы смотрите. Андрей очень импульсивный человек... видео здесь


Топ 2: Жанна Немцова

Zhanna Nemtsova presenter on the RBK channel

Все компании зарабатывают деньги и тратят деньги. Амазонки пока нет. Да, точка com. eBay? Эбэй. Извините, с русским акцентом. Это как журнал для черных женщин, ебани. Извини, Эбани. Есть такой известный американский журнал. Продолжаю Степан. Так как расход сейчас падает. Я скажу неприличное слово, ебеде... смотреть видео


Топ 3: Запрещенное видео Демуры

Demura with a cigarette in his hand, drinking beer in a bar

Загоняйте лохов на рынок. Что тебе нравится сейчас происходить? Формируются новые проекты в области аналитики. Это пир во время чумы. 60 миллиардов приехали в Штаты, все это слезы. В России все это для того, чтобы лохов выгоняли на рынок. Люди потеряли высокооплачиваемую работу. Как в казино... посмотри видео


Топ 4: Степан Демура съел шляпу

Stepan Demura smokes a cigar with bread on his head

Я сдерживаю свое обещание. Добрый день девочки и мальчики, сегодня шляпу едим. Возник спор. Шапка тюбитейка называется. Съедим его с шампанским с Титаника. Экономика ломается. Мы увидим мощное ралли «Нефть 80». Я снимаю шляпу и ем её... смотреть видео


Топ 5: Разговор без посторонних с Демурой

Demura drinks a mug of beer in a cafe

Репутация - вещь преходящая. Вы зарабатываете на рынке? Не жалуетесь? Когда вы начнете свою компанию? Ой, это такой геморрой. Лучше выспаться. На чужие деньги проще играть. Если постоянно сиять в СМИ. Литературный критик Кургинян... смотреть видео




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