City class April 24, 2017 - Stepan Demura

Flat Ground

Today I'll tell you what interests me. Maybe you will be interested. I now turn to an overview of international events. Trump is a schmuck, an enemy of the country, everything Russian. Interview of a deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, four main braces, Putin, the media, the security forces and the church. Why did slaves and peasants die? For faith, king, fatherland. Many new gems from Stepan Demura.

Here is a sect of morons. Moreover, the most striking thing is that all the arguments they give are not friends with physics, with common sense. The sun at the pole does not go like that. Morons, or what? Make a model, look. Their rockets hit the ground. Moreover, this is how it spreads. When a rocket flies, it spins. To stop the rotation, shoot two weights. They take over the moment and stop the rotation. This means that the rocket took off, flies, flies. Then such a sound, ahhh, earthly firmament. Stops spinning. The weights were shot. Amateurs launched a rocket. More than 100 kilometers, an amateur record beaten. It is made of lightweight materials. Just imagine the speed with which it will hit the earth's firmament - nothing will remain of it. Or maybe a soft earth. Right in the ass of God, so boo. He's so wow. Komarik.

Chosen People

I touched on the topic about all sorts of burials. I came across interesting things. If you interpret the rules of conduct, sacred texts and commandments as referring to a narrow group of the elite, and with the rest you can do whatever you want - everything turns out very logically. Logical text. When it expands to everyone, including goychat, it is no longer clear. Logical contradictions arise.

The origin of the scriptures. An incomprehensible country Palestine, some incomprehensible city of Jerusalem is indicated there. The fact is that everything is dug up and down there. And none of the tales of the Holy Scriptures have found their archaeological confirmation.

On the other hand, very interesting hints of confirmation of the Holy Scripture are obtained if Constantinople is used instead of Jerusalem. And Josik's grave is there. True, the surname is slightly different. And people know about it. And they still worship him. And the engravings have everything.

Then the questions that arise from geneticists immediately disappear. About the origin of God's chosen people. Genetically they are Vulgaricus Türks. We are told that there was such a great country - the Khazar Kaganate. They wet everyone, controlled everything. And so, at some point they converted to Judaism. And from this arose the Khazar hypothesis, which found its genetic confirmation of the origin of the Ashkenazi - they are not Semites, but Türks. Since the Khazar elite adopted Judaism in the 7-8 century, as they write and tell.

The question arises. There was such a powerful country that has existed for more than one hundred years. Which took everyone into slavery, soaked everyone, kept everyone in fear. There was nothing left after her. At all. No culture, no writing, no language. No paperwork. At all. Their capital, allegedly, was the city of Itil. Such a large country is supposed to have a large capital. Stone houses and everything else. Nifig cannot be found. Also no.

Thinking. You start digging. Where did the sacred knowledge about such a great country as the Khazar Kaganate come from? If we discard all the norms of decency, they came from several letters from Rabinovich to Ravikovich, which were found by Whatman and Tsirkul in the archives of Schneerson. Looking at this and comparing it with the official history, I immediately got the feeling that white is black and black is white.

Were there people or a tribe called the Khazars? There were. They are still there. They live in the north of Iran. There is one thing. This is a trap for historians and deeply religious people. Firstly, this tribe is very similar to the Slavs. But slightly tanned. Secondly, they have a very high proportion (more than 50%) of the Aryan haplogroup - R1a1. Like the Brahmans in India. And the Khazars do not practice Judaism, and never did. How historians can relate this, I'm also curious.

Это всё известные факты. Можно набирать в Гугле "хазары племя Иран". Да, пожалуйста фотки, стоят смуглые, загоревшие, вернувшиеся с Турции славяне. У которых, правда, почему-то татарские скулы. Это наследие татаро-монгольского ига, о котором почему-то, ни татары, ни монголы, ни сном, ни духом.

Если бы вы были первонарод (как они себя позиционируют). Как первонарод, которые на Луне были первыми – негры, казахи, вышиватники, татары. Они все были первыми на луне. Прибалты как-то обошли эту тему. У вашей истории, не такой дальней, были события, что ваши князья, ханы, каганы (называйте, как хотите) держали в страхе пол-Европы, всё до Африки. Им бы там памятники стояли, им эпос складывался об этих ханах. Татары этой темы сторонятся. Монголы вообще не в теме. Не в курсе. Одни казахи фильм сняли, что они потомки Чингисхана.

Нестыковки в истории дикие. Я призываю к тому, что вы вспоминайте эти картинки, и когда вам начинают что-то гнать – возможно, это белое, а, возможно, это чёрное. Скорее, всё наоборот.

Negative selection

On the question of the prospects of our wonderful country. I have said and explained many times that negative selection is a terrible thing. It is, however, natural. And it leads to the fact that, sooner or later, the system is filled with inadequate people who cannot adequately perceive reality. They are completely unaware of it. There is no one to tell them that reality is somewhat different from their ideas about this reality. Accordingly, at the moment when it is necessary to make the only correct decision, they are not able to make it. And the whole system is going to hell. This is called the lack of feedback in the decision-making system, or the vertical of power, or the mafia structure. There are many names for this thing.

We, unfortunately, encountered this. What was the last mistake of our wonderful rule-of-law state with a sovereign democracy? Ukrainian scam.

I said this for a long time, and I will say it again. When you represent 1% of the world's GDP, you do not have a more or less combat-ready army, you have no economy, you have no industry, you have no finance, your special services are busy only with self-enrichment - where are you going? You are challenging international law, which serves the interests of over 50% of GDP. Whose army is equipped with technology that is several generations superior to our technology. Whose intelligence agencies are doing what they should be doing. With a powerful economy and financial system. Are you challenging them? What do you think - what will they do with you?

The only thing that so far keeps the Abrams from marching on Red Square is the so-called nuclear weapons. Either we have them. Either we don't have them. Nobody wants to take risks. Until. But this situation is temporary. Because now we have a fight with China. Specifically, they got mad.

European currency

Let me show you in euros what the picture was. This was also the situation with the pound before Brexit. Then wave "C" ended in correction, but up. And here the opposite is true. Even Prechter got caught.

Since February 2017, there has been a zigzag - a zigzag - an impulse. What's this? This is A-B-C. At the end of March, from 1.09 there was no beginning of a new downward movement of the euro. This was the end of the A-B-C correction. The so-called "running flat" or running flat. What does a normal person do in this situation? He doesn't listen to analysts. He doesn’t look at what an ass is going on in the Eurozone, that now the euro will fall into a mess, and the Fed will normalize monetary policy right tomorrow. He sees a flat correction. And what will follow after it? Continuation of the banquet. We made "A", we made "B", now we draw "C". Some of the gifted ones went up the euro. And we were very pleasantly surprised today.

It doesn't matter who - Le Pen, Macron, someone else. I don’t care. The euro should have strengthened. It was supposed to complete the correction that began in December 2016. He had the only way up. Euro and went up.

Now they explain the gap by the fact that Le Pen did not overtake Macron. The difference is 2%. Not that statistical error. But they go head to head. How is this explained to us? That he won. Macron won, and all obscure sociological services predict that he will have 60%. And Le Pen will gain 30%. And what did these services not so long ago, just a week ago, talk about other candidates that they participated in the first round? Socialist Melanchon, who suddenly burst into the presidential race, almost gained 20% in the first round. How much did he score? Fillon gained 22%. How much did he score?

If Le Pen won the first round, you would be told the same thing as I said. 2% - what the hell is that? If Le Pen gets 60% on May 7 - well, they were wrong..

All experts, analysts, clowns, everything will be perfectly put on the shelves after the fact. When it is clear where the market is moving. Now I have explained any market movement with the same facts. Up? You are welcome. Down? Mmm, 2% is a huge margin. She won. She is 60%. Everything, fuck the European Union.

Here is a concrete simple example of careful use of Elliott. Elliott wave pierced. They do not care that there were 1-2, 1-2 start. That's it, now let's fly down. Kick-ass. The euro will continue to fall now.

Didn't continue. It will go even higher a little. There the target is 1.096-1.10 minimum.

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