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City class June 24, 2020 - Stepan Demura

Will you go to the polls? Of course not why. I just really don't understand. What is voting? Why is it needed in civilized countries? It is an open expression mechanism. Hydrolyzed beer drinker. Voting is protecting the interests of Jews from the majority. In principle, no change is possible. There is no real competition, there are clowns.

Correct count. Election of governors in Primorye. They annulled the election results, recognized the stuffing. An article in the criminal code. You caught the election commission. The fact of the crime. There are no contractors and customers - because that is you. The political field has been cleared, there is no one to vote for. Shove the bald devil against United Russia. What is the point of going to the polls?

This is scary. The bloodless mechanism of power change does not work. You forgot to put a pressure relief valve in the moonshine still and sooner or later it will explode! Who is behind Navalny? He does not represent any political force. Chumka showed that they are not able to make adequate decisions. Fuss with nullification and legitimacy. The territory of Russia is indivisible - an amendment to the Constitution.

Klishas, ​​let's say all the people vote for the amendments For. Sberbank to start operating in Crimea? Cellular operators too. The Americans will understand how wrong they were and return the Aluminum to Deripaska. Aunt Gera explained that there are no rights in Crimea. Gangster-KGB little thing - to cover up everyone, everything is in business. People are also in business.

The USA makes money from farming. Who Prayed for Bitcoin? Generation M - money changers. Young people do not understand the older generation, they communicate using Emoji. The internet is down, there is no electricity. How will you live? You assholes, you destroyed demand with a cold. RUB 10,000 per child per month. There is not a dime in the budget. ZIL 130 is an American pickup truck of the 60s. Laughs. Boschenko made a great invention - a light bulb. I joked that you need to buy ruble government bonds.

The coronavirus Covid-19 calls it "plague". The real mortality rate is 0.2-0.3%. Calls for a close observation of the facts. Explains why the vaccine can cause increased mortality if re-infected. It's all about the so-called disproportionate response of the immune system. Supports the idea that the world elite wants to reduce the population, for this a coronavirus project was invented in order to vaccinate people, and in case of re-infection, increase mortality to 30-40%.

About USA

Criticizes the current political power. Forecasts a drop in US GDP in 2020 by 20-30%. Small and medium businesses are 50% bankrupt. In Russia, the situation is even worse. The destruction of the middle class and everything connected with it awaits. A large number of defaults on loans to individuals awaits in the United States, which will entail a wave of deleveraging in financial instruments related to lending. The problems of the real economy cannot be flooded with liquidity. The Chinese economy will collapse in the wake of the United States.

Excerpt from a lecture on economics and politics on June 24, 2020 from financial analyst Stepan Demura. Stepan's answer to the question on voting on amendments to the Constitution of July 1, 2020.

The most interesting thing is about the elections

One must live according to conscience! And voting is not conscientious. I don’t take part, but I’ll come to the polling station to express my position - the government needs to be changed, not the constitution. And the Center = Liberators for just participation = recognition of their Legitimacy! I stopped watching both Solovyov and Potapenko and everyone else at the moment when they "like the opposition" began to urge to come and say no ... The Left Wing drowns for participation from the pose "No". This is the opinion of the Right Wing of our Community! Since when did the opinion of the stock speculator Demura become authoritative?

What's with the ruble?

Provides an example of the correlation between the ruble exchange rate, oil price and the RGBI government bond index. He comes to the conclusion that the UsdRub currency pair does not depend on oil prices, but on the credit market. Predicts a sharp drop in bonds and, accordingly, a fall in the ruble exchange rate. Optimism on Russian debt awaits in the near future.

Part 1

Recent Comments

Stepan, I watch your performances, but I have long wanted to ask when you worked for RBC, in 2007-2008 and everything just fell down, you talked about the next bottom, and you have to buy, how to understand it, is the job like this or you are. Then I remember only Levchenko said, we must sell. I would like to hear something, although I did not listen to you then. Why is it wrong? Buy Apple, Google, Amazon - they were all on the market then. Now they wouldn’t rack their brains, but were resting on a well-deserved pension, having sold what they bought in 2008.

