City class 15 March 2018 - Stepan Demura

Oh fire without a mat, so I decided to become a gentleman. In short, I went to pick up the children at school, but not in this sense, so as not to be late for the seminar, even 10 slides made a flash drive I forgot
I come to school knitting fair. Come on, I went to a distant park, to the artist, and there such lyrics are well powdered with snow. Well, I parked and took the children back to meet me as a monkey.
I got up and should she need 10 m back to drive me 100 meters to disperse there on this snow watering can we chat the drifts
Well, I tried to explain that you are 10 meters away But to fall And here's what I have to be swore at me in response, but she's like Stoloto Well, I think the inet-lan time left in a snowdrift. Run out and she drove back down. In short, I gave everything to the ground. I wasn’t digging my belly all the time, and so I was already late And what I concluded is very important for me, that's what now Gentlemen will be exclusively at someone else’s expense, I’ll make a lock for Max, where her eyes would just crawl out and stand and wait, I’ll do this now and I’ll do it about there the guard later said that she was known to Pasha's head. Well, the devil, everything is ready, it turned out for the thing that the front lock does not work. Although the limit switch works
But the slip clutch is limited in the right hand, it works, it must be disassembled until the day sat down in another place, okay Well, I wanted to call the seminars in the ring on the topic of the day because Nastya has the drug commissariats and amaze Premiere of us ring not to take Kogaly Yeltsin Put Russia on its knees Clinton Get on the table.
Oh well, in general, of course, it happens, but I don't know you warned the numbers a quarter or two ago who comrades buy popcorn Yes, it will be in a big deficit, so Who bought Maybe it's time to open it already means you like ours before getting into the jungle of geopolitics and politics about the economy yes What is happening in the Russian economy Well 1 Yes, our GDP is growing, everyone applauds and claps great But if I'm still the graphs Where the graph shows the quarterly GDP are converted into dollars from rubles and I apologize the average quarterly oil price in the know how it looks like 100% correlation, so what is growing and they pay a bunch of oil prices have grown while holding at this level, so here it is not our wise political and financial economic bloc that needs to be applauded, but simply these To our enemies to the seas from Nu freeman China Bank of Japan CB which jagged Salt is just growing all < br /> But, but but there is one very unpleasant detail in this growth, namely this growth. As even Rosstat says, it is generated by the oil and gas oil and gas industry. Turn on this manufacturing industry.

Not sales Well, sales are shorter than a repel Navitel and does not scan, and they stagnate in double digits and, most importantly, the most important thing is what we talked about that these accountants fell into a tax trap curve that the Rosstat data showed in the last date that the collection of income taxes in the manufacturing industry in the same construction in the same retail it is also falling at a double-digit rate and local that the collection of taxes from oil and gas has increased by 40%, that is, the oil will fall, the tax base will fall instantly, because the industries that are not tied to oil and gas are reducing taxes of the taxable in response to this our wisest again raises taxes Although they promised not to raise them for many years.
This one is a tax trap, raise taxes and the tax in the tax base is reduced until everything is washed away.
Danya, we have, after all, another significant event happened, this is that we are not PVP, of course, but in terms of inflation we overtook the Pindos, but the officials well overtook the shorter well, we reached Hurray. 1 ruble stability until What time we are a country and a sharp decrease in consumer demand and the purchasing ability of the population, too, we have talked about this for a long time that Yes, we have inflation Can slow down simply because the guys will do more than three ends accumulation will slow down until we say profit the trade sector which makes up a significant part of the GDP of the gastrointestinal tract shifts According to this indicator, we trade in what they produce Yes inside the country While we call the so-called conditionally fixed costs, they will not equal the profits to zero a huge one More and more Reduce the price No one can let there be massive bankruptcy in this area, including the construction of an ovidium, because this will further increase the decline in the purchasing power of the population, whether an avalanche has devoured the canons of the population's income that's what is happening now we will add to this Apparently the beginning of the fall of the ruble phrases in swearing One it is very relevant even now and in general, get me a very beautiful picture for the next year and a half, a very beautiful picture Well, we still have CB here happily reported that the share of non-residents in the office has reached 33% lipstick 37 tooth.

