Euro 80 rubles each - Stepan Demura

Why are you insulting me? You are an economist. All border checkpoints are standing, everyone goes to Russia to buy gold. Subject to VAT, considered a commodity. You can buy kg per month. Gold is money that has long been recognized.

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Oligarchs will pay 120 billion dollars - Stepan Demura

This is called "racketeering". Where it leads? Part of the money will probably go into something, and the rest will be "sawed up" by officials and bureaucrats according to their "programs." This money, a significant part of which will be withdrawn from the country.

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City class August 28, 2018 - Stepan Demura

Stepan Demura said that after the ban on the dollar in Russia, which is planned in the Kremlin, Russians will need to prepare for life in North Korea. "This is already inevitable." - he noted during a series of seminars at the City-Class in Moscow.

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Time is money - Stepan Demura

Trump cannot change the sanctions. Very tough, designed for quick results. Cut off pipelines. Sovereign debt. Dollar USD, yen JPY, ruble RUB. Banking Law. The RF does not have a printing press for dollars. There will be a powerful collapse of the ruble.

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Interview Potapenko - Stepan Demura

The Central Bank needs to say something, but this does not lead to anything. We have a long way to fly. The next target is 75 rubles per dollar. We are going in good momentum. The head of the Central Bank of Russia Nabiulina said that there is no reason for panic.

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Conversation without strangers - Stepan Demura

Are you making money on the market? Not complaining? When will you start your company? Oh, this is such a hemorrhoid. Better to sleep well. It's easier to play with other people's money. Reputation is a passing thing.

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City class July 31, 2018 - Stepan Demura

You should already be sitting and cutting the cabbage. We still have at least a year or a half. The crisis is canceled! Head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin. No money was given for the orbital temple. Armata tank T-14. Putin's call to NATO

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Tax rate increase - Stepan Demura

The increase in the value added tax (VAT) rate, which will take place from January 1, 2020, is motivated by the Russian government to demand that businessmen take on part of the economic burden for improving the living standards of pensioners.

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City class May 24, 2018 - Stepan Demura

The ruble is stable, but there are few people. It's a sign! I ask you not to write anything down. A freeloader is worse than a fag! Last time I was sitting with a dictaphone and recording. Youtube will be cleaned up.

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In the photo: Drinking beer and watching Stepan Demura's new seminar in City class


Top 1: Drunk Demura at RBK

Stepan Demura is not sober in the blue studio of the RBK channel

Darling, I'll put you a bottle of blueberry moonshine. Horseman of the apocalypse Stepan Demur. Forecasts were made 113-114, then there was a bar 125-75. I'm talking about fundamental factors. People's confidence in growth. It's hard for me to tell what you are looking at. Andrey is a very impulsive person ... video here


Top 2: Zhanna Borisovna Nemtsova

Zhanna Nemtsova presenter on the RBK channel

All companies make money and earn money. Amazon yet. Yes, dot com. eBay? Ebei. Sorry, with a Russian accent. It's like a magazine for black women, ebany. Sorry, Ebani. There is such a famous American magazine. Continue Stepan. Since consumption is now falling. I will say an indecent word, to ebede... watch the video


Top 3: Demura's Forbidden Video

Demura with a cigarette in his hand, drinking beer in a bar

Drive suckers to the market. What do you like happening now? New projects in the field of analytics are being formed. This is a feast during the plague. 60 billion came in the States, all of these are tears. In Russia, this is all to drive suckers to the market. People have lost their high-paying jobs. Like in a casino... take a look at the video


Top 4: Stepan Demura ate his hat

Stepan Demura smokes a cigar with bread on his head

I keep my promise. Good afternoon girls and boys, today we are eating a hat. There was a dispute. The tyubiteika hat is called. We will eat it with champagne from the Titanic. The economy is kinking. We will see the mighty new oil 80 rally. I take off my hat and eat it... watch the video


Top 5: Conversation without strangers with Demura

Demura drinks a mug of beer in a cafe

Reputation is a passing thing. Are you making money on the market? Not complaining? When will you start your company? Oh, this is such a hemorrhoid. Better to sleep well. It's easier to play with other people's money. If you constantly shine your face in the media. Literary critic Kurginyan... watch the video

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