City class August 13, 2020 - Stepan Demura

Belarus people rebelled against the bloody dictator. Old Man Gandon. Chutzpah echo. They are ready to enter the trenches near Slavyansk. Spivakov's violin is hung with medals. The Kremlin decided to arrange a mini Maidan. A year ago, the opposition leader supported Putin. Lukashenko and Pompeo kissed on the gums. The intermarium project is a sanitary card between Russia.

Chain organizer of all protests. Our special services specialize in taking away business. Echelon electronic intelligence system.

A lot has been happening lately. Who from the media supports the people. Everything is already over in Belarus. Protests are now going against the security forces. Foreign intelligence was in charge in Khabarovsk. Two countries have the highest access - the United States and the Vatican. You shouldn't laugh. The Kremlin interferes in the elections in Belarus.

I don’t know with Belarus, we will look! I really hope that Demura is wrong here! Demura, like Nightingale, like many other products of the Kremlin, are critics that the Kremlin needs in order to avoid the emergence of real criticism and opposition. The Kremlin did the same shit in Ukraine in the early 90s, creating pseudo-nationalists in order to occupy a niche for real nationalists, so the Svoboda party subsequently emerged. ))) Demura that the analyst is useless, that the trader is so-so, but to fill the tanks with a master, a broom is more abruptly than any balabol from the federal channel. Demura once again talks about Trump's ratings and once again forgets that these "ratings" of the media belonging to the demoncrats are being calculated. Hence such figures.

"Echelon" is the common name for an electronic intelligence system operating under the United Kingdom-United States (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America; also known as the UKUSA Agreement, AUSCANNZUKUS or Five Eyes) agreement on electronic and intelligence security. The system has been mentioned in a large number of open sources. In its 2001 report, the European Parliament mentions that the name Echelon is used in a variety of contexts, but there is some evidence to indicate that it is the name of an electronic intelligence system. The report concludes that on the basis of the information provided, Echelon has the ability to intercept and analyze telephone conversations, faxes, emails and other information flows around the world by connecting to communication channels such as satellite communications, public telephone network, microwave connections.

Sitting on a chair and talking about the coronavirus is not terrible ..... Only for some reason, adequate people closed countries to save lives ... And how, with a clever look in 2016, I waited for plus or minus quarter 125 per dollar ... and according to snp I waited 666.36 and in an interview for questions .. but there was a bottom according to Rts or not. When it went to 900. I spoke at the word stock bond you should have diarrhea ... while here it says sit quietly in snp. Convenient and competent position to criticize politics .. the authorities ... and say buy OFZ with a yield of 5 percent ... when at a dollar exchange rate of 80, the yield was 10 percent .. and at that time he was silent. and with a clever look he spoke plus or minus quarter 125 ... To have the right to criticize ... moral right ... you need to be the most crystal clear ... otherwise in 2009 I was waiting for Rts below 37 and gold at $ 30,000 per ounce in 2012 or 2013 ... Russia is a wonderful country ... and you can make money here ... Only listening to Stepan you fall into depression. .. Current comrade Stepan will receive tens of thousands for the seminar ... and for his words and predictions he is never responsible.

In Belarus it will be exactly the same as in Ukraine. The plundering of the state, entering into huge debts, the destruction of industries, rewriting history, hatred of everything Russian. But there was the last Russian state where people lived well. Belarus now has many of its own productions, many good quality goods of its own production. It is a pity that the White Rus do not appreciate what they had. And history doesn't teach them anything. After all, exactly the same scenario was played out in Ukraine. This is also the unreasonable cruelty of the security forces, which aroused anger and hatred among the entire population, even among those who were previously apolitical or had a positive attitude towards Batka. In Ukraine it was exactly the same, brutal beating of students for no reason -> popular anger -> demolition of the regime -> looting and destruction of the state. Belarus has high quality goods. They are not in Europe, perhaps because of sanctions, perhaps for other reasons. They are in demand on the Russian market, and on the Russian market there are goods from Europe and America and Asia, so it is not easy to take back the market share here. What have Chinese cars got to do with it, I don't understand, apparently schizophrenia. About history, one does not interfere with the other. It is copied everywhere, including in the Russian Federation, but in Ukraine it is frankly impudent, they write what they want for propaganda purposes.

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Those who have the mentality of a thief or a freeloader will not buy even for 100 rubles. 100 people for 1000 rubles or 1000 people for 100 rubles - the result is one. Finding 1000 smart, decent and grateful people is not easy. Finding 100 decent people is easier. Stepan suggested on the contrary to raise the price, but we do not support this idea yet. 1000 rubles and more can be safely paid for entertainment (online participation in a live broadcast, a chance to ask a question, a sense of belonging - everything is as it should be). But you yourself took this opportunity in order to fight the terrible pirates (but after all, the pirates will not pay under any circumstances). And the recording is not worth even 100 rubles, especially since you yourself will soon post it for free. On torrents for certain already entered, too lazy to look. Who needs it now? For those who trade on Demura's signals? If such exist and have not yet gone bankrupt, then I am afraid 1000 rubles for such people is too significant an amount)))

On August 13, Stepan Demura financial analyst streams from Chicago for traders. A new seminar by Stepan Demura will take place. The video will become available after purchasing the seminar. Therefore, if it is not possible to collect the required amount, then all the collected funds will be transferred to the next seminar. The minimum amount is 20 rubles.

There is no need to underestimate the Putin regime. A cornered rat is very dangerous. And the Kremlin, Banditsko, KGBeshny kneading is an explosive mixture. I think Beirut is a prime example of this. A Russian ship left this saltpeter in a warehouse there 6 years ago. Forgot? Or there was nothing to pay for storage? More like a long-term FSB operation. It is possible to calculate and deduct the fall or rise of the currency based on statistics, trends and experience, but it is impossible to calculate such events for this you need to know about them. So maybe Gref was aware?

Question to Demura: Why can't the FRS print $ 100 trillion thereby to save itself from the crisis? it has been said many times - this money will only go into speculation in the markets. It won't help with the crisis. To combat the crisis, it is necessary to free the economy from taxes and other restrictions. More political overview of who is hu and who is doing what. Trumps, Saakashvili, Zelenskiy, Putin, Potanin, Chinese, Arabs - all movements are in this mess.

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