Autoradio video broadcast

Listen to the country's first car radio online! Welcome! On the site you can take advantage of a unique opportunity: not only to listen to your favorite Autoradio presenters and the tracks they launch, but also to watch everything that happens in the studio outside of it thanks to the fact that it has a webcam. By watching the video broadcast and listening to the live broadcast at the same time, you will get much more positive emotions and recharge your energy for the whole day!

Autoradio - radio for everyone!

Autoradio is one of the most popular Russian music radio stations. Since 1993, it began broadcasting throughout the country and immediately fell in love not only with motorists, but also with ordinary listeners. Autoradio is a segment of Prof-Media Broadcasting Corporation, successfully joining it in 2003. Residents of more than 1300 cities in Russia and other countries have access to listening. It broadcasts in the FM band at a frequency of 90.3 megahertz. With the advent of the opportunity to listen to Autoradio online, the audience of this radio station has increased significantly. And the organization of video broadcasts attracted the attention of even more listeners. Avtoradio employees organize live broadcasting from various significant events in Russia and the world. For example, in 2010, 2012 and 2014, the events taking place at the Olympics were covered for listeners from their own studios in the cities hosting this great sporting event. Various music concerts are being watched through video broadcasts. Particular attention is paid to the 80s Disco festival, which is the radio station's calling card.

Features of Autoradio broadcasting

It is a mistake to assume that Autoradio is intended exclusively for motorists. Information that can interest road users takes only 10 percent of all airtime. Naturally, information about the situation on the roads, news about current events, reviews of innovations in the field of legislation designed to regulate traffic on the roads, interesting facts, entertainment programs, data from the traffic police, interesting for listeners, are distributed throughout the broadcast period. The remaining 90 percent are considered musical. The most popular modern hits, well-known musical compositions of past years from domestic and foreign performers are heard daily on the waves of Autoradio. The radio station is not tied to any genre. On its air you can hear musical works of different genres, which unites listeners from different layers of the population. Join a large audience and you!

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