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Vladimir Putin speaking from the rostrum

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Girkin-Strelkov interview with Gordon

Dmitry Gordon's interview with one of the leaders of the DPR militants in 2014, the so-called DPR Defense Minister Igor Girkin (Strelkov). Looked, however, nothing new. All this Strelkov spoke in parts and pieces. As always, his territorial Russian.

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Last Hero 2020

I wonder when Ilyashenko began to consider herself a celebrity? Why should she put herself above ordinary viewers? Well, I got some kind of recognition after "Sweet Life", which is full of bed scenes, worse than the Rybkins in YouTube. Why so much snobbery?

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Секретные миллиарды премьера Мишустина

Путин дал указание все скрывать, но мы нашли это, чтобы показать вам. Первое, что было сделано после того, как Путин назначил Михаила Мишустина премьер-министром России, - это предоставление информации о собственности всех членов.

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Coronavirus infection in China 2020. RSS-news

Ekaterina Andreeva hosts the news on the First channel



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