City class July 15, 2020 - Stepan Demura

The hysteria of doctors and scientists begins. A terrible infection will kill everyone. We need to close everyone! In the United States, there is a clear separation of federal and local authorities. Full kick, terrible plague. This topic has already got me. Real data showed that the death rate from coronavirus 0.04% is the same as that of Sobyanin. There is no population over 70 years old in Russia.

Demura's attic has finally gone. Pi's story is crap about aliens and ancient civilizations. Aunt, give Stepan a headset from tilipon. The sound will at least become normal. IMHO breaks the dollar index down, the euro will go to 1.18 soon. ... One questions are voiced and tries to keep Stepan longer and voice the maximum number of questions. The other turns the sound on and off for everyone)) - Many participants do not realize that their conversations with household members and other sounds are on the air. Not everyone knows internet etiquette. Work in a hospital with Coronavirus. Stepan, you've already been asked. Would you like to work in a hospital with your beloved "plague", with your "harmless rhinitis"?

Black lazy monkeys. White hetero sexy man with black rainbow. It's like huyweing in China. The football team was renamed Redskins, rebranding. The mood in the States is conveyed very simply by how they fucked us up. Trump says. Flocks of angry black monkeys.

Anecdote: Petka loved to form. Vasily Ivanovich, explain to me what a nuance is. Take off your pants get up doggy style. Planted. You got a dick in your ass. And I have a dick in my ass. But there is a nuance.

Demura says there is no oil, but lithium, but gold, and uranium, and hydrogen? Demura, by the way, does not believe in baranovirus either. Dedicated to the fans of his own father. Download until removed.

  • Stepan, you've already been asked. Would you like to work in a hospital with your beloved "plague", with your "harmless rhinitis"? What did you answer then? You started to insult the person who asked you the question. Personalities are usually transferred due to the complete lack of brains.
  • You were asked one more question: you adore the close-minded Trump so much, so would you like to undergo treatment with the method that he cried all over America: "Intravenous bleach" and "Intramuscular light".
  • More than 70 doctors have died of your "syphilis" in Lombardy. Remind the gullible public when it was such that 70 doctors died from flu in Lombardy in 5 months.
  • Stop lying, the death rate in the US is not 0.025% or 0.004% as you said, but 4%.
  • For 4 years now you have been telling tales about how soon all the Democrats will be jailed. Name the criminal cases filed against Clinton, Biden, Obama or anyone. Due to the fact that your memory is bad, I remind you that the friends of the most brilliant president in the entire history of the United States (in your opinion) are already in prison. And he already had time to pardon one of his friends - Stone. Corruption at the highest level. But I like your rhetoric, it completely coincides with the Kremlin propaganda. They also tell tales that all democrats are about to be imprisoned without trial and, naturally, an investigation.

Tuberculosis dispensary

  1. Do you want to work in a tuberculosis dispensary? Where is the tuberculosis quarantine? Where is the border closure?
  2. No bleach was mentioned there, check the translator.
  3. And in Japan it did not die, 600 people died in the entire 120 million country, maybe something is wrong in Lombardy?
  4. 4% From what? If anything in the United States normally dies 160 thousand people a year due to respiratory diseases.
  5. The main friend of the Democrats, Epstein, tell us how you can get a year in a private prison in a separate block for child molestation with the opportunity to visit your office 12 hours a day? Tell us how People smashing shops, burning cars and houses become peaceful demonstrators? Nobody remembers this?

Why should he work in a tuberculosis dispensary? this demura denies covid, so he was offered. And what does the quarantine from tuberculosis have to do with it? tuberculosis is a typical disease only for the backward countries of the third world, such as shitty. There is no such disease in civilization. As for the virus, if you had brains, you would realize that there are several mutations of covid, and the one in Japan is not the same as in pasta, not to mention the difference in the level of medicine.

Demura the ignorant fool

Demura is an ignorant d-urache. Does he really have a diploma? - just people who have education do not carry such nonsense. Well, a couple of notes:

  1. The pseudo-story channel that you advertised just demonstrates your ignorance and alternative giftedness.
  2. Well, tell me how the "narrow-eyed" did not build or create anything :)))) and since when did "narrow-eyed" and black steel in the same cohort? In general, as it has already been said more than once, you are fuming with ignorance, you would read scientific books, otherwise, you see it as a typical light-haired Vanek.
  3. In average, 500 doctors died from the virus, but the doctors themselves consider this figure to be underestimated, and this is so. What flu (except for the Spanish flu) killed 500+ doctors in a few months? not a dangerous covid, you say? - is it poor to go to a covid hospital? young you say kovid does not take? but a young doctor from Bashkiria worked for several days and died, and he was less than 30.
  4. You are constantly referring to shitty statistics, are you so dumb that you think they are correct? and as you have already been asked a question: if you believe in the statistics of Rashka on covid, but you do not believe in the statistics on voting, then you have a schiz?

Styopa! Judging by the statements on the medical and political topic, the "plague" specifically chewed your neocortex. Who gets the lungs, who gets the brain. Tulsi was also born outside the US, think. Still, Stepan is not indifferent to Hawaiians of various origins. But at least she is a woman, that's okay.Half of the video about what Stepan thinks about covid and what a cool trump. And who needs this nonsense? Stepan is getting old, insanity is developing. Stepan conduct streams on YouTube! Collect donations! Participate in social life, start an instagram. COLLECT SUBSCRIBERS and Broadcast me 30 years old watching your videos REGULARLY, I would ask questions with donation with pleasure!

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