City class December 18, 2018 - Stepan Demura

Somehow everyone in the metro is not happy, because the New Year and so many victories. The news is great. It still depends on your perception. They work for our benefit. The scoreboard was removed so as not to upset you. Do not think about the dollar exchange rate and the ruble will be stable. Spazero is a tombstone.

You've made idiots who know a lot. Libraries are digitizing. Maps of Europe 16-17 centuries. The city of St. Petersburg already exists and is located in Sweden. Unknown Muscovy. Has anyone ever fell into the shit of a pig farm?

Styopa promised 97-125 starting in 2020. or you don't remember. You will be 97, learn Elliot waves, and do not stupidly wait for what you were promised. As an expert on Elliot waves, tell me when is 97 or at least 80? otherwise Stepan for four years already does not even approximately fall into his forecasts.) He also has everything according to Elliot. ) listen attentively to Stepan, (I don't want to open the last seminar) - to say that the correction of the 4th wave is over - "not yet ready." Now let's go somewhere under 80.

December 18 / 19:30 - 21:30 "Free rubles appeared - bought dollars and gold, free rubles appeared - bought dollars and gold ... And do not care about any fluctuations." Stepan Demura. Tough economic review without cuts and market forecasts. The more you know, the better you sleep! Venue: City Class / Krasnopresnenskaya metro station / st. Druzhinnikovskaya, 11/2

Let's joke the forecasts 2016-17 - we are collecting greenery for 70 and next year we are moving from odneshek to kopeck piece, even those who bought greenery at 85 become rich. As a result, today we are moving to a hostel, 80% of 80 are minus. By Elliot Waves, Vadya Suslik back at the beginning of 2016 he sold for a hundred square meters ..

The first goal is 2250 rubles from each. For the holidays, grandmothers are needed, but after the holidays new goals will be announced.

Will say: "There are 1-1.5 months of calmness left." At the end of January he will hold a seminar again and say the same words.

If we dive at 62-63 by the dollar, and the euro-dollar will be about 1.13, then the euro will cost only 70-71 in exchange offices, and it is extremely interesting for purchases. But a lot depends on the state of a particular savings portfolio at the moment. If your share of euros is very small - now% 10 certainly makes sense to shift from dollars to euros (especially if spreads in exchangers are in the region of 50-70 kopecks).

New meme Yeltsin on the hunt.

At 1.20 (+) it will be necessary to convert a part back from euros to dollars - if you are ironic. And now I am not calling to change ALL bucks for euros. Example. You have 80% bucks, 10 - euros (10 - rubles). Change a quarter of your bucks to euros, and to 1.20 (+) - back. But seriously, I respect the long-term forecast of the SRS about the hike to 0.82 (and 0.69), and I think that it would be a great moment to get out of the dollar almost completely.

Indeed, according to Demura's short-term recommendations, formally it makes sense "to switch to rubles." But this is just formal - if you misinterpret his words. And life is more complicated ... In general, each specific situation (primarily in terms of the proportions of the savings portfolio) has its own strategy. If you bet entirely on the dollar (and you have 0-5% euros), it is dangerous. Bucks are unlikely to be allowed for a long time and will be seriously allowed below 65 - here I agree with Kira Yukhtenko. But a little bit of currency (if you have 90% of it in your portfolio) can be sold, although it was better to do it earlier.

I read about signs of buying this or that currency because the media predict the death or collapse of the economy of the Eurozone or America. What is wrong, that currency should be bought. This I know from my own experience.

Big money already, without attracting everyone's attention, goes out in euros. The rebound occurs too quickly after a small drawdown. When the trend changes, it is not always possible to buy at the bottom. This trend change is visible from a distance.

Sgd is not necessary to criticize. He's great. The crisis continues, which means that the topic of financial armageddon is still relevant and speculative. So, a person has a small business - he breeds a few suckers at seminars, PR, always takes a little risk. All his knowledge, unfortunately, is superficial and is unlikely to make an impression on an educated person, but SSS always looks like an "expert on all issues" with confidence and says strictly what the audience wants to hear, each time adding a little intrigue. So, the performance will take place on December 18th. Don't upset the artist, come and recite your simple rhymes to the gurus. He will definitely laugh at you.

