City class July 11, 2019 - Stepan Demura

You have come for a long ruble. He's in the mouse room. Who announced this behind my back? Soon people won't even have $ 10. People will think that we are in Europe. Yellow boat in the theme of the day. Losharik, what was there? Don't care. How did he swim for so long? The system has reached a degree of degradation. Human capital is lost. Maintain Scoop's legacy. Incomprehensible disasters. The scoop was not the pinnacle of scientific and technological progress.

UAZ and Japanese car. We have what we have. Technogenic disasters are still local in nature. A flood is the materialization of water from the ether. I admit everything in this country. It is not reasonable to talk about common sense.

Read Ibn Khaldun. Passed a hundred times. The security forces are warriors, disasters, the complete decline of the oil industry. Everything is already, where next? 4-letter word ass. There is a circle of the elite who suffered a little in the West. National projects were invented for them. The so-called fight against corruption. The siloviki did not fight, they began to milk. The plank is lower on the periphery.

Anecdote from Stepan Demura about Sharpened Gelatin

A British spy was caught by the French revolutionaries. Execution. Gulyatina on the neck. He lies and asks the executioner. What's all this? The executioner sharpened the gelatin very well, it was very sharp. Try nodding.

In the photo: Stepan Demura is drinking tea with cookies from the US State Department.

On July 11, the last seminar of Stepan Demura took place. The broadcast was recorded in high quality Ful HD by the organizers. You can watch it on the Demur TV website, however, where and always. We will inform you about new videos additionally. In this video of the seminar, discussion of the most significant events in the country and the world.
In the video of the seminar:

  • Russian economy today: "fragile bottom" or there is still room to fall:
  • The main challenges and threats to the Russian economy;
  • What events have determined and will determine the economic picture in the country;
  • New realities. Geopolitical risks and markets;
  • The most trusted sources of knowledge and news about the state of the economy;
  • Investor's kitchen. How to save and where to earn?

Get access to the webinar. You will be able to watch the video from your computer. It's completely free. Unique offer of the day is the recording of Demura's performance on July 11, 2020. The viewing service works only on the Demur TV website! Get the opportunity to watch Stepan Demuru on the Internet.

Demura is the only one who said that the Fed will be forced to cut the rate. And it sounded crazy. And who after that can accuse him of boltology? Everything is very close to this. And the crypt, and the crumbling economy, and the bickering of the special services ... ?? He predicted a lot of things ... And a dollar at 120? What a hysterics he had when they asked this question)) If you listen to only SG, then of course he will be the only one who said something there. True, 3/4 of the smartlab talked about it + Vasya Oleinik every week on the radio. As the saying goes = do not talk about bags. The question is not who says what, but who earns what on it = but with this, the SG Tugan = only has to cut down at seminars, but people are already tired of walking and listening to the same game. However, there are always idolaters, they are all God's dew ... The words of SG are exactly the same zero. This is not the question = there are always talkers, the question is what will you earn on this. Demura makes money on seminars and in the near-market, not a single trading signal even when he was dealing with a typical broker with a profit stock ... I'm not talking about all the other tools = 5 years nowhere. Predictions in the style of something when it will definitely happen = cause laughter)

Full version of Stepan Demura's seminar in City class from July 11, 2020

Watch the latest leaked video for free.

According to Elliot's waves, he cannot calculate the occupancy of seminars .... often postponed ...)))) 5 years of unfulfilled forecasts, ruble 120 each, bitcoin about zero, euro dollar 0.86, etc. As a result, people cannot be driven to seminars with a stick, we have to demand from neuromir 100tr per battle with Delyagin. A typical fate of a near-market trader and his fellow taxfree, as a result, all trading elliott companies from Borisenko to # 89waves have already blacklisted the SG. Complete shame. The leader of the neurological world Boschenko was throwing it off. He wanted to arrange a battle Delyagin Demura, Demura refused, only for 100tr, which actually became a reason for ridicule ... I see no reason for "ridicule" here. SG is interesting, he comes and is recorded like this, SG is not very interesting / not interesting at all - he asks for money. Then you need to understand that tete-a-tete with the leader is one thing, but debate is another. you may not see them = I am just stating the fact of comments under the post of Boschenko. As for the SG, for me personally, there are no questions = the comrade was driven from the RBK, and all that remains is to earn money at seminars for which people are recruited with difficulty. Just like his idol Taxfree has a hard time pushing unnecessary market indicators for the loot on his blog. In the same way as the druzhban SG from profit stock pushes training to waves of Elliott for loot together with the company Zerich through its miserable website. For me, there are no questions to such characters and their activities = it's funny that their idolaters don't see this ... Igor Boschenko threw off a screenshot of the correspondence with SG on his YouTube channel. Literally it sounded like "so tell them = for 100tr ready to come to the battle with anyone".

Keep in touch = 2 years = max 24 seminars (in fact, about 18-20), of which 20% at least did not happen. A lot or a little, everyone decides for himself = for me this is an indicator that people are tired of waiting for unfulfilled forecasts. This is clearly not 1 time in 5 years. As for the losses = there is an agreement on the amount of the deferred naturally between the SG and Cityclass. The company will never pay anything from its own = why do they need it? If there are requests for tickets = well, say, 30 people each 2.5 tr = 75 tr + 25 tr from the sale of the record = then the seminar is held, in the contract the percentage of demura, or a specific amount. No applications = the seminar is postponed. Usually, the amount for a presenter in Moscow starts at 50 tr. That is, apparently, the SG no longer passes even with minimal traffic = hence the transfers. SG himself, in correspondence with Neuromir, essentially confirmed his price = for 100 tr, he is ready to perform anywhere and with anyone (in fact, I think he would agree to 50 tr). What actually indirectly proves the level of "megaguru" gt; they obviously paid more on RBK (the example of another "guru" Levchenko proves this), but the times are difficult now, forecasts are past the box office, they don't call anywhere = a friend has to spin.

Will Demura be able to explain that at the last seminar he again did not guess at the level of the ruble / dollar pair?

From 15 onwards predicts 98-125 every year. Oil 12. So where ? Recently, it has only quieted down. Balabolka)))

Shaggy has already gotten to sit next to Demura. Comes neighing, spoils the seminar. Sit back and do not interfere with your chlamydia in the frame. There is not enough stutterer with mom, also a lover of vomiting at the seminar. Victor Vasiliev

Still there are fans of dolb - ba storyteller? How many years do you need? The neighborhoods are all tired of waiting, and normal people have already multiplied their capital at times. The ruble has no bottom! Sberbank is bankrupt! Smoke pot and listen further to the fabulous dolba demurka! Especially in the group of the stepchik in contact. Already from the age of 16, all the unwanted were sent to the ban so that the rest of the idiots would listen to him! Perhaps soon and nix, but this is no longer a forecast, but the tales of the great smoker and armakedon who even got kicked out of the RBK !!!!!!!!! Mudak Demura is paid like a pound - I agree. To carry such garbage, you need money to buy nonsense, otherwise you can't even imagine such a thing. Vladimir Larin

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Демура, Степан Геннадьевич признанный специалист в области мировой экономики и финансов. Здесь вы можете получить наиболее точные прогнозы на доллары США для рынка Форекс.

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На фото: Пьём пиво и смотрим новый семинар Степана Демуры в Сити класс


Топ 1: Пьяный Демура на РБК

Stepan Demura is not sober in the blue studio of the RBK channel

Дорогой, я поставлю тебе бутылку черничного самогона. Всадник апокалипсиса Степан Демура. Прогнозы были 113-114, затем был столбик 125-75. Я говорю о фундаментальных факторах. Уверенность людей в росте. Мне сложно сказать, на что вы смотрите. Андрей очень импульсивный человек... видео здесь


Топ 2: Жанна Немцова

Zhanna Nemtsova presenter on the RBK channel

Все компании зарабатывают деньги и тратят деньги. Амазонки пока нет. Да, точка com. eBay? Эбэй. Извините, с русским акцентом. Это как журнал для черных женщин, ебани. Извини, Эбани. Есть такой известный американский журнал. Продолжаю Степан. Так как расход сейчас падает. Я скажу неприличное слово, ебеде... смотреть видео


Топ 3: Запрещенное видео Демуры

Demura with a cigarette in his hand, drinking beer in a bar

Загоняйте лохов на рынок. Что тебе нравится сейчас происходить? Формируются новые проекты в области аналитики. Это пир во время чумы. 60 миллиардов приехали в Штаты, все это слезы. В России все это для того, чтобы лохов выгоняли на рынок. Люди потеряли высокооплачиваемую работу. Как в казино... посмотри видео


Топ 4: Степан Демура съел шляпу

Stepan Demura smokes a cigar with bread on his head

Я сдерживаю свое обещание. Добрый день девочки и мальчики, сегодня шляпу едим. Возник спор. Шапка тюбитейка называется. Съедим его с шампанским с Титаника. Экономика ломается. Мы увидим мощное ралли «Нефть 80». Я снимаю шляпу и ем её... смотреть видео


Топ 5: Разговор без посторонних с Демурой

Demura drinks a mug of beer in a cafe

Репутация - вещь преходящая. Вы зарабатываете на рынке? Не жалуетесь? Когда вы начнете свою компанию? Ой, это такой геморрой. Лучше выспаться. На чужие деньги проще играть. Если постоянно сиять в СМИ. Литературный критик Кургинян... смотреть видео



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