Stepan I wish you long health. And here our youthful intellectuality did not knock about homosexual Soviet and thank God, and for this they do not understand soviet jokes. We are Soviet people Stepan and this must be accepted. And young people will move on and what it will decide next. A sign from heaven. On the day Putin was reset, a bright star went out in the direction of the constellation Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius is the sign of Russia. When Christ was born, a bright new star led the Magi to his birthplace.

That's right about millennials! I can't even joke on the Internet, they don't understand! I have to explain! Although I am also 30, some not like that, and on Facebook / VKontakte / Twitter ... I am not, and there are few friends, but real ones who will help if anything, and will not throw off the sad emoji. Not so simple with millennials. They have a deficit of emotions, it is a fact, but they do not take prudence. Therefore, emotions suffer. And Stepan put it right - millennials receive information in a different way than people before the Internet era. Hence the results of their psyche.

Stepan, on account of the fact that the Indians and the Chinese are repairing, it's funny. But let me tell you how my friends, coders, aged from 34 to 42 years old, right now, behind the Indians, are rewriting a huge snrvis for one top retail realtor in Europe ... every time I hear about the snares they encounter, and now they report a thought to your management that you need to write from scratch, since it will take another half year to fix the code and test, and a new product can be raised to the beta version in 8 months! These are the literate Indians ... Now about the Chinese, yes there is a little better with coders, but for some reason such companies as Google, Amazon write their most responsible services either on their own or on outsourcing Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic. Question - does Google know something about quality?

Part 2

Demura does not read comments, at least he is blind and deaf to arguments. it's like a tree stump - knock - don't knock - useless. he told you: covid is safer than ORZ, but he did not say at what ORD even according to Rashkovan statistics 500 doctors died and how the mortality rate of 20% suddenly became 0.003. If you know about interviews on Google, they ask algorithmic problems that even students learn over the course of a year. About 10 years ago in the same interviews they asked, "Why are the hatches round?" - they stopped asking because they did not find a pattern between the ability to answer a question and the ability to write code. So draw your own conclusions.

I don't understand Stepan Gennadievich, we come to visit you to find out your opinion about rubles / dollars, other common questions for you, but you simply ignore them. Is it really that difficult to answer them for people who are weak in these matters and want to hear an answer from a professional? "There are no old and greyhound traders" In the treasury of Stepan Gennadievich's brilliant statements. We owe one thing to the world that the great Demura led us for 12 years through the calidors of history in search of the apocalypse. God bless the coronavirus. So we will win. Glory to Ukraine.

Stepan Gennadievich, I have been listening to you for many years and am amazed at your subtle analysis and ability to objectively assess the situation. Thanks you! For me and my family, you are like a ray of sunshine in this dense, impenetrable forest. Stepan, I respect you. Teach your youth ... learn the language and leave the country ... I didn't have time, I became an adult ... You don't have to live here ... if nothing can be changed ... voting is fiction ... There are no jobs, no brains , there are no engineers left ... And those who think that they have understood everything, do not understand anything. Good, correct and sincere. Demura this time the Forex analysis gave a detailed and more or less realistic, thank you.

Demura is the best analyst in the world

Perhaps there is no more objective and realistic analyst than Demur not only in Russia, but in the world. Something education in the demur is not noticeable. people are not able to analyze the simplest things. logical thinking at zero. knowledge is generally below the plinth. Thanks to people like Demura, I dumped in the states. Yes, I haven't saved up for an apartment in Manhattan, but I get 4 times more money than in Moscow, having the same expenses. You need to understand what he says, then everything will be a bunch. at the same time tell us about your wonderful logic and in what institution did you learn it? - in the comments addressed to you there was a discussion of the formation of a demur, instead of answering, for some reason you began to carry a blizzard about how, thanks to the demur, you allegedly dumped somewhere. do you realize that you are just an idiot who does not see the sequence of the thread of judgment?

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Demura drinks a mug of beer in a cafe

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