Unfortunately, neither Demura nor anyone else will be able to accurately predict the dynamics of the ruble's movement for the next half-year - a year. There are too many unknowns. Any sane person understands this. I do not take forecasts, such as sooner or later it will be 125-250-500, etc. A guru is not needed to realize this fact.

The trolls snatch out of the context of his speeches, as it were, recommendations to speculate in the ruble. Demura recommends speculating on completely different instruments.

You are an expert in all areas. Otherwise, how can you determine the depth of knowledge of the SD. Only a person with knowledge more extensive than that of the SD can judge the surface of his knowledge. But people with such deep knowledge do not sit in a group with delitants For example, I have never seen the comments of A. Gerchik or Movchan.

Here the other day one figure (admin of a small VK group), positioning himself as the main student of Demura, published a forecast according to which the euro / dollar pair from 1.13 (now) will go to 1.11.5-1.12.5, then a correction to 1.14.5-1.15, and then down again, by 1.11.5. Those. 1.20 (+), promised by Demura at the last seminar, is out of the question. INTRIGUE! Will the SRS duplicate this forecast at tomorrow's seminar? I think, rather, yes. The aforementioned figure, probably, regularly contacts Demura, and then allegedly "manages assets based on the Demura concept"

To be honest, looking at the charts, I also do not quite understand how it will creep above 1.18, as promised with the goals of 1.20. U-turn? But only the 1st wave passed. 1.5 - this fits into the schedule. No, of course I would like 1.20, the movement would go. But I don't see how?

It is quite possible that at this seminar Demura will clarify his forecast for this pair. But even for his ardent supporters, his forecasts are not clear orders of what to do, but simply an authoritative opinion that is taken into account. Demura often repeats that the market does not care about his forecasts. And we can shoot up a pair on "pigeon" statements at the upcoming Fed meeting, for example, or on something else. The market often does not behave as many expect.

Comments just smile = especially for the euro-dollar, taking into account the fact that exactly at 1.24-1.25 (pivot point) the SG drove people into the euro with the goals of 1.29-1.30 (proofs = open seminars and watch). Well, it's ridiculous to even mention ruble here. Think with your own head, or just open the same Ignat Borisenko and see his markings, at least a person publicly trades and he has many times more hits than SG. Well, about the level of the guru ... it's just ridiculous ... Look, neighing = it is certainly possible, but risking money based on SG = God forbid, you will remain at a broken trough = (Do you need it?

You will first learn to distinguish between an investor with a long-term and a trader who trades in a market where the trading period is from a day to several weeks. Then you can talk about something and laugh.

For a start, you will learn to write without mistakes and at least somehow structure your speech, and only then give advice! If you think that SG is a great investor, then you are extremely mistaken. I will not cite facts from the biography of the guru, because I will automatically be banned, but whoever needs it will easily find them (including talking with fans close to the body of the great leader).

Putin's Witnesses - Vitaly Mansky

New movie 2020. Unique shots.

You know this is a thematic group, what is the main theme? Read the indicated community thread. For what purpose are you here then? If you are "amused" by everything in his analysis, is it worth it to self-teach?). Don't insult the participants. I warn you, be tactful in expressing your opinion.

I liked the seminar in Kiev published a couple of days ago. So in this case it will be much easier to endure right up to the 31st, plus a kind of New Year's gift

Yes, walk in a year, Stepushka still bears crap on them, about politics, but about the steering wheel, he said in the past, it seems that he goes to 62, and then to 140, it's not even funny anymore, well, nah such seminars are needed. By this time, some of the predictions may have turned into a pumpkin.

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Демура, Степан Геннадьевич признанный специалист в области мировой экономики и финансов. Здесь вы можете получить наиболее точные прогнозы на доллары США для рынка Форекс.

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