I am also not 37%, I think that about the same share of non-residents in the Carpathians is in rubles, but the fact is that, but we have not all LFZ liquid issues traded here, here in some of the most liquid issues the share of non-residents reaches 75% a little bit.
That's when the impulse will pass until it passes Well, do not rush Find poets in a thermos that's why this is the situation with the ruble and the economy of the situation is very, very depressing But let's just say all this It was obvious at these seminars many times it was said about this that it will be so that we will not suffer for a year or a year and a half, and then nettle soup or borscht and whatever it’s called I’m not joking because we don’t produce shit again. Yes, we have over the years, even if you believe the Rosstat for the Yeltsin period in Putin. Liberalists Fukan is just a gift.
We have investments that are kapets, that is, investments in fixed assets are 10% for you, this is almost the same as officially relies on depreciation, depending on the region and everything else.
In normal countries, this figure is inserted there from 40 and 45%, then 17 Fixed assets have not been renewed, they are knocking amortized and therefore, as he begins to speak Well, we survived the nineties Dashing 90 nineties, firstly, there is still some kind of industry resignation And still not all factories factories were turned into shopping malls and boutiques, and secondly, there were some personnel that could at least serve the units that work at elementary level, and now Sorry, it's been so long, there’s nothing left. Yes, we already have what was developed in ancient Satka the same protons and alliances already they cannot fly
Spirit means the last creature Smaller brothers, you understand and the Black Sea Fleet now you are not up to the turbine installation And you do not Imagine Well, my mother stayed there with a place left only for combat Yes, these are 2 of them only can be repaired constantly H1 Well, but we are robbing the Swedes, this is an aircraft carrier ultrasound group Why there are two of them in the carrier grouping always Well, one may not be able to cope with you literate So, by the way, the two of them went to the series when they threw him across the Mediterranean Sea to you We also went through, too, already filled with soreness and the network weighs idiocy.

Therefore, such is the economic situation in Russia As they say, the ruble once again turned around to the sacred range 56 57 turned out to be stronger than the sacred Chersonesus extreme Apparently it turned around.
So how quickly it will pick up speed, this is no sanctions, nothing depends on how quickly liquidity will burst in offended markets and how quickly investors will leave risky assets like bonds of emerging markets and other junk, let's just say this is not a question for our government and not to evil colleagues in the west, partners to Western partners, they can collapse how much investment capital that sits on the closet and in the Carpathians on hot money and the head of the block does not give a damn about this, but can not do such nasty things as, for example, well, there is a little multi-way. Troops Azbuka daughter 1 to impose sanctions on the office because the US Treasury only recommended not to impose sanctions in the light of recent events It is possible that the constructional list
This is the first Second victim and a chemical one in Britain They are suing the Government of the Russian Federation to wear the Federation and almost interim measures on Saturday for haute couture, just to seize the zvr as teachers Peter and Swam did with Kazakhs, there will be an instant sale of the UFS by throwing the ice of the ruble to hell on the middle of nowhere because be yourself like that and not free to say I'm here.
Let's just say that we caught up and surpassed the Pindos enterprise, but we still need to look at the rates Yes, what kind of Pindos we have, what Pindos do we still get that the real rate, taking into account inflation, lies 0 then the money Lipetsk is free nilfgorn from us Well Take a loan for business development let's say how much under 15% to take at 14:18. Notarial rate of return 15% Well, this must be entered How many percent are the credit committee Come on, fairy tales Bitcoin can be a cartoon Flush out of those who passed them 0 14 Nobody called me anything.
That is, we have a real rate Well, let it be 10%, well, excuse me, given the falling consumer demand, somehow and even beat off these 10%, and in fact we have, in addition to all taxes that are constantly growing and there are also officials, epithets of security officials, the like, so business in In principle, it bends and will bend And again when I was before Why invested in Russia in such huge amounts, but because there were risks Well, there were children of profitability Yes, when there is a supermarket or hyper duper Market for pairs in Europe, they buy five to five six for years he was swimming with us as it turns out in three or four months Why the country of unafraid idiots is called there was extra money, but now it has grown monetarist, so there won't be an inflow of investment capital in Russia.

Everything is as always 90 percent of Russophobia 10 on the topic of the seminar. On the case, he is trying to start somewhere from 48 minutes, and then again a failure in liberda. Who would do a good deed, so as not to waste a clipping on the case for 20 minutes, although in this seminar 20 minutes will not take about 10 minutes there, the demo is getting old. Arbizzon.

Phobia (from the Greek φόβος "fear"), fear is a symptom, the essence of which is an irrational uncontrollable fear or a stable experience of excessive anxiety in certain situations or in the presence (expectation) of a certain well-known object. Is Russophobia a fear of Russians? At which minute Demura talks about the "fear of Russians". The author of the comment, you are a stupid and uneducated person. Alexander Kuznetsov.

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Демура, Степан Геннадьевич признанный специалист в области мировой экономики и финансов. Здесь вы можете получить наиболее точные прогнозы на доллары США для рынка Форекс